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Yeah, the pairwise poll, meaning of BC and UNH, UNH is preferred slightly more over BC. Not really surprised, just as I will not be surprised in March when the hockey east and national titles will prefer any team but UNH. NO HISTORY.

That’s the pairwise ranking, the poll comes out on Mondays. And, yes… We will probably choke. Again. Like always. You know the Heimlich, right?

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And there’s the self-fulfilling prophecy rearing its ugly head again. Snap out of it, bud.

Dammit, Dan. I love you so much.

I’m gonna woo this girl so hard. The plan is to go over and cook for the entire apartment in a few weeks.

Eben (drums) and Jack (bass) were kind enough to help us play a show last Thursday. 

Dan Roberts got some good shots and I’m going to sprinkle a few throughout our queue. Click the picture for his flickr or look him up on the googlenet: phandansmagoria.