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"Buon Natale"

The second of my Cannoli!Hammock Piangi drawings, inspired by (Phantom Las Vegas Piangi) Larry Wayne Morbitt’s interview on the internet radio show, “All Things Phantom.” It wasn’t based on anything he said specifically, just the fact that he was on and the time of year, I think (that’s how little it takes to trigger an idea in my brain). Christmas tree inspired by the Opportunity Village tree that cast members of Phantom Las Vegas decorated early in the run.

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so originally they were both going to be princes, then again maybe phil’s a mer…. prince? but yeah ;v; I’m really super proud of how these turned out, especially mer!phil ;O;/ I thought I was really going to flub on that water cause how to water???

anyways~ i figure this would be like a little mermaid AU or something? ;7; //noncommittal hand shrug