finally joining in the parent!phan bandwagon 

I would imagine they would be completely exhausted after waking up at 3AM every single day to the crying. idk if their baby would be named dil? winston? but he’d def have hobbit hair and blue eyes :)) 

headcanon: dan would dress him up with all the winnie the pooh stuff and they will call him their little bear 

The signs as phan memes
  • Aries :this is the most fun I've ever had
  • Taurus :no homo Howell
  • Gemini :and every month we buy a new hamster
  • Cancer :can I stroke your glabella?
  • Leo :Delia Smith's placenta
  • Vigro :lolzor
  • Libra :Phil Lester defense squad
  • Scorpio :omg fuk u ill poo in ur mum
  • Sagittarius :love eyes Lester
  • Capricorn :the cat whiskers come from within
  • Aquarius :this one's all about best friends, so I dedicate this to you Phil
  • Pisces :roses are red, violets are blue, I like spaghetti, let's go fuck

can you imagine tho???? phil holding his child on his hip as they pick out cereal at the grocery store?

or Dan reading their child to sleep?

how about lazy sunday mornings spent on the sofa watching an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba instead of anime 

imagine Dan teaching the kid the C scale on the piano and Phil saying “that’s most beautiful song i’ve ever heard” 

???? parent!phan gives me a lot of feels ok i’m sorry