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heres how i draw em [i hope this helps]

when u draw anything, you need to getreference. there are drawings, yeah, but drawings are not usually good reference, its way better if you use pictures of an actual, real hand. such as:

[picture by Windsweptsummer on dA]

theres a lot of really good reference sheets on deviantArt

taking reference from a mirror works better for me Because you can see the hands from various angles and pose it as you need. you can use 3d models of hands as well c: heres one that i really like

knowing the bones of the hand is really useful Especially the phalanges and the wrist because thats what you want to pose.

i simplify it a little bit though;; i only draw the phalanges and the joints, its better if you start off using only shapes such as rectangles and dots. 

also, take into account the length of each finger so it doesnt look weird. the middle knuckle is the highest one [random tip lol]  and when you draw from a different angle, remember to take care of the nails too!! to give the full perspective

sometimes i do it like this:

imagine youre drawing French Fries. 

its v important to pay attention to the bend of the wrist to make it look realistic; look at your own hands, at your friends’ hands, at anyone’s hands! taking reference from different sources and materials will help you a lot.  

[that hand is really ugly but you get my point]

here are some more lil hands i drew using the French Fry method c:

then you add details like nails, wrinkles, bone… etc

eventually youll get there with good reference, patience, and lots of practice!!! 

hands are a very important part of the character, they express more than u think. exaggerate, play with it, mess it up!! just know the base and some anatomical stuff;; do some actual, solid research and /figure drawing/ and then interpret them as you Like

i hope this helps !! you can msg me for more hand ref [or other ref in general] c:

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I've had this prompt in my head for days. I need to get it out so it can stop haunting me; Felicity: "I like big words Oliver, phalanges, phanerogam, phallic, all good words"

The wind blew off the sea, pulling her hair back in a gentle gust, whipping it off her neck, pressing the light tank top she wore flush against her body. She stared at the ocean, watching the water pull out from the beach as a giant wave gained speed, heading towards the shore. The old wooden deck they stood on creaked in the wind, the wood buried in the water and beach groaning with the force of the wave that crashed against it.

The wave brought with it a refreshing gust of cool air that washed over them before the water started receding again, preparing for another wave.

The day was beautiful - the sun shining, the clouds sparse, the wind filled with the smell of ocean water and seaweed caking the dock. Seagulls danced in and out of view, diving into the waves, and the only other people visible were hundreds of yards away, at the next beach house.

This was definitely her favorite place they’d stayed so far. They’d been driving for months, stopping everywhere and anywhere, but this place… this was heaven. The air was crisp and clean, cleaning out the muggy humidity, and really, being able to rent a beach house with this much privacy? With a deck that extended right out into the ocean?


Oliver sighed wordlessly next to her, his hands gripping the wood deck tightly; his fingers were white with the effort.

Felicity glanced at them from under her sunglasses and then up to him. His eyes were closed, his breathing coming out in short, stunted pants, his body swaying.

“Maybe I just like big things,” Felicity mused and Oliver gave her a breathy chuckle, bowing his head, all his attention focused on everything but their surroundings.

Keeping one hand gripping the deck where they leaned, Oliver reached for her blindly. Felicity moved towards him, his hand landing on her shoulder where it slid up and around her neck. He moaned something intelligible, pulling her into him, before his lips crashed against hers.

Her moan matched his as she opened her mouth, giving herself to him as much as he was giving to her and he took advantage, thrusting his tongue against hers.

Felicity gripped his cock tighter, making him whimper deep in his chest.

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Staying up late when you’re already dog tired = getting mad at the fact that ac characters don’t have fingers

His; the tree that won’t shoulder the noose
His; Celan cusped in the precipice’s phalange
His; a herbarium pickled in scum and flu 
His; a couture of surgical gowns
His; black plague barcelona

The limbs of postlude; the limbs of  japanese
honeysuckle. His; viral nurseries. Taproots
flattened to carcasses of bamboo beetles

His; the shaved head of an Indian moonstone
His is the empty fist of a Faberge egg
The knuckle that knots disease with  desire 

Scherezade Siobhan

The Typical Feralheart Dragon, indigenous to Bonfire Island.

This wolf-like creature believes it’s the most indestructible, powerful, intelligent creature to ever bless FH, despite calling its wings “phallical phalanges”. It will try to kill you by auto-hitting you until you ignore it! If it can’t kill you, it will cry about how you are being “unfair” by avoiding its obviously much more powerful than you attacks. It is a dragon after all. Typical Bonfire Dragons know the entire history ever about Night Furies and will correct you on every single point and judge your character based on their own, because no Night Fury is better than their Night Fury. All Bonfire Dragons are typically half Night Furies or full Night Furies, so they should know what they’re talking about, right? Baka. >.>

Hopefully this helpful diagram will help you spot these “fearsome” creatures!


Riona was lounging in Jane’s room, keeping her company while Thor was gone, having been called away to a battle. She was also doing it for her own sanity, as she could not be alone while Fandral was also off in said battle. There were far too many what ifs for her mind to play with. 

“Dancing phalanges!” Riona cooed at Nico, fluttering her fingers. “Jane, you won’t mind if I stick close to you after Josie’s born, do you? I’m a bit nervous about all this.”

i got to see the starry-eyed phalange tonight!!!! it’s been like four years!!! i was able to get off work early and hang out with her & her fambly for awhile before they continue on their road trip tomorrow. miss you already, beautiful! p.s. my phone’s camera is so bad sozzy

arbjc nuzlocke blogging: episode #1

my GOOD FRIEND CHAIR is doing a NUZLOCKE series and i am SO EXCITED i need to BLOG MY FEELINGS so here is EPISODE 1

  • how do the pokemon get the little gender markers next 2 their levels
  • becos like the legendary pokemon have no gender markers
  • is fighting gender a prereq 2 becoming a legendary pokemon
  • becos like
  • that’s sick
  • i love cheren’s bowl cut
  • i love this possum friend
  • s/o 2 whichever pokemon gave me the ability 2 store my dick in a computer ur the real mvp
  • hong kong is in china
  • i did not play guitar in my formative years
  • but
  • i similarly have long fingers becos i absorbedt the figners of rival children in order 2 establish my fingers the dominant phalanges of the realm
  • these flower petal animations are so pretty omg
  • is ghetsis a german name
  • “From ‘G’ and ‘Cis’ (C♯), the pitches of the timpanis used in his battle theme.”
  • thanks bulbapedia
  • i hate this green nerd