kovox said:

5, 7, 8, 15, 37, 45, 46, 47. Have fun, pgos$#$###$.

look at you go, friendo.

5. What does your URL mean?
have you ever seen Star Wars? Yeah, in A New Hope, Chewbacca and R2 were playing chess and 3PO was giving R2 advice and was like “yo, u gotta beat him!” But then Han was all “….wookies tear arms out of sockets….” and then 3PO was all “oooh, I gotcha. Let the wookie win”.
That is where it’s from. Because I have seen every Star Wars movie a million times

7. Do you have any nicknames?
uhhhh, Dmitri used to be a nickname and then it because a name. I was called Bloom in elementary school bc my friends and I would play Winx Club at recess… One friend called me ‘Russia’ in middle school because I’m Russian. My sister calls me ‘Sophish’ or ‘Sophisky’ sometimes. YOU call me princess god of swag $#$###$.

8. Do you like bubble baths?
Tbh, I just prefer showers because the bath usually has like a ton of dog hair in it or whatever and it’s sort of gross, you get me? But if I ever take a bath (which I almost never do), it will definitely be with bubbles.

15. Smoke weed?
B) no

37. Do you believe in ghosts?
Yeah. Also, I’m, like… Incredibly, incredibly superstitious so uh… That’s something about me.

45. How many relationships have you had?
I won’t count my second grade boyfriend, but I WILL count my seventh grade girlfriend because she was the first girl I dated and we flirted with one another a HECK of a lot while we dated.
So, uhhhh…like four? Two girls, one boy and one genderfluid datemate.

46. How can I win your heart?
the most important thing is to have things in common with me (mostly talking about liking video games and anime and movies and whatever here). That is essential. Uh, but also being funny is a major plus OR being an incredibly grumpy person. Also, when you make a promise…mean that promise because I’m still crushed over how my exboyfriend never have me that game he promised to give me for my birthday freshman year. Also, just be easygoing and straightforward because there is nothing I hate more than poor communication. I don’t mean communication as in “oh, we don’t talk every day” because that’s understandable…but I mean where you never tell the other person how you feel about whatever or you never let them know when you’re down and just things like that. oh, and it’s great when a person plucks their eyebrows to SOME extent and if the person at least like trims their armpit hair (if they have some issue with just shaving that). Because my exboyfriend had the longest, ginger tufts of armpit hair and it was such a huge turnoff because it was sweaty and he had short sleeves on often and it was just so gross.

47. What makes a great relationship?
again, clear communication and shared interests…also being able to play video games together makes any relationship better. Uh, knowing where certain boundaries may be and just being able to relax around the other person and not feel like you need to be on edge.

anyways, yeah. The second to last one was long.