Ricky Rubio came to the defense of his Spanish National Team buddy Pau Gasol, calling out the Los Angeles Lakers for the way they’ve treated the talented forward. According to Rubio, Gasol isn’t getting the respect he deserves (which, we’d guess, Pau completely agrees with.) Per Hoopshype: “Wolves guard Ricky Rubio is not happy with the way the Lakers are treating fellow Spaniard Pau Gasol. ‘Pau Gasol has given the Lakers a lot and I don’t feel he’s getting enough in return, especially as far as confidence,’ Rubio said. ‘But he’s a pro. If he goes to another team, I think he would make a contender out of that team. Wherever he goes, he’s going to be fighting for the title.’”

Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol has missed the last 5 games due to a concussion, and doctors have yet to clear him for most basketball-related activities. Teammate Kobe Bryant says that Gasol should be taking better care of himself as he recovers. Per the LA Daily News: “I was a little angry with him the other day because he’s coming to practice and coming to the games,’ Bryant said. ‘Stay home. Cut all the lights off. Just rest. Let your brain rest. But he wants to be around [the team]. That’s the type of teammate he is.’

The Los Angeles Lakers’ hellish season continues to somehow get even worse — Dwight Howard’s MRI revealed a torn shoulder (he’s out indefinitely), Pau Gasol has a concussion, and Jordan Hill has an injured hip. Yikes. Per the team website: “Howard, who originally injured his right shoulder Friday night against the Clippers and re-aggravated his shoulder last night, was examined today by team doctor Steve Lombardo. An MRI exam revealed that he has a torn labrum and will be out indefinitely; he will travel with the team this week to Houston and San Antonio and will receive treatment from the team’s training staff. He will be re-examined in a week. Gasol, who suffered a blow to the face in the fourth quarter of last night’s game, was examined by neurologist Dr. Vern Williams. Tests determined that he has a concussion. He will not travel with the team, and will be out indefinitely. Hill suffered an injury to his right hip in last night’s game and will be examined today by Dr. Lombardo. Results of the examination will be released later today.”

Instead of sniping at each other through the media, Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni and power forward Pau Gasol had dinner to hash things out. According to the LA Times, D’Antoni assured Gasol that he would no longer bench him at crunchtime (something that has infuriated the Spaniard this season.): “Gasol said he wanted the ball in the post instead of on the perimeter and also asked to play in crunch time, among the topics discussed with D’Antoni at a Manhattan Beach restaurant.

If anyone should know how tough it is to play alongside Kobe Bryant, it would be Andrew Bynum. The injured big man offered his thoughts on what Dwight Howard can expect as Kobe’s teammate, which Bryant didn’t necessarily disagree with. Per the OC Register and LA Daily News: “On Sunday he missed the first chance to play against the Lakers, but he offered some analysis of his former team. ‘They’re just struggling,’ Bynum said. ‘They’ve got injuries, and they aren’t posting the ball. So that’s tough, too.’ Bynum said the only Laker he still talks to now is Pau Gasol, which jibes with Bynum’s take that the Lakers need to use post-up offense more — as Gasol and Dwight Howard have indicated. Bynum also questioned the Lakers’ ‘commitment to defense’ and their bench depth.