to any and all transgender people who don’t have their pronouns respected, this is a little remind that you identity is still 100% valid, you are amazing, I hope things get better and I’m here to talk to any of you.

the signs as 50 cent’s tweets

Aries:  I can’t belive my grand mothers making me take Out the garbage I’m rich fuck this I’m going home I don’t need this shit

Taurus:  Step 1. To avoid the urge to masturbate stop going to porn sites

Gemini:  Ok I’m in the studio and I think I just smoked crack and im crying cause I’m not gonna stop. Can anyone help me ?lol

Cancer:  Getting my foot messaged and the dentist. Don’t hate its to late I’m RICH .lol

Leo:  Man I’m learning all this freaky shit on twitterI want all you justin beaver loving ass kids off  this motherfucker right now lol

Virgo: Speaking of MILF. I wanna do something that impact kids in a positive way, thats why im opening an abortion clinic. Ima call it 50/50 chance

Libra: i might jerk off it depends on if i feel i deserve it. i love me very much ill do any thing for me.

Scorpio:  If you a man and your over 25 and you don’t eat pu**y just kill your self damn it. The world will be a better place. Lol

Sagittarius:  I just looked at kanye page what the fuck kind a spaced out tweets are those. fuck that I aint never looking at that shit again

 Capricorn:  Look this is a public service announcement my tweets are for motherfuckers 18 and older. If you under 18 get yo little ass off the computer

 Aquarius:  Man when I figure out how to use the spell Check on this motherfucker you niggas in trouble

 Pisces : Shit I should run america. first thing I’d do is cut my taxes then tell yal chill the fuck out ima get to the rest of the problems

Merlin being an actual shit servant is hilarious to me

adjusting Arthur’s collar when he’s already completely dressed just to pretend he’s busy and productive

“cleaning up” by chucking all the shit in the room behind a dresser in the corner

randomly beating a hammer against a shield

yes Merlin learns quickly and works hard, but he has more important shit to worry about than hanging up the shirts arthur left all over the floor.

he just doesn’t give a fuck half the time and it’s fantastic