Bored of Pevely

Yes. Indeed I am. Have been for a while. For those of yo who do not know, I live in Pevely, Missouri. Which is part of Jefferson County. There are places in Jefferson County. There are fast food restaurants, Wal-Marts, Targets. Yep. That is about it. And if you do not own a car in this county, you can not visit any of these places.

However, where I am moving to, STL, I can do anything I want. There will be buses and Metrolinks, all kinds f stuff for moving around. Plus, since I would already be downtown, there will be things to do. Libraries, movie theatres, restaurants, tattoo shops, coffee shops, colleges, malls, Trader Joes, and the Arch. Oh my God the Arch!

Come October I will be moving. Until then, I can wait. Made a couple unrelated vlogs on YouTube recently. I will post them here to pass the time.

my family honestly doesnt like spending time with me and im 100% ok with that but as soon as they try and be buddy buddy with me when theres no one else to spend time with is when i get pissed. especially when i try all day to meet new people that youre hanging out with. like just TRYING to talk to new people is difficult for me. like dont fucking even try with me after that i am such a fucking angry person i will ignore you as soon as you cast me aside and im not good at much but what i can do is fucking ignore someone

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whats your pet peve

open mouthed chewers omfg
and i hate it when people interrupt me while i’m talking x

Pottertalia and Alfred Jones

I read a lot of Pottertalia fics, and I just don’t understand why people make him so afraid of the ghosts. Like, he’s got Tony the freaking alien for pete’s sake, he’s not going to be scared of like, the Fat Friar or something… Except maybe the Bloody Baron. But even so, wouldn’t he enjoy pulling pranks with peves or something?

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1. Who do you absolutely not want to see win the next Stanley cup?

chicago. i don’t even want to think about it.

2. Who’s logo/jersey desperately needs a redesign?

in terms of gross cultural approriation: chicago again

in terms of just aesthetic pet peves: washington, it’s so boring

3. What would you replace shootouts with?

my sister and i once jokingly suggested making the goalies skate to center ice and fight it out sumo wrestling-style, but i do like the suggestion of multiple overtime periods that gradually reduce the number of skaters on the ice until something happens.

4. Which players would you most like to see fight eachother

can i say zdeno chara and brendan gallagher? it’s terrible but i’m sticking by that answer

5. What is the worst flavor of icecream?

asparagus. my town is full of dairy farms and is known for shipping local asparagus to michelin-starred restaurants, and one of the local creameries/bakeries/ice cream shops made asparagus ice cream. it’s possibly the weirdest thing i’ve ever eaten

6. If you can go anywhere in the world with someone you love what would you take pictures of while you’re there?

i want to go back to london with my sister and wander around and take pictures of our meals and the things we find on the streets and goofy selfies and those nice candid pictures where the subject of your photo isn’t looking at the camera and isn’t really aware that you’re taking their picture and is just having a nice time and it captures the moment really well

7. What song means something special (you don’t have to share what that something special is if you don’t want to)

recovery - frank turner

that song got me through some shit, and is even more important hearing (and dancing to) live

8. What would you rename your team’s stadium?

td garden just becomes ‘the gahden’ possibly with a flashing neon sign that says ‘yes we know we are assholes, thanks’

9.  You’ve got a time machine and rink-side tickets which game are you going to see?

may 10th, 1970 - bobby orr scores The Goal, and i get emotional just thinking about it (i have a poster of it hanging in my room and my best friend got me an autographed copy of his autobiography for christmas this past year and i cried a lot)

10. (you’ve still got that time machine) Who do you want to talk to? 

my great-grandmother. she died about a year before i was born, and had pretty much raised my dad, who tells me that i remind him so much of her. apparently she was smart, funny, and didn’t take shit from anyone, would make my dad eat buttered popcorn with a spoon so he wouldn’t get grease everywhere, and loved hockey with all of her heart. she used to make my dad go take a shower during intermission, and would always end up shouting for him to “GET DOWNSTAIRS RIGHT NOW, THEY’RE GOING TO KILL EACH OTHER!!!” whenever a fight broke out…. which was almost all the time because it was the 1970s bruins. i just want to give her a hug and also talk food, because her sugar cookie recipe is one of my favorite things ever.

i’m not tagging anyone in this because i feel like i bug everyone all the time, but it was fun to answer these questions!

dumbledore kept voldemorts special award for service to the school in the trophy room which he recieved for framing hagrid as the one opening the chamber of secrets and causing a girl to die when he was the one opening it ofc
like why wouldn’t dumbledore remove it once he became headmaster he knew what rlly happened idgi this is one of my biggest pet peves in the whole hp series for some reason is voldemort going to forever have an award displayed at hogwarts for framing someone for a murder he caused?? idk