Bored of Pevely

Yes. Indeed I am. Have been for a while. For those of yo who do not know, I live in Pevely, Missouri. Which is part of Jefferson County. There are places in Jefferson County. There are fast food restaurants, Wal-Marts, Targets. Yep. That is about it. And if you do not own a car in this county, you can not visit any of these places.

However, where I am moving to, STL, I can do anything I want. There will be buses and Metrolinks, all kinds f stuff for moving around. Plus, since I would already be downtown, there will be things to do. Libraries, movie theatres, restaurants, tattoo shops, coffee shops, colleges, malls, Trader Joes, and the Arch. Oh my God the Arch!

Come October I will be moving. Until then, I can wait. Made a couple unrelated vlogs on YouTube recently. I will post them here to pass the time.

pet peves: seeing posts constantly about boys being garbage like tbh i already have to deal w/ so much shit i dont need to constantly be told that im garbage bc im male jesus fuck

I’m really pissed. Now that I’m a brown belt people are going with me at judo just the beat the fuck out of me and say “oh I beat a brown belt”. It really annoys me cause most of the people I go with are much heavier and taller than I am (im 5'1 and i fight -52kg) and they use brute fucking force. Don’t get me wrong I like a challenge but the other day when I was a blue belt none of these people wanted to go with me.
My biggest pet peve is this “10 year old”. I swear she’s 14. She literally looks like a 14 year old… but she’s apparently 10. Anyways she’s huge and strong, she does have some skill but like she’s never wanted to go with me till today cause I was wearing my brown belt. And she smashed me in ground work (she pushed my backwards and then jumped on my stomach. Not much I could do from their). And her face basically said “I beat a brown belt”.
I guess ego is more important than a good match.
Too bad the place I’m at is a mcdojo and I can’t switch.

Ups, Downs And Therebetween.

So exciting things are happening. Today was a easy day at work, besides having cotton candy for brains most of the day. Didn’t get yelled at for doing something one of the owners by another owners, so it has to be a a good day and it wasn’t overly busy so it was great but I did have a customer that did one of my top hated things. 

Telling me half of what they want and then sitting down. What happened was 

Lady: I want a jam donut and hot chocolate *go’s and sits down*

Well there’s a few questions that need to be answered before you can do that like:

1) Having here or taking away

2) Would you like you hot chocolate in a cup of a mug 

3) Would you like to pay by cash or card

So the only thing to do is to loudly ask across the cafe till she comes back and hold her food until she pays. It’s one of most annoying things a person a can do to a server. You wouldn’t put your shopping on the belt and then go and get in your car and wait for someone to come put your food in the car and collect your money at the supermarket then don’t do it in my shop.

But the best bit of the day was when I got all my things from my course so I’m currently using the laptop they gave me, the internet dongle is sitting on the coffee table and the book of course work sits beside me.

So far I’m loving Tri Training they are so friendly and helpful I can’t wait to get stuck in to the course 

/// My dash is full of KHIII+E3 posts so may I ask you all a big favor? If there’s any KH spoiler could you please TAG it? I’m going to block any KH post, any ‘spoiler’ tag I can think about and I will definitely block any person who spoilers me anything.

No, seriously, I hate spoilers and so far I completely avoided them in any KH game, don’t spoil the fun for me… please.

Okay, extreme peve, like, to the max:

When people don’t blend their FUCKING foundation into their neck like, girl yo face on point except it’s 2 shades lighter/darker than yo neck

Annoying pet peve

I am going to do something that I very rarely do, i’m going to post something.

Before I start let me say that I love fan art, books, book nerds, and any combination of the above. I also think that stereotypes are fun to make jokes about and to sometimes fulfill. Now, I see lots of art of people/ girls reading books, its cool and I typically enjoy it. But why on this blue and green planet are all of them so skinny. If you are a book worm like me you probably sit down and read a lot. You might also enjoy snacking during those times, the good snacks are typically not very healthy. If I have the choice to either take a walk or read I probably won’t move from my room. I am not the skinniest person. I understand that some people have higher metabolisms than me and can do that with out getting large. But I don’t so I was wondering three things A) how many book worms are not “fit and healthy”, B) I am I the only one who feels this way, And C) Am I sane, like does this pet peeve make any sense. so if someone who is good at art could make some art with this that would be cool.

Here Comes The Sun || PEVE

Time had seemed to pause the last few months for the couple as they awaited for their special date that had seemed to knocking at their door for what had seemed ages. It had come with its rage, and though it was not all entirely perfectly orchestrated, Parker wouldn’t have had it any differently. Not when Eveleigh Willows was his bride, and forever would belong to them. The two had decided to take upon the analogy of a ring to symbolize the path that they would walk together for the rest of their lives, and even though she had been among of the only girls he had ever loved, Parker knew it was one of the best decisions that he could have ever made. 

When their eyes had met at the church, memories had flitted to his mind. It had made him nostalgic as he racked his brain for his all-consuming vow of marriage, causing the congregation to sputter in laughs as they shared the moment. He remembered the day he had found her alone at the park, and how he had stayed up with her all night when her mother had no promise of ever coming back, or their first time they had consummated their love under the strange situation of being home alone when they were only sixteen. They shared life together, and maybe that was why Parker understood that he would never be able to walk without her. She was his person; ultimately his best friend- the one that held secrets that he never shared with anyone and Parker knew her mind just about as well she did. It didn’t take a ring or a ceremony to know that it had been written in the stars that their destiny was forever, but (by the push of his mother) it had been the next step in their relationship. 

They stood outside their hotel door, Parker fumbling with the hotel card with a tired bride behind him as he tried to figure out how the device worked. Eventually, the lock unclicked and a smile found its way across his lips as he pushed it open for his wife. “You’d think for a five star hotel they would make it easier to unlock a door,” Parker scoffed as he closed the door behind him as his eyes never left Eve. Even with her hair tousled by the day’s event, Parker was always caught off guard by her candid beauty. He’d always wonder how a girl like her- beauty past skin- could have stayed with someone as problematic as him, but he didn’t dare question it for he couldn’t ever create the physical pain of imagining Eve with someone else. Just the notion caused the tip of his fingers flame with envy. 

He watched her float room to room with awe imprinted upon her face with the same smile as he stayed close to his thoughts as he waited for the bellboy to bring their luggage up from where they had been minutes checking in in the lobby. It had been an agonizing five minutes before there was a knock at the door, but when he stumbled upon the master bedroom later on and found Eve sitting on the edge of the bed with a pleased look, Parker knew it had been worth the wait. Their eyes met, as if the motion wasn’t all ready natural enough and she invited him over next to her silently causing him to throw his jacket to the side on the floor. With one article of clothing long forgotten, Parker rested his hands on either side of his wife and leaned forward. “Mrs. Daniels-” He whispered then, pausing to take the dramatic effect it had on his heart.  “I like the sound of that. Mrs. Daniels-” He hummed, kissing her lips softly before his left hand rested on top of her right hand. “Mrs. Daniels, I love you. Mmm-” His lips carried on carelessly down to her neck. “I rushed the bellboy out–… hope you don’t mind. This is our night.”