Bored of Pevely

Yes. Indeed I am. Have been for a while. For those of yo who do not know, I live in Pevely, Missouri. Which is part of Jefferson County. There are places in Jefferson County. There are fast food restaurants, Wal-Marts, Targets. Yep. That is about it. And if you do not own a car in this county, you can not visit any of these places.

However, where I am moving to, STL, I can do anything I want. There will be buses and Metrolinks, all kinds f stuff for moving around. Plus, since I would already be downtown, there will be things to do. Libraries, movie theatres, restaurants, tattoo shops, coffee shops, colleges, malls, Trader Joes, and the Arch. Oh my God the Arch!

Come October I will be moving. Until then, I can wait. Made a couple unrelated vlogs on YouTube recently. I will post them here to pass the time.

pet peves: seeing posts constantly about boys being garbage like tbh i already have to deal w/ so much shit i dont need to constantly be told that im garbage bc im male jesus fuck

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  • 8 - Addiction

Tim Horton’s Cofffee… well Tim Horton’s in general… but mainly the coffee and ice cap.

  • 9 - 3 Pet Peves

- Being told continuously to watch something. If someone says ‘hey watch this’ I’m almost sure to not want to watch it. You kind of have to make random comments about things that I may like, as if you just feel like talking about it or something. Like Nico got me into Love Live by deciding to watch some of the later episodes while I was doing things beside her and I got interested enough to watch!

- Nico’s insisting I put this one down… but I don’t like when people get flirty or clingy with her… 

- Being told either ‘You’re not 22!’ or ‘Oh are you two sisters?’ (Nico and I), or better yet ‘Are you two twins?’. Not only do we not look our age, but we also look similar enough to be ‘twins’. It drives me up a wall when people say that stuff to me..

  • 10 - Last Person you Hugged

…. Nico

I’m really pissed. Now that I’m a brown belt people are going with me at judo just the beat the fuck out of me and say “oh I beat a brown belt”. It really annoys me cause most of the people I go with are much heavier and taller than I am (im 5'1 and i fight -52kg) and they use brute fucking force. Don’t get me wrong I like a challenge but the other day when I was a blue belt none of these people wanted to go with me.
My biggest pet peve is this “10 year old”. I swear she’s 14. She literally looks like a 14 year old… but she’s apparently 10. Anyways she’s huge and strong, she does have some skill but like she’s never wanted to go with me till today cause I was wearing my brown belt. And she smashed me in ground work (she pushed my backwards and then jumped on my stomach. Not much I could do from their). And her face basically said “I beat a brown belt”.
I guess ego is more important than a good match.
Too bad the place I’m at is a mcdojo and I can’t switch.

pet peve

Whenever I see someone from high school, the first thing they always ask me is “so how’s college!?” or “where do you go now!?” and then when I tell them I’m not attending school right now, the response is ALWAYS negative. Something along the lines of “awww..  well maybe one day” or a variation of that, accompanied with this sour puss, fucking disappointed frown, as if  they feel pitty for me and they’re a superior breed of human being. As if I’m a lazy waste with no aspirations. As if me not going to school means I’m not doing anything productive. And the worst part is, these people are absolutely fucking oblivious to how rude they’re being because in this generation, getting a college degree and spending the rest of your adult life in debt is the ONLY thing that matters. So naturally, scrutinizing young high school graduates for not attending college has become a societal norm and I think that’s pretty fucked up.

Okay so here’s an idea,

Contrary to what your rich suburban parents have brain washed you into believing,





But i will tell you that being a judgmental prick and shaming people that are either taking a break from school, or simply don’t want to go, is extremely fucking counterproductive. So please, if you ever see me around and want to start a conversation, don’t undermine me for not being in college. In fact, don’t even ask about school. Ask me about ME. How I’ve been, if I’ve come up with any new songs recently, if I’m still into anime, If i shave my pubes I don’t even fucking care literally ANYTHING BUT FUCKING SCHOOL. I’m sick of my worth being measured by whether or not I got into daddy’s favorite college. I’m not ashamed of the fact that I haven’t even filled out an application. It’s not a major priority in MY life right now. I’ll continue trying to figure out what the fuck it is I want and you continue working your ass off to pay those dues.

Ups, Downs And Therebetween.

So exciting things are happening. Today was a easy day at work, besides having cotton candy for brains most of the day. Didn’t get yelled at for doing something one of the owners by another owners, so it has to be a a good day and it wasn’t overly busy so it was great but I did have a customer that did one of my top hated things. 

Telling me half of what they want and then sitting down. What happened was 

Lady: I want a jam donut and hot chocolate *go’s and sits down*

Well there’s a few questions that need to be answered before you can do that like:

1) Having here or taking away

2) Would you like you hot chocolate in a cup of a mug 

3) Would you like to pay by cash or card

So the only thing to do is to loudly ask across the cafe till she comes back and hold her food until she pays. It’s one of most annoying things a person a can do to a server. You wouldn’t put your shopping on the belt and then go and get in your car and wait for someone to come put your food in the car and collect your money at the supermarket then don’t do it in my shop.

But the best bit of the day was when I got all my things from my course so I’m currently using the laptop they gave me, the internet dongle is sitting on the coffee table and the book of course work sits beside me.

So far I’m loving Tri Training they are so friendly and helpful I can’t wait to get stuck in to the course 

/// My dash is full of KHIII+E3 posts so may I ask you all a big favor? If there’s any KH spoiler could you please TAG it? I’m going to block any KH post, any ‘spoiler’ tag I can think about and I will definitely block any person who spoilers me anything.

No, seriously, I hate spoilers and so far I completely avoided them in any KH game, don’t spoil the fun for me… please.

Okay, extreme peve, like, to the max:

When people don’t blend their FUCKING foundation into their neck like, girl yo face on point except it’s 2 shades lighter/darker than yo neck