My baby is so cute climbing up & sliding down his ladders <3 However I feel he’s pissing off bubbles, whom has also been watching him for about 15 minutes!

Starting to worry Bubbles is planning an escape.. Keeps climbing up the bars and trying to squish his head through the top, I hope he doesn’t get out! I don’t want another mouse escaping! Especially when I’m alone!

Today, this sweet mister mouse randomly came into my life. Little domestic mice were lost around the office, and over the week the search was on for the last one. This guy was hiding in a cubicle, and my coworker and I joked about how he’s actually a very proper mouse, and that he had a top hat and a cane and would shake your hand if beckoned.

Someone had to take him home, or else he’d be released into the wild - so this little guy is here to stay ☺️❀️ any mouse care tips?please share - this is my first pet! 🐭 #adopted #petmouse