As some of you may know earlier today Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This law has angered many Hoosier’s, because not only does it gives the opportunity for some businesses to refuse service to LGBTA, POC, and other religious practices under the guise of “religious freedom.” It is also driving commerce away from the state. Like lots of it. We’re talking over 50 million yearly, which is detrimental to the economy.  

This law puts so many Hooiser’s in an uncomfortable position in their own communities. Not only has Pence turned off his office phone/voicemail, but he also signed this piece of garbage in a private ceremony that was not open to the public. Please, please, please consider signing this petition to recall Mike Pence and help our voices be heard!

The police accountability petition needs a LOT more love, people!

The Brown family supports body cams on cops to help foster police accountability.

If you’re in the US, you should sign these petitions as well:

investigate Michael Brown’s death -

bring Darren Wilson up on federal charges -

bring Darren Wilson up on federal charges - (this one can also be signed from outside the US)

bring Darren Wilson up on federal charges -

Oh. Oh my. 

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Is the dashcon a legit thing that’s going to happen? My friends and I are iffy on it. (:
TLDR: Yeah there have been some serious issues but people are really being asshats about it. 
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Adios—asshole asked me to add his petition to X-los’s Dashcon Master Post, so here it is:

Rent an entire building for $1,700,000. Fill it with balls. Or get $17,000,000 to remove all H20 from the sea. Send it to space. Fill the ocean w/ balls and make BallPit Day a national weekly holiday

UK: Links to petitions to change the definition of rape to include female perpetrators

At present both women and men who are raped by a woman are never going to get justice because the law says she can’t possibly have done it as she couldn’t penetrate her victims. please protect all rape victims and sign one or all of these petitions!

Watch on

The debate, now explained with jokes!

Why Net Neutrality Matters (And What You Can Do To Help)

Four petitions worth signing:

This one is extremely important: the President is required to respond to this if it gets over 100k signatures. This one is to bring Darren Wilson up on federal charges.

Body cams for cops, equally important: the President is required to respond to this if it gets over 100k signatures. This is what the Brown family supports to help create police accountability. petition: bring Darren Wilson up on federal charges petition: bring Darren Wilson up on federal charges

You can also write to your local representatives and demand body cams for police officers and ask them what they’re doing to create police accountability in your community.

1.Not supporting marine parks 
2.Take a Pledge to support that - and tell everyone you know
3.Contact the goverment
4.Sign and share petitions
5.Check your area for protests that are going on you can join 
6.Learn about why there is hope in this movement
7.Watch Documentary’s 
8.Investigate SeaWorlds Truth Team
9.Spread the word!

Sources for each point for further reading
1 2 & 2 3 4 (page 44)  5 6 7 8 9 & 9 10
10 signs sourced from X

Stop Skinning Animals Alive in China

Animals on fur farms in China are bludgeoned, slammed on the pavement and have their heads kicked in. Often, this doesn’t kill the poor animal so it remains alive for the skinning process. These living animals then have their skin ripped from their flesh while they hang by their limbs writhing in pain. Once the fur has been detached, the bodies are then thrown into piles where many animals continue to breath and squirm for up to ten minutes after being skinned alive. This brutal and torturous fur farming industry in China must be stopped.

Hello Waluigi,

I’m really sorry to bother you, but I’m worried this petition won’t get through to people and get many signatures, and it’s a subject that is something I consider very significant and care a lot about. I was wondering if you could signal boost it? Only UK residents can sign, but I’m hoping there might be someone out there who can help.

Once again, sorry to bother you, and thank you very much.



Our government has spent the last 17 years and millions of dollars to bring wolves back to the Northern Rockies. In spite of the progress that has been made, numerous setbacks—namely Wyoming’s new law that legalized the hunting and trapping of wolves—threaten to undo this extensive work.

Since the law was passed last October, more than 40 of the state’s 328 wolves have been killed. Even more alarming is a loophole in the law that will allow for the continued hunting of wolves no matter how few remain. We cannot allow this needless slaughter to continue!

Join with us now and urge Wyoming Governor Mead to remove this damaging law and help preserve this species for years to come!

 Take Action

Fans created a petition requesting Sony Pictures and the director Marc Webb to consider releasing a director’s cut version of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to the general public on Blu-Ray and DVD.

Among the scenes cutted from the movie, there is:

  • An attack on Oscorp by the Green Goblin
  • Extended Times Square and Clocktower scenes
  • Another Peter/Gwen scene.
  • A scene with Max and his Mother
  • A possible espionage plotline in regards to Oscorp.
  • Mary Jane scenes

They need 2000 more supporters. You can sign the petition here.

marxosaurus asked:

Hey! I'm european and I often sign petitions (I signed this one too), and I was wondering why they don't work? Is it really better to ask people to write an email, knowing that there will be way less emails than there are signatures on a petition? Idk, I sorta knew petitions aren't a good vector for political change, but I do sign some in hope to bring light on some issues... any thoughts?

I’ve interned in a congressional office and at the MA state house before, and I can tell you from experience: elected representatives don’t care about what people who aren’t their constituents think. When I worked at the state house we were in the middle of a constitutional congress on whether or not the house would pass a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, which had recently been legalized, and we got THOUSANDS of letters a week about it from all over the country. The ones that were from out of our constituency? Ignored. You can’t vote them out, so why would they care?

IF you write directly to your elected representatives, they at least have to respond to you, even with just a form/letter e-mail. They can’t ignore their own constituents. Obviously forming coalitions and scheduling meetings with their staff is best, participating in public forums with the officials is good too, but writing YOUR OWN representatives at least guarantees an intern reads it.

For people like the president, whose constituency is the whole country, think of it this way: a petition gets 200,000 signatures and then… what? e-mails the White House press office and tells them? Mails them a copy of the petition with all the signatures? How many other similiar petitions do you think arrive on a given day? Why do you think they would pay more attention to that one than the one with 100,000 signatures calling for more wetlands protection, or declaring taxes unconstitutional, or gun control, or abolishing obamacare, or, or, or.

The only way to make the executive branch pay attention is by either getting one of the other branches involved (making Congress pass a law) or  making a lot of noise — Obama isn’t giving speeches about the Black Lives Matter protests because of petitions, he’s making speeches because the protests are on the street every night, every week, they’re being covered by the news. Basically, he CAN’T ignore them the same way he ignores the thousands of petitions his staff never even bothers to read, let alone bring to his attention.

In the online age, petitions basically exist to sap activist energy. You sign one, you feel really good about yourself, and you think you’ve done your part. Do you think this administration created the Whitehouse petitions site because they’re so effective? They did it because they knew they could channel energy that could otherwise be used for the kind of political actions that they actually have to respond to in a meaningful way (and because it looks good for them without actually creating work for them.) After all, all a successful We The People petition (which now has an incredibly high threshold for signatures because of signatures from non-US citizens, and because of successful joke petitions like the Death Star one) promises is a “response” from the president, which means in six months you’ll get a form e-mail saying he takes your concerns seriously but he can’t make laws because that’s not how law making in this country works.

The only petitions worth signing, in my opinion, are local petitions that have direct consequences if successful, i.e. “if this petition gets 5000 signatures, this measure or this person will be on the ballot in the upcoming election.” That’s really it. Otherwise, it’s just white noise.