You raise your eyebrows, crossing your arms and fluttering your wings out slightly to look more intimidating. After all, a five-foot seventeen-year-old barely scraping 100 pounds isn’t much to intimidate someone, even with the scars crisscrossing your arms and face, your stance clearly one of a fighter. “The fuck are you.”

[4] Have noticed you!

He’d been walking along what was left of Zone 1,  the bat his father had once had swinging loosely in his hand as he walked along the monorail tracks, humming to himself lazily. Hearing something ahead, the boy’s head snapped up to see the group and he stared, eyes wide in surprise, mouth hanging open ever so slightly. Scuffling back, he looked around him rapidly before his focus came to the people before him, and through the silence he cleared his throat. “…uhm, hi?”

garder—le—sourire replied to your post All I want is for someone to dominate…

//My Judge would gladly do it but given the circumstances…

[[Maybe after all this Magic blows off and they’re back to normal Daddy can tie him up and punish him for what he’s done. -eyebrowwiggle- ]]

sinful-strikeout replied to your post All I want is for someone to dominate…

[I just want both judges on leashes and begging for mercy from bad bat. is that too much to— wait yes it is.]


petitemarchande replied to your post All I want is for someone to dominate…

((Laughs loudly. All the same many things I want with all my muses.))

[[Who doesn’t want a cat boy or a man in a cat mask to be dominated by their “daddy”?]]

Maybe today you’ll just go to the park to have fun, after all it’s safer than the roof of the library…you shudder at the memory of having to look that far down out of curiosity…..

When you found yourself at the park you were unsure what to do…

Roller coaster?

Balloon game?


You stood in the lobby, unsure which to go to…