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Home Alone: The Pug Version

A beloved holiday classic, reenacted by pugs. That is all.

H/T Laughing Squid.

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I am so glad they took this opportunity and made this a thing.

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(Mild er sort of spoilers for Season 1…ish?)

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A rich old man who mistook us for a waiter at a party, gave us $50 and told us to buy ourselves something nice.

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Red Panda Can’t Even Believe How Awesome This Pumpkin Is

A red panda at the Maruyama Zoo in Sapporo, Japan was seen totally freaking out over an awesome pumpkin in his enclosure on Wednesday.

Witnesses say he was absolutely beside himself with glee, and unsure whether to attack, play with, or eat the strange orange fruit. 

Via btrucker94.

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BREAKING: Fuzzy Ostrich Chicks Are Extremely Cute

The Fluffington Post has just learned that baby ostriches are friggin’ adorable.

More on this story as it develops.

Submitted by Jonathan VanBallenberghe.

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Cat Annihilates Paper Army in Explosive Showdown

Tensions between local paper dolls and a ginger cat have escalated to a “military conflict,” according to officials at the State Department.

"Diplomatic talks in the living room have disintegrated," said Leonard Anderson of the Office of Press Relations in a briefing. "It’s unclear at this stage which party provoked the attack, but early reports show clear evidence the cat has decimated the paper army."

A citizen journalist uploaded this footage to YouTube, but be warned: It can be graphic at times.

The State Department has made it clear the U.S. does not plan to intervene in the conflict without further investigation by UN inspectors on the ground. We will update this story we receive more information.

Submitted by Adam Cox.

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VIDEO: Baby Monkey Takes a Bath

Meet Nala, a baby capuchin monkey rescued by a trained veterinarian, and living in Las Vegas while a proper sanctuary is being built for her.  Here she is taking a bath.  Need we say more?

Via thinkingsomethingbetter.

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Watch This Paralyzed Puppy Get a New Lease on Life

This is the story of Ricky Bobby, a 10-year-old dachshund who is partially paralyzed and doesn’t have use of his hind legs. When Humane Society rescuers found the pup, he had been dragging his non-working legs around on a cement floor, which had left him covered in open sores, callouses and suffering from muscle atrophy on his underside.

He, and other rescued animals, were sent to CareFirst Animal Hospital in North Carolina to be treated for health issues caused by neglect. That’s where he met Megan, a vet tech who helped treat the dog, patch him up and built him a wheelchair using PVC pipe and a baby stroller. Fast forward eight months and Ricky Bobby is now as active as a puppy, chasing his adoptive mom around on his new set of wheels.

Watch the video above to learn more about Ricky Bobby’s inspiring story, and then consider donating to the Humane Society of the United States to help animal rescue efforts all over America.

Submitted by HSUS.


Cat Excels at Knocking Stuff Over

Give Burrito the cat something — anything, a water bottle, a roll of tape, a clementine, and he’ll knock it to the ground with expert proficiency.

"It’s a skill he’s been working on for the past year," said Caleb Durrey, Burrito’s strength and agility coach. "He’s nearly perfected his form."

According to Durrey, the cat is an extremely hard worker. He spends hours in the gym each day and reviewing tape to work on his craft. 

Thus far, Burrito has been unable to find anyone to employ him as a stuff knocker overer, but he remains hopeful.

Via burrito_thecat.

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Watch This Panda Play in the Snow

That is all.

H/T HelloGiggles.

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Just Say No to Puppy Mills This Holiday Season

We like to joke around a lot at The Fluffington Post, but we’re all kinds of serious when it comes to treating animals well.  That’s why we’re happy to join the ASPCA in calling for an end to puppy mills.

If you’re planning to add a puppy to your family this holiday season, please consider adoption instead of purchasing one through a pet store.  And if you’re planning to buy gifts for the pets already in your life, please try not to purchase anything from pet stores that sell puppies from puppy mills.

Americans plan to spend more than $2.5 billion on pets this holiday season, according to recently released poll.  Unfortunately, more than half of pet shoppers say they would consider shopping at a store that also sells puppies — meaning a big chunk of that $2.5 billion could directly or indirectly support the puppy mill industry.

When you’re out shopping for your pets this month, make sure you’re shopping at stores that don’t use puppy mills.  And please like or reblog this post to help us spread this important message.

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Mailman Battles Cat in Epic Showdown

Most mail carriers know how to deal with a wayward pet, but rarely does that pet fall outside of the canine family. It’s a little known fact that cats also have a decades long feud going with mail carriers.

Watch the video above as a mailman matches wits with a feisty feline.

H/T: Tastefully Offensive.

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Cat Guides Blind Dog on Walks

Terfel, an 8-year-old dog from North Wales, UK, didn’t get around much after his diagnosis with cataracts. But when a stray cat named Pwditat entered his life, everything changed.

The Sun reports:

Pwditat, walked up to Terfel and led him out of his basket and into the garden. She has been helping him find his way around ever since.

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Adorable Girl and Puppy Say ‘No’ to Puppy Mills

What happens when you combine the cutest little girl and the cutest dog in one video? You can watch it above.

The ASPCA launched a new campaign at, where they encourage visitors not to purchase products or animals from pet stores, many of which breed through puppy mills.

Instead, contact your local shelter. You might just rescue the newest member of your family!

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Snoring British Dormouse Will Sleep Through Anything

While it’s well known that dormice can hibernate up to six months of the year, this one just fell asleep watching BBC America.

That channel is boring.

Via Steph Buck

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Amazing Talking Parakeet Knows Songs, Catch Phrases

Disco, a 2-year-old parakeet from Rochester, NY, is no bird brain. He can remember and recite The Flinstones theme song and popular catch phrases from movies and television.

“Some people have asked us if he’s a fake, if we’re just making the voice for him,” says Judy Bolton, a source close to the situation. “But they underestimate the abilities of parakeets.”

WATCH: These Puppies Will Grow Up to Serve Disabled Veterans

Question: What’s the only thing better than a room full of puppies? Answer: A room full of puppies you can watch 24/7! and Dog Bless You have launched a new live cam that follows a golden retriever litter, born on June 24th. The five girls and one boy are hanging out with recovering soldiers while they train to become service dogs for disabled war veterans.

Their mom Holly couldn’t be prouder.

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5-Week-Old Kitten Gives Exclusive Interview

Everyone in show business knows that Chandi the Kitten is extremely hard to pin down for interviews. The 5-week-old kitten values her privacy, so getting her to talk on the record can be a challenge.

But citizen journalist Ginnie Lupi has secured an exclusive, on-camera interview that she has shared with The Fluffington Post. In it, she asks the tough questions like, “Are you hungry?”

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Cat Duo Elevates Snuggling to an Art Form

An unnamed brother and sister cat duo from Japan have released a video that has set the snuggling world on fire. Experts are saying this might be the best snuggling demonstration in history.

"This is snuggling in its purest form," said Ramon Wilson, a snuggling expert from Fordham University. "They are showing a mastery of the craft that is beyond anything I’ve seen. This is easily the best 21 seconds of snuggles on YouTube."

The video, which has now been viewed over 9,000 times, is starting to make its way around academic circles. 

"I’m already figuring out how to rearrange my syllabus so I can teach this in class," said Amy Carrozzi, who teaches advanced snuggling at Radcliffe College. "Snugglers like this come along once in a generation. If you’re lucky.”

Though attempts have been made to identify the two cats in the video, no one has yet been able to successfully track them down.

Via guremike.