The naturally mummified body of a Swedish “hustomte” or housegnome. They where said to be secret caretakers of the farms in scandinavia and would help with the farmer as long as he didn’t do anything to upset the gnome, then he would get really nasty, throwing curses and killing lifestock.

the text inside the box translates:
This little house gnome was found by my father Jan Peter Petersson in the winter of 1866 inside the wall of the old barn , he was already long since dead.

Everything is built by me from scrach including the box. i really enjoyed making something that was based in the culture of my home-country.



Robin Pettersson Tailor

As you already knew I’m a menswear enthusiastic, I just love everything that has to do with it and I can’t stop smiling when I found someone who has potential to be something, who has the ability to be a true talent.

So finally, my first and not last pair of bespoke trousers from the atelier named Robin Pettersson Tailor. Mr. Pettersson himself crafts all of the clothing at his own workshop in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Mr. Pettersson started as many other young tailors to craft jackets and suits for himself, friends and family. His work spread through the internet and today Mr. Pettersson crafts tailored clothing from requests all over the world. 

I chose to make a request for a pair of trousers with a cotton gaberdine from Caccioppoli. It’s a very lightweight cotton fabric at it’s 270 grams per square meter and a color that I would describe as the camel one. 

The results? A beautiful pair of trousers. Look at all the handsewn and handstitched details. This is true craftsmanship and I finally solved my problem to find trousers that has the details and the fit that I always have trouble finding.



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