Original Imagine: Imagine making Peter jealous by telling him you’re going on a date with someone else. So in anger he pins you down and fucks you, while groaning, “You’re mine.” & Imagine being bent over Peter’s knee, and having him spank you, and every so often his fingers slide into you and tease you. 

Author: Sam <3

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count:  3214

Warnings: Smut, slight sub/dom, spanking, and slight fluff at the end.

        “You are going on this date, do you hear me?” Lydia said sternly.

You sat back, leaning your head against the wall as you sat on Lydia’s bed. “Okay. I will. Just stop nagging.” You said finally giving in to her setting you up on this date. Ever since she found out about the few times you had been slept with Peter, she had been adamant about making sure you never went back.

You knew Peter wasn’t exactly loved around here, but you didn’t care if anyone else liked him, only that you did. But the thought that Peter would ever feel anything for you made you feel like you were lying to yourself, so you had agreed to go on this date.

"Good, because Ryan will be perfect for you… And he won’t try to rip your throat out.” She spun around on her chair, a makeup brush in her hand as she spoke.

“Maybe I like that.” You said jokingly at her obvious jibe at Peter, it was like the more people disapproved the more you wanted him. She looked at you, squinting in disapproval, and you smiled at her as you went back to looking through her magazines.

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The Real Winner

Original Imagine: Imagine having a threesome with Derek and Peter. & Imagine Derek finding out that Peter has been sleeping with you.

Author: Sam <3 & Carla

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 5494

Warnings: Very smutty smut, roughness, threesomes.

A/N: Carla and I had way too much fun writing this, I swear, and it has to be the smuttiest smut I’ve written. Enjoy ;) I’m gonna have to give Sam the majority of the credit for this one, she has a very creative imagination ;P

          You looked down at your feet swinging beneath you, as you sat on the table. Lost in the pattern and doing anything to entertain yourself from this boredom.

“Are you even listening?” Peter said dramatically, making you snap from your day dream and look up at him stood in front of you.

“Yeah, yeah. Werewolf, alphas, going to kill you, blah blah blah. I know.” You replied annoyed at having your time wasted, “You and Derek can handle this. I really don’t need to be here.”

"Well perhaps we wanted you here for the delightful company you bring." He smiles sarcastically, quickly replaced by a scowl. You smirk at him.

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Original Imagine: Imagine Dark!Stiles finding out you’ve slept with Peter, and getting jealous so he fucks you and claim you.

Author: Sam <3

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 3475 

Warnings: Smut, biting, marking, bleeding, etc.

A/N: I have absolutely no idea where this came from. I just wanted to write a badass bitch who takes what she wants, so here you go ;) 

       You walked through the underground station, everything abandoned and run down. There were leaves under your feet that had somehow been blown down, and if you were anyone else you might have said it was almost creepy down here. But you were you, and this feeling of fear and adrenaline was something you ran on, something you searched for, even when it got people hurt in the process. But you had switched your feelings off long ago, and being selfish was something you were proud of nowadays. After being turned all those years ago, with no help or guidance, you had given up on humanity, and now, definitely only lived for you.

You turned the corner and reached the rusted over stairway in the wide open main hall, and took a few steps before turning and sitting down on them. You looked back to where you had come from, and smiled as you waited for the others to arrive.

*A day earlier*

“Get out!” He yelled at you as you stood in the doorway to the loft.

“Peter?! That is no way to talk to a lady.” You said sarcastically as you ignored him and walked into the loft, checking around the place, just in case Derek was hiding in the corner ready to attack.

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月曜ミステリーシアター「ペテロの葬列」 第7話[字][デ] 8/18 (月) 20:00 ~ 20:54 (54分) MBS毎日放送(Ch.4)




■番組HP  ■Twitter  @petero_tbs

奇妙なバスジャック事件に巻き込まれた主人公・杉村三郎(小泉孝太郎)たちバスジャック被害者たちは犯人(長塚京三)から届いた“慰謝料”の送り主を探し ていた。そんな中、迫田とよ子(島かおり)の娘・美和子(安藤玉恵)から衝撃の事実を聞かされ、ついに“慰謝料”を受け取る決意をする。一方、菜穂子(国 仲涼子)とパーティーに出席した杉村は偶然合った間野(長谷川京子)に相談を持ちかけられるのだった・・・。
杉村三郎…小泉孝太郎  間野京子…長谷川京子  杉村菜穂子…国仲涼子  手島雄一郎…ムロツヨシ  橋本真佐彦…高橋一生  柴野和子…青山倫 子  坂本啓…細田善彦    水田大造…本田博太郎  迫田とよ子…島かおり  田中雄一郎…峰竜太  園田瑛子…室井滋  暮木一光…長塚京三  ほ か
【原作】  宮部みゆき「ペテロの葬列」(集英社刊)  【脚本】  神山由美子
【演出】  金子文紀  岡本伸吾  竹村謙太郎  山崎統司
【主題歌】  近藤晃央「心情呼吸」(アリオラジャパン)    【音楽】  横山克

Original Imagine: Imagine Peter finding out you want him and using it to tease and flirt with you, until he finally picks you up and fucks you on the table.

Author: Sam <3

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count:  1863

Warnings: Smutty smut, biting, marking, Peter being Peter. 

          You blushed, how could you not. “You wish.” You said turning to walk out of the loft, it was a stupid idea coming here to begin with, like Peter could help anyone but himself.

“Lying won’t get you anywhere.” You heard him say from behind you, “And walking out of here won’t get you what you want.”

You paused at the door as you were about to open it, it was just like Peter to get you angry and flustered at the same time. “You don’t know what I want.” You hadn’t had time to ask him what Scott had sent you to say, before he had started his teasing.

“I know you want my help, as well as… other things.” He said the last part with a noticeable connotation to his voice, hearing his footsteps as he walked closer.

You turned just as he reached you, standing not a foot away from you, you said, “I don’t want anything from you.”

“What did I say about lying?” He took a step closer, lifting his hand to let the back of his fingertips trail down your chest, “I can hear it.” He slowly pronounced each word as he spoke softly.

You gulped unexpectedly, and noticed the smile spread on his face. Sliding away from between him and the door to take a breath, you walked back down to the table and pulled out the paper Scott had given you, “Will you just read this, and tell me what you’re going to do.”

“Of course, you only had to ask.” You felt him walk behind you and press his chest close to your back to look over your shoulder at the paper, “I would give you anything you asked for.”

You rolled your eyes, he was always like this, every single time you saw him, but today he seemed worse somehow. You stood your ground as he pressed himself closer to you reaching for the paper, acting as if he actually cared what he was reading. You felt his other hand slowly trail up your waist, his face still concentrating on what was in his hand, you tried to keep yourself calm, not wanting to indulge him with a reaction. But you could feel your own heart hammering in your chest, which meant it was absolutely certain that he could hear it too.

You heard him hum in your hear, sounding like he was actually reading what he was looking at, only making you more confused as his hand slid down to your hip. You quickly grabbed his hand and dragged it off of you stepping away, scoffing at him as you tried to keep a more suitable distance, and whispering under your breath, “You’re ridiculous.”

You saw him laugh and shake his head, before he replied, “Why are you denying yourself?” You backed up to the table, as he kept talking, “I know how you feel… I know what you want…” His voice lowered and his eyes darkened in a way that would make you think of an animal about to attack his pray, and you hated yourself for loving that look.

Still you stood your ground, even though your voice started to shake, “You don’t know anything.”

He slowly started walking closer to you, pinning you in place with his gaze. Your hands tightened as you gripped onto the rim of the table, with him now almost pressing you against it. He let his head drop, keeping his lips just inches from yours, as he whispered, “I’m the spark that lit your fire, sweetheart.”

His hand reached up to stroke the hair out of your face, continuing, “And I know how you dream off me.” You tried to control your breathing, but it suddenly felt like the temperature had risen dramatically hearing him talk. You felt his fingers trail down your cheek, and over your neck, until they started to move down your chest, tracing between the few open buttons on your shirt, “I know that when I touch you… I make your heart race.” He spoke so quietly, and emphasized each last word.

His eyes trailed up from your chest, and locked back with yours, and you could feel how hard you were breathing, your hands still gripping tight against the table. You kept watching him, as his hand slid back up your neck and around into your hair. He held your head, leaning his lips into yours, and you felt yourself gasp as you realised what he was doing. But as he barely brushed his lips against yours, he whispered, “Say it.”

You heart kept racing and you felt like it could burst out of your chest any minute, “I-I… I don’t…”

“Say. It.”

You could feel the heat radiating from him, and it clouded your whole mind, “I want…” You let your eyes look up at him, “I want you.”

You only saw that devilish smile before his lips crashed into yours taking the last of your air. His hands tightened in your hair, and you felt as his tongue pushed its way in your mouth. You were drowning in him and breathless, but still you felt your hands loosen from their grip and move to his chest.

He kissed feverishly and unrelenting, taking what he wanted, but giving you everything you had tried to pretend you didn’t want. His hands quickly pulled from your hair as he finally let you breathe, watching your body as he ripped open your shirt. You gasped feeling your skin suddenly bare, and quickly felt him pick you up and drop you on the table. He pushed his way between your legs, his big hands roaming over your now bare chest. He rushed his lips back to yours, growling in your mouth as his fingers skated over your nipples. You felt him tug and tease them, and you gasped trying to get some oxygen back to your brain. He pressed his other hand on the small of your back, pulling your hips close to him, grinding his hips into yours as he spoke quietly, “I’ve thought about taking you, claiming you… And now I will.”

Before you could stop, you felt yourself whine from just those words. This was crazy, and so unexpected, but you didn’t want him to stop. Abruptly you felt his hands move to your shorts, and in a second he had ripped them off your body, again leaving you feeling bare in front of him. But his body soon covered that as he pulled your legs apart and fitted himself between them, he kept his eyes on yours making you watch him as he licked two of his fingers and then quickly pushed them between your thighs. You felt yourself moan at the sudden touch, feeling his fingers spread and stroke over you.

His eyes watched over your expression, smiling as he slowly pushed them inside you. He quickly connected his mouth back with yours, delving his tongue into your mouth to search yours, tasting each sound you made, as he stroked his fingers in and out, slowly twisting and playing with you. His mouth moved to your neck, and you felt his tongue run over your skin, before he whispered in your ear, “I want to fuck you as I claim you.” You gripped your hands onto his back, your eyes closed as you moved your hips against his hand, he continued, “I want to hear you scream my name.”

You could only whine at his words, you were totally lost, and only needed him, and everything he had to give you. Without hesitation you felt his cock press against you, and groaned as he drove straight inside of you. He left no time to adjust, starting to thrust quickly inside of you, feeling him filling you completely. You found yourself moaning loudly, gripping onto him, and tightening your thighs around his waist. His hands gripped onto your hips, holding you as he bucked into you, and you felt his grunts against the skin on your neck.

Everything blurred together, you lost the world around you, only registering him and him only. His mouth kissed and licked up your neck, his teeth biting lightly at your jaw, until he kissed you. You felt him groan into you, feeling both his hands slide behind to your ass and grip you as he continued to thrust deeply. You felt his teeth bite at your lower lip, and opened your eyes to see his glowing blue eyes staring back at you. You moaned at how powerful he looked, and saw him growl before dropping his head to your shoulder. You felt as his teeth pressed against your skin, your breath suddenly lost completely again. His fingers gripped into your skin and you could only anticipate what it would be like to have him bite you. As you felt him thrust deep inside of you, making you moan his name as you felt yourself come, his teeth pressed into you to bite. You felt the mixing feeling, pain and pleasure, and it intoxicated you. You gripped onto him tightly feeling as he let go inside of you, his hips bucking into you as he worked down from the high.

Your fingers slowly softened on his back, and you could feel his tongue running over the mark he had given you on your shoulder. You moved a hand to his hair and finally were able to see through the haze. The room cooled down around you, the only heat coming from his body as he held you. You felt his hands caress over your skin as he kept kissing and licking over the mark. You let your head fall back staring at the ceiling, and just basked in the feeling you had wanted to experience for the longest time. Your mind started to wander, and the feeling of what had just happened and the implications of it started to weigh heavy on your mind. You dropped your head, as he lifted his to look at you, and the wicked grin that was on his face made it clear that you were in deep trouble if anyone found out about this.

You pushed him lightly away from you, and jumped down from the table. He said, “What’s wrong, sweetheart?” But his voice seemed less than concerned.

“I can’t believe I did that.” You said to yourself pulling your shorts back on and pulling your shirt back together, buttoning the few buttons that hadn’t been ripped off.

“What?!” He said turning you around to look at him, “Did something you wanted to do? Gave in to what would make you happy?”

You looked away from him not keeping eye contact, “I shouldn’t have come here.”

“But. You. Did.” He pulled you by the chin to look at him, engraving those words into you, and sliding his hand over the sensitive part of your shoulder.

You hissed slightly from the touch and shook your head as you pulled away from him, walking quickly towards the door.

As you opened the door to walk out you heard him say loudly behind you, “I’ll be here. For the next time.”


Original Imagine: Imagine being bent over Peter’s knee, and having him spank you, and every so often his fingers slide inside you and tease you , Imagine fucking Peter, and him being smug about you smelling like him to the others afterwards

Author: Lein

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 1444

Warnings: Smut, spanking, sub/dom

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Peter walked through the room, yelling at you, being angry that you hadn’t listened to him. “Why is it that every time you don’t listen to me, you end up needing to be rescued?” You shrugged, still not exactly sure what had happened, still kind of shocked about having been in danger.
“I don’t know, ok? I barely know what happened, I surely don’t know how I could have prevented it, and I don’t need you yelling at me that I’ve acted stupid.” You wanted to walk away from him, but he didn’t let you. He grabbed your wrist, forced you back towards him.
“O no. You’re not getting off that easily. I know how you could have prevented this. Just by listening to me, just by staying here!” He might be right… he had told you it was dangerous, but you didn’t want to be locked up at home every time it could be dangerous. That would mean you could barely leave the house anymore.
“And I’m not planning not to leave the house anymore. Let go of me…” He shook his head, not letting go of you.
“You don’t get it, don’t you? I don’t want you to get hurt.”

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