peter sheppard

 PG Contemporary proudly presents My Caribbean Selfthe first exhibition in Houston that will introduce established and emerging artists from Trinidad.  Combining figuration and abstraction, this group exhibition focuses on the perspective of the self, life, and culture of Caribbean artists living in both Trinidad and America.  Never before has Houston been offered such a comprehensive view of Caribbean Artists in one single exhibition.  The opening reception will be Saturday, August 13th from 6:00pm – 8:00pm and the exhibition will run from August 13th – September 6th, featuring Edward Bowen, Donald “Jackie” Hinkson, Che Lovelace, Shastri Maharaj, Peter Sheppard, Adele Todd, and Gabby Tommy.

Trinidad is the southern-most island in the Caribbean and was dubbed “La Isla de La Triniddad” (The Island of the Trinity) by Christopher Columbus upon discovery.  Originally inhabited by the Carib and Arawak Indians, their populations were nearly completely wiped out due to extensive warring and slavery by the new colonies and Sugar Cane Plantations that had laid stake to the area.  The island remained under Spanish control from 1498-1797, and under British rule until 1962, and officially became a republic in 1976.      Born in the Port of Spain Trinidad, Edward Bowen graduated with a BA in Fine Art and Printmaking in 1985 from Croydon College of Design in London England.  After returning to Trinidad he began exhibiting and helped to form “The Fifth Column,” a group of young artists offering alternative ideas to traditional Trinidadian expressions. A Master Draftsman, Bowen’s carefully constructed graphite drawings create a world unknown, exploding with contrived symbols, machines, and landscapes in a style reminiscent of Duchamp’s The Large Glass

     Over the past 20 years Donald “Jackie”Hinkson has expanded his repertoire of subjects and his range of media. He has filled over 75 sketch pads with sketches and visual notes on Caribbean and Trinidadian people, places and events. Since earning his BFA in 1969 and Diploma of Education in 1970 from the University of Alberta in Edmonton Canada, he returned to his home of Trinidad and has been exhibiting extensively in the Caribbean, US and the UK.  Known for his breathtaking watercolors andConté crayon sketches, he has been heavily influenced by the landscape of his surroundings.

     Che Lovelace is a Trinidad born artist from Port of Spain, Trinidad whose work is a response to the social and cultural environment of his Caribbean surroundings. Born in San Fernando, Trinidad, he studied painting and engraving at L’Ecole Regional des Beaux Arts in Martnique on scholarship from the French government.  He has held residencies in Uganda as well as Venzuela, was awarded the UNESCO-ASCHBERG Artist Bursary and studied in London at the International Institute of Visual Arts.  Additionally he has participated in numerous Caribbean Biennials as well as several touring exhibitions including The Politics of Difference, which toured museums throughout South and Central America and Europe.

     After earning his BFA with an emphasis in painting in 1985 from the University of Manitoba, Shastri Mahraj then went on to pursue his Masters of Education from the University of the West Indies in St. Augustine in 1990.  Now living and practicing in Trinidad, his work is a visceral exploration of the language of Paint, and often an emotionally reaction to personal experiences. 

      Peter Sheppard is a self-taught artist whose intricately detailed paintings of the Trinidad landscape are nothing short of enchanting.  They carry the viewer over the seas into a serene hideaway where one can escape the trials and tribulations of everyday life.  Born into a well established artistic family, he has painted his entire life and is known for not only his nostalgic landscapes, but for utilizing his signature monochromatic pallet as well. 

     Exploring the socio-political issues, Trinidadian mixed-media artist Adele Todd’s goal is to push all the boundaries possible in her work.  Often using performance as a platform to not only seek new answers, but ask new questions, she also adds embroidery, one of the newest innovations of Post-Post Modern art movement to her tangible works.  Todd received her BFA in Graphic Design from the Pratt Institute in 1991, and studied at the Domus Academy in Milan Italy as well as Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky.  She has held numerous solo shows in Trinidad, and has participated in group shows in Trinidad, the US and UK, Guyana, and China.

     Artist Gabby Tommy delves into a number of mediums, including photography, oils, acrylics, and various alternative mediums, but is best known for his watercolors.   Living and practicing in Trinidad, Tommy has a distinctive style that utilizes bold lines and strokes, and a vibrant Caribbean color pallet, often depicting exotic still lifes and textured reliefs.  He has exhibited throughout the Trinidad area in group and solo shows, and his work has been shown with the Trinidad Art Society every year since 1991.