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Tonights episode was full of answers, wasn’t it?!
Since the beginning of the series there has always been the theory of “does Ali have a twin?” “who has a twin?” “is there twins? 

Sasha Pieterse who plays the role of Alison confirmed in an interview that Ali does not have a twin but “someone else in the show might”

In a separate interview Tammin Sursok who plays the role of Jenna also confirmed the twin theory where she says that “someone has a twin sister”

With these two interviews alone there is enough proof that
A- There is a twin on the show
and B- it is a female twin

None other than Spencer Hastings
In tonights episode there is even more evidence hinting towards Spencer having a twin but first, lets have a look at the earlier clues…

"The First Secret" episode 13 of season 2, the first Halloween episode shows Ali telling the twin story. If we look closely one of the twins has the exact same beauty marks as Spencer:


 (Thanks to Analyzing A for the image!)

Now look at the framework of Spencer and Black Viel, this is where my theory begins:



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Heres where it gets interesting!

On the summer of Alisons disappearance Spencer was heavily on pills as shown in recent episodes. Spencer would ‘blackout’ and do things without even remembering. 
In the finale, however, Ali confirms Spencer was NOT the one who killed her or the missing girl as she was fast asleep in the barn. So who hurt Ali? WHO is Jessica covering for? and most importantly WHO took the game from Mona? None other than Spencers twin sister.

In the finale Spencers parents and Melissa are interviewed by police and Melissa and Veronica figure out who hurt Ali and tell Peter, who face is like basically WTF???

In the books Spencer finds out she was born by surrogacy. Which would mean Veronica and Peter are her biological parents but someone else gave birth to her. Jessica DiLaurentis maybe?
Jessica could either keep the second twin a secret or both families knew.
You would think that because of the affair that Veronica would never be up for Jessica to have the baby(ies) but if you remember Veronica does not immediately find out about the affair.

This could explain why the twin hated not only Alison, but Spencer and all four of the girls so much. And basically, wants everyone dead.
The story Ali told about the two twins could very much be true and could be the reason why that twin was sent away to Radley. 
Spencer has often brought up childhood memories to Melissa that Melissa doesn’t remember, could she be remembering memories with her twin maybe.

In the finale we see Jessica on the phone talking to someone and warns Ali that she does not want her to go out and to stay home.. Did she know that the twin had escaped? We know she was on the board for Radley, is that who she was on the phone too????

Then in the finale we also see that someone killed Alison, and at the time, that person was not A because Mona Was. Whoever killed Ali, Jessica was willing to bury her own daughter to keep it a secret. Jason would be too easy for us to figure out.

If the twin infact did hurt Ali on the night she went missing, she knew about A. Mona was never about killing Alison, all she wanted was revenge and for her to go away. This “new A” who stole the game from Mona is willing to kill anyone who finds out their identity and more than anything wants Alison dead. 

So when Mona went to Radley, Spencers twin stole the game and is Black Veil.  Black Veil wants Ali and the Liars dead.

There are many different ways this theory could go, i will most certainly be adding on more, changing bits, its only in its early stages. I thought i’d share this small amount for now. 

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I need Marlene to go back and watch every episode of pretty little liars made so far and write down every question that never truly got an answer. Then she needs to focus the entire last two seasons on answering these questions because there are literally so many that go all the way back to the first couple episodes. By the time the show ends, every question needs to be answered.


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