Totally Twisted Theory - PLL (LONG)

"You know why I picked you right" ~ Alison to Aria

5A Finale - Mona says Alison formed the perfect group.

Spencer - the smart one; Emily - the loyal one; Hanna - the admiring one; Aria - the compassionate one.

I believe this is Mona’s interpretation of how she saw the girls. Mona likes to play with dolls. I don’t really buy this as an Answer. I think this was fan service to make us believe we got at least one question answered. Wrong.

I think it is possible Alison picked the girls for a way more sinister reason.

What IF the girls are connected to Alison by blood or family? (with the exception of Emily - I will address her after the others)

Hear me out:

It has been established that Jessica DiLaurentis had an affair with Peter Hastings. Jason was the love child from that affair. Spencer and Melissa are half-siblings to Jason.

Who else are the cheaters in Rosewood? Byron Montgomery, Tom Marin

Who has used sex to get what they want? Ashley Marin - she had sex with Wilden to protect Hanna.

Hanna Marin - What if Ashley Marin could not get pregnant by Tom Marin? He could have been sterile and Ashley could have sought out someone to have an affair with and get pregnant. It could have been Peter Hastings. He is rich and has a lot to lose and she may have known he was an easy target. A womanizer. In 2x07, Ashley and Ella are having a conversation and Ashley says “Peter Hastings, who never met a problem he couldn’t buy off”. Maybe Ashley told Peter she got pregnant and he paid her to keep quiet about it. He already had an affair with Jessica DiLaurentis at some point earlier. He couldn’t afford this getting back to Veronica.

In 5x12, Hanna told Caleb that she scored super high on her SATs. Like Hastings smart high. A few episodes ago when Veronica was leaving Peter, Spencer went to see Hanna because she knew Hanna would understand based on her experience with her Mom and Dad. This seemed to hint at a sisterly type of bond. Spencer could have turned to Aria but she turned to Hanna. May not mean anything but it was something I noticed.

Speaking of Hanna’s Dad, Tom, he doesn’t seem to be all that interested in Hanna. There could be a reason for that. Maybe Tom didn’t bond with Hanna like a natural father would with their own daughter. Tom may not even know the truth. But just on some level they never bonded. Ashley on the other hand is super protective over Hanna. Like Hanna only belongs to her and she has said and proven that she would do anything for Hanna. Maybe she went to extremes to actually have her. Some people think that Hanna could have a twin. I am not so sure about this theory. There are a lot of hints tho. So, Maybe its true. Hanna could have been legitimately adopted by Ashley and Tom and the lineage goes back to Peter Hastings. I feel though that Ashley has a secret that she thinks only she knows about Hanna’s birth. Hanna’s name is HAnna similar to HAstings. If this is true, then Spencer and Hanna are half-sisters and Hanna would be half sister to Jason and Melissa.

Spencer Hastings - already established that she is the offspring of Veronica and Peter Hastings. It has been theorized that she has a twin (and I admit there are an awful lot of hints at that) but I think her sister, Melissa, is the one with the twin. In the finale, Bethany Young’s voice sounded eerily like Melissa. What if Melissa’s twin had something off about her and Peter and Veronica had her committed and changed her name to protect their family image? That would not be hard for two super lawyers to do. The story Alison told Hanna could have been about Melissa and her twin (which would be Hanna’s sisters if the above theory is true). Melissa seems to be different people at different times. Maybe we’ve seen Bethany Young and thought it was Melissa. Maybe Bethany hates Jessica DiLaurentis because she knew she had an affair with her Dad, Peter Hastings. CeCe Drake pretending to be Alison or Alison herself was the one to tell her. Maybe Jessica catered to Bethany because she would be Jason’s half-sister and maybe she felt sorry for her because she was in Radley. Maybe that was part of the deal her and Peter Hastings made. Jessica was to look out for Bethany for Peter. Maybe Veronica thought the twin had died at some point and that’s the huge secret Peter is keeping from her. Maybe that is what Melissa whispered to Peter at the station and why he is so adamant that Melissa never tell. I feel like Melissa did not tell Spencer the whole truth on the video message she sent her. Yes, she told her part of the truth but not all. I think Melissa could be Black Widow or maybe her twin is. Bethany Young could have blamed Jessica and Alison for everything that happened with their families. Melissa hated Alison so why wouldn’t her twin as well? Especially after she learned the truth and if she has a mental illness then she would take it to the crazy A level. The Hastings cannot stand imperfection. Actually, this is a Peter Hastings thing more than Veronica. Veronica went through a medical scare all by herself because she was ashamed and afraid to tell her husband because of the possibility of him viewing her as imperfect. Of course, Peter Hastings could not handle a daughter who was not perfect.

Aria Montgomery - this one is a bit more tricky. but I think this is very important. We do not know what the relationship between Alison and Aria is. It seems like they never had anything in common. Mona tells Aria its because she is compassionate. Did Mona forget her and Aria’s “chat in the ladies” the other night at the theater? I would not describe Aria as compassionate. I believe that was a dig from Mona to Aria. Aria has repeatedly shown how not compassionate she is. Remember how she handled the Zack thing with Hanna at first. She was downright mean. She also was pretty harsh with Jackie, Maggie, Meredith, Mona, Hanna and so on and so on. Even her Mom and Dad at times. So, no. Aria is not compassionate. Maybe towards Ezra but that’s about the only person I can think of. So, what is their connection? I think that it is very possible that Jessica DiLaurentis had an affair with Byron Montgomery. Why not? They are both cheaters. It could have happened. This could give Kenneth motive to kill Jessica. Jason and Alison not really his children. If this is true, this would make Alison and Aria half-sisters. And Alison half-brothers with Mike. This could be why she was so upset with Hanna when Hanna and Mike messed around that time. That was her little brother too. This could also explain why Alison was so very upset about Byron’s affair and pushing Aria to tell Ella. He’s her Dad too. When Alison and Byron confronted each other “that night”, she told him “you know very well what I am capable of.” Maybe he does and that’s why he was scared of her.

My theory is that Alison picked the girls because they are all connected in this twisted deceitful web of lies and infidelity. Emily was picked because Alison truly liked Emily. Alison grew up in a web of lies, abuse by someone in her family, and discovered the truth of it all at a very young age. It messed with her mind. She was angry and acting out. Emily was the only person she trusted and confided in. She had true feelings for her but was very scared of those feelings at the same time. How can Alison know how to really love when everything she had grown up with was all lies?

The NAT club had all those videos. Ashley destroyed the videos. Maybe Ashley saw some things that could back all this up. This would be something that several people would not want out. Peter Hastings for one. But who do we feel sorry for in all this? Well, if all of the above is true, I would say, Ella Montgomery and Veronica Hastings. But, I don’t believe they are torturing their own daughters.

So, who would we feel sorry for? Alison took all her anger out and terrorized Rosewood. She was bound to make enemies messing around with everything she was doing. Its kind of hard to feel sorry for her. But, if this was all true, then yes, there could be some compassion because this would be unbelievably hard for a young person to deal with.

Aria could know as well. I do believe Aria has some sort of mental illness (too much pointing to that) and Alison seems to have some sort of mental illness as well. If Byron is both of their Dad, then mental illness runs in his family because of his brother, then this would be a connection. If Alison knew about Byron, then that’s why she picked Aria. Maybe Aria and Alison are both A together??? Aria and Alison half-siblings. Evil Montgomery sisters?

I don’t think Byron and Ashley had a thing, although some people thought that at one time. Then, Hanna and Aria could be half-sisters. The time that Ashley and Byron were together during the power outage seemed odd. If they had slept together before or had an affair, they would have acted different towards each other than they did. They were a bit too unfamiliar with each other. I am thinking Aria and Alison are half-sisters.

This is a totally twisted theory and maybe nowhere near the truth. But, it could be plausible. Thoughts????

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This is long, but worth the read! I Promise!

Tonights episode was full of answers, wasn’t it?!
Since the beginning of the series there has always been the theory of “does Ali have a twin?” “who has a twin?” “is there twins? 

Sasha Pieterse who plays the role of Alison confirmed in an interview that Ali does not have a twin but “someone else in the show might”

In a separate interview Tammin Sursok who plays the role of Jenna also confirmed the twin theory where she says that “someone has a twin sister”

With these two interviews alone there is enough proof that
A- There is a twin on the show
and B- it is a female twin

None other than Spencer Hastings
In tonights episode there is even more evidence hinting towards Spencer having a twin but first, lets have a look at the earlier clues…

"The First Secret" episode 13 of season 2, the first Halloween episode shows Ali telling the twin story. If we look closely one of the twins has the exact same beauty marks as Spencer:


 (Thanks to Analyzing A for the image!)

Now look at the framework of Spencer and Black Viel, this is where my theory begins:



Images from: Google 

Heres where it gets interesting!

On the summer of Alisons disappearance Spencer was heavily on pills as shown in recent episodes. Spencer would ‘blackout’ and do things without even remembering. 
In the finale, however, Ali confirms Spencer was NOT the one who killed her or the missing girl as she was fast asleep in the barn. So who hurt Ali? WHO is Jessica covering for? and most importantly WHO took the game from Mona? None other than Spencers twin sister.

In the finale Spencers parents and Melissa are interviewed by police and Melissa and Veronica figure out who hurt Ali and tell Peter, who face is like basically WTF???

In the books Spencer finds out she was born by surrogacy. Which would mean Veronica and Peter are her biological parents but someone else gave birth to her. Jessica DiLaurentis maybe?
Jessica could either keep the second twin a secret or both families knew.
You would think that because of the affair that Veronica would never be up for Jessica to have the baby(ies) but if you remember Veronica does not immediately find out about the affair.

This could explain why the twin hated not only Alison, but Spencer and all four of the girls so much. And basically, wants everyone dead.
The story Ali told about the two twins could very much be true and could be the reason why that twin was sent away to Radley. 
Spencer has often brought up childhood memories to Melissa that Melissa doesn’t remember, could she be remembering memories with her twin maybe.

In the finale we see Jessica on the phone talking to someone and warns Ali that she does not want her to go out and to stay home.. Did she know that the twin had escaped? We know she was on the board for Radley, is that who she was on the phone too????

Then in the finale we also see that someone killed Alison, and at the time, that person was not A because Mona Was. Whoever killed Ali, Jessica was willing to bury her own daughter to keep it a secret. Jason would be too easy for us to figure out.

If the twin infact did hurt Ali on the night she went missing, she knew about A. Mona was never about killing Alison, all she wanted was revenge and for her to go away. This “new A” who stole the game from Mona is willing to kill anyone who finds out their identity and more than anything wants Alison dead. 

So when Mona went to Radley, Spencers twin stole the game and is Black Veil.  Black Veil wants Ali and the Liars dead.

There are many different ways this theory could go, i will most certainly be adding on more, changing bits, its only in its early stages. I thought i’d share this small amount for now. 

Reblogs and likes are obviously fine. PLL theory accounts, please reference me also