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Spideypool, hurt/comfort, highschool au, please?

Hmm, I think I’ll call it “closeted.” Hope this is okay! I figure I can stretch my own definitions, right?

"Shit," Peter muttered, sliding his back down against the door until he was seated. Really, he should have been paying more attention to his surroundings, but he’d been so focused on getting that perfect shot of Gwen with the dogwood flowers in the background that Flash and Co. had sidelined him easily. 

His shoulder ached from where it’d struck the metal shelf of the supply closet he’d been forced into. And really, locking him in a room was the best they could come up with? Kids these days were severely lacking ingenuity. 

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Had another great night at the Monetta Drive-In! Pet a dog, played soccer, and entertained some kids.
Here’s some more of my favorite questions.

Little Girl: “Have you ever died in a movie?”
Me: “I can’t say I have.”
Little Girl: “oh. Well your girlfriend did.”

Boy: “Are you the real Spider-Man?”
Me: “Absolutely!”
Boy: “Prove it! Web my brother up!”
Me: “I would, but I’m all out of web cartidges.”

Kid 1: “My brother doesn’t like Spider-Man or any Marvel characters. Only DC. He’s stupid.”
Me: “Hey, ain’t nothin’ wrong with DC!”
Kid 2: “Are you friends with Batman?”
Me: “Nah, me and Bats don’t get along too well. He’s so serious.”
Kid 1: “What about Superman?”
Me: “He and I both work for newspapers, so we get along great!”

Girl: “You’re not the real Spider-Man! You’re just filling in for the real one!”
Me: “whaaat? I’m totally the real Spider-Man!”
Boy: “I believe him! He even sounds like Spidey!”