Day: 1176

Shirt: ALL - Allroy Saves European Tour (One Color)

Color:  Red

Brand: US Bull

Source: let me start off by saying if you are in the LA area and you are reading this and not doing it from a mobile device  i want to punch you.  ALL is playing tonight at Log Globos with Chad and Scott singing and after wards there is a punk Rock Karaoke jam as well.  OH YEAH did i mention it is also the Filmage LA release party? SO if you are not in So Ca you can buy this online and at least watch it at midnight.  

This shirt, while really neat cause it was a gift Stephen Egerton sent me is one wonky ass shirt.  for starters its an XL and it fits really tinly like a Large. it has a giant collar and the sleeves are borderline jersey fit.  they go past my elbows.  so crazy.  its hard to believe what shirt companies used to get away with.  

BUT it is a nice one off i think probably made for the band.  the only one i have seen of its kind and love it for that reason at least.  ok enough typing,  go see this show or go buy the movie.  I’m going to go swim in the ocean.