the signs as things at the beach

aries: driftwood. beautiful, once hard but slightly softened by the ocean’s waves, providing foundation and protection for small sea animals.

taurus: the visitors. calm and relaxed while surrounded by beautiful scenery and covered in sunshine.

gemini: waves. loud, but joyfully loud, and an attraction for swimmers, offering an otherwise unattainable feeling of being gently pulled and pushed by cool, blue waters.

cancer: the sand. soft, providing a foundation for beach-goers to sit back, relax, and take in their surroundings. easy to mold and play with, occupying children who try to build giant sandcastles or little ponds by the shore.

leo: the boardwalk. full of life and excitement with many opportunities for fun and adventure, drawing in people of all ages.

virgo: the sun. bright and warm, working it’s way around clouds to keep travelers and visitors happy and comfortable.

libra: surf shops. colorful and busy, the happy workers in the surf shops make tourists feel welcome and at home.

scorpio: cliffs. eye-catching yet intimidating, getting children and teenagers to challenge their friends to see who can scale them the highest before giving up, filling them with determination.

sagittarius: seagulls. loud yet humorous and adventurous, causing little children to laugh after stealing a small piece of bread or a chip and then coming back for more.

capricorn: the shoreline. coming and going, reaching new distances each time it comes back. imprinted with little footmarks from brave toddlers testing out the temperature and running back to their parents.

aquarius: crabs. daring enough to leave the water, quick and humorous. make small children laugh and have older kids mimicking the sideways walk, with adults taking photos of the entire thing, admiring the crabs in their little shells with their big personalities.

pisces: sunset. eye catching and dreamy, exactly what you picture when you think of a beautiful day at the beach coming to an end, its reflection turning the water shades of crimson and peach and salmon.

I really wish that people would stop saying that Naruto is gay. I guess they’re just using it as a general term, which is fine, but since he obviously likes girls he would definitely be Bisexual. I see so many people complain about the ending erasing the LGBT community and then they do it themselves.

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