1. You are not supposed to ride elephants
2. You are not supposed to take selfies with tigers
3. You are not supposed to hold monkeys, or parrots, or lizards
4. You are not supposed to swim with dolphins
5. You are not supposed to do anything to an animal that it wouldn’t voluntarily do on its own in the wild.

Keep that in mind next time you decide to contribute to people, establishments and companies that exploit animals for a lifetime to bring you ten minutes of entertainment.


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please don’t let treatment like this go unnoticed and accepted…

by M-K Jones

There are many animal welfare concerns with the conditions and processes currently employed in livestock production operations. In response, there are countless organizations attempting to address these issues. One animal rights group in particular is constantly making headlines with their aggressive allegations. There are many words to describe their tactics: bold, passionate, moving…. disturbing, misleading, inaccurate, extreme….. PETA has infinite propaganda claiming their organization is vital to saving the organisms of our world. I’m about to present the argument that is clear to those involved in agriculture: that your support is far more useful when invested in educated, realistic catalysts for change rather than radical extremists.

The first issue with PETA’s message is that they are often disturbingly incorrect. I don’t want to assert (or even believe) that such an influential organization is willing to intentionally mislead the general public. However, the information they present is sometimes so blatantly imprecise that the only explanations are purposeful deception or a painfully low level of education about the processes they speak on. I don’t know which is worse to think; that the institution as a whole blatantly lies to achieve goals, or that it lacks the thought to fact check the simplest of statements.

One particular ad I recently saw (posted in September of 2014 on PETA’s facebook page) is a perfect example. It shows a woman wearing a knit sweater, followed by a bloodied ewe, the text reading “when you buy this, you support this”. I was sitting in a study lounge when I saw it on my news-feed and my sudden “Are you kidding me!?” reaction was passionate enough to startle the stranger sharing my table.

PETA’s facebook ad

The issues start with the ewe itself. Anyone with even a modest knowledge of sheep production knows the animal pictured is a Suffolk. Suffolks have been bred for meat production. They are a fast-growing breed with large frame size and excellent muscling. Unlike wool or dual purpose breeds their fiber is of such poor quality that it is virtually useless- certainly not the breed any producer would choose when making wool clothing products. Second, obviously the animal was sheared improperly. I’ve sheared several sheep myself and seen it done by professional shearers many times. Shearing, when properly done, is in no way painful or even stressful to the animal. While a small nick here or there is common, the scene depicted above is not. Unfortunately, this poorly crafted ad is not an unusual PETA message. Their marketing strategy follows that of many product-pedaling companies: heavy on catch-phrase flare and light on facts.

The other main issue with PETA is the organization’s radicalism. PETA is not an animal welfare group, they are an animal rights group. As I explained in a previous post about vegetarianism, there is a huge difference between animal welfare and animal rights. Most welfare advocates state that they seek to prevent cruelty, reduce unnecessary stress and suffering, and implement humane treatment/slaughter standards. Animal rights, however, is a huge leap above this ideal. The latter is most commonly defined as the belief that any and all human use of sentient living organism should end. This includes but is not limited to hunting, livestock production, entertainment, laboratory animals, and even ownership of companion animals like your family dog.

Eliminating all “use” of animals- to stop our domestication process and to simply set them “free”- is not only an unrealistic ideal, it’s a downright deadly one for animals and humans alike. Our species and society relies heavily on animal products, and to remove them would mean implementing extreme changes in almost every aspect of our modern lifestyle. Maybe these are convenient for college girls following the latest “no leather” fad, but imagine the implications for those living in third world countries, or even those in our own society who struggle below the poverty line. That’s not to mention the unimaginable economic suffering due to job loss and the death of industrial giants. In addition, domesticated animals have been bred to the point of human dependency (hence the fact that they are domesticated) and releasing them from farming or family homes would ensure a death toll of massive proportions of the animals themselves.

When people hear of my anti-PETA stance, I am often accused of being anti-animal welfare, and am reminded of the necessity of whistle-blowers. In contrast, I adamantly support animal welfare and the presence of regulatory institutions in every industry. However, a  frighteningly misinformed and ill-planned agenda like PETA’s distracts from the possibility of realistic and mutually beneficial changes by spreading misleading propaganda. So ironically, it is the fact that I AM an animal welfare supporter that makes me unable to support PETA.

A ram being happily sheared at Checkmate Farm


Help suffering animals being kept in inhumane conditions - Levin Pet World, New Zealand


I never write posts on Tumblr, usually just reblog. However this is something I am extremely passionate about and it needs to be resolved once and for all.

Where to start, Levin Pet World is a pet store located in New Zealand. They sell all your basic animals needs and animal care. However, the owners of this shop are very unpleasant and foul. They are known for supporting puppy farming. The puppies that come into their store are purposely bred from a local breeding farm for their store to ensure that they have a continuous supply. Puppies are then kept in the back of the store in small enclosures where they walk and sleep in their own feces and urine. They only see people when they are being fed or when their cages are being bothered to be cleaned. The puppies are very reserved and are unsure of how to react to human contact because of this.

Guinea pigs and rabbits are kept in enclosures where they are not separated by sex. This meaning they are subjected to continuously being raped causing a lot of inbreeding to happen. Small guinea pigs/rabbits are also kept with the much larger older ones. This means that the littler ones are getting over powered and trampled on.

Kittens are much like the dogs except kept where customers can see them. They have no play time and spend their time in their enclosure until sold. Enclosures are a mess. Smelly, filthy and not fit for any animal.

The fish tanks are over crowded and usually covered in mold. On many occasions people have gone into the store and noticed up to 10 dead fish floating around the tank.

This is just the beginning of it. The shop itself is a mess. Supplies all over the place, mice feces in the bedding for sale and pet food that has been available for purchase for how long.

On many occasions people have tried to get this shop closed down because of their inhumane treatment to their animals. But this time we really must get it closed down for the sake of the poor animals. The animals are suffering and we need to be their voice.

Please sign this petition to help finally close down Levin Pet World. It only takes a minute or so and I can guarantee you that it is worth it.

If this is not enough to get you to sign it I will tell you the story of my puppy that we purchased from Levin Pet World.

My Aunt purchased Shylo from them in December 2014, he was “discounted” as they said he had a sore eye. They her some eye drops to continue putting in his eye.

When my Aunt gave me Shylo the first thing I noticed was how his left eye was bulging out of his head. This worried me a lot. On Monday we took him to our Veterinary clinic and she was appalled at the state the puppy was kept in.  His eye was bulgy, red, irritated and was very sore meaning he was in pain.We showed the vet the drops that the shop keeper gave us to continue with. The bottle of drops we received from Levin Pet World was not labelled with a prescription label and looked as if it had been purchased from a Pharmacy. The vet confirmed that she had never heard of these drops been used on an animal.

Shylo then went through a week of antibiotics, pain relief and the correct eye drops to try improve the state of his eye. With no luck, we had to remove his left eye to relieve him from his suffering and to prevent the infection from infecting his remaining good eye.

After a ton of medicine to get rid of further infections Shylo is not at the best his health has ever been. He will always need regular vet checks and will be at risk of infection in his good eye which if happens could lead to potential blindness.

This could of all been helped if they bothered to provide basic health care for their animals. The Levin Pet World owners are only in it for their own profit.

Once again please sign this petition, share/reblog to help finally stop the suffering of the animals. How many more animals have to go through what Shylo went through before an end is put to this.

petition petition petition petition petition petition

I’m literally so sick of uneducated people trying to demonize dairy farmers. Like… Do you know how cows work? Unhappy cows =/= milk. Dairy farmers want to be successful so they take good care of their cows. Seriously people, stop pretending you know what it’s like just because you’ve seen stupid propaganda from PETA or whatever. Go harass the factory farmers or someone who is actually doing bad stuff, for fuck’s sake.


Did you know that some leather comes from dogs? Violently of course. Don’t buy leather no matter whose skin it’s been. Vegan alternatives are widely available and a lot better!