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Meet Willow.

I call her Willow, because that’s what we were going to name her. But unfortunately, we are unable to adopt her. So we’re desperately going to try to find her another home.

Willow is FIV positive.

For those of you unaware, FIV is the feline version of HIV. It is transmitted much the same way, through contact with bodily fluids. Because of this, Willow puts our own cat at risk.

But there’s still hope! Our vet says as long as Willow is in a single cat home, she is still perfectly adoptable and could live a long, healthy life. But that’s the catch. She must be in a single cat home. There is no wiggle room for this. You cannot have other cats, and before coming into contact with other cats you should take precautions like thoroughly washing your hands to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

If we do not find another home for Willow, we will have no choice but to euthanize her. We can’t turn her over to the shelter - they would euthanize her the day they got her because she’d be a risk to all their other cats. We can’t just drop her off on the street because she’d be able to spread the virus without checks. This is Willow’s only chance.

She is a sweet, wonderful Siamese mix. She is very affectionate and a perfect lap cat. It would be a shame to have to euthanize her for something completely out of her control.

We live in Moundsville, WV. We are willing to travel up to an hour and a half away to deliver her if you’re willing to adopt her.

We are unsure if she is spayed, because she was a stray. She has a notch in one ear, and her upper right canine is broken. As of her exam, the only blemishes on her record are that she tested positive for FIV and currently has fleas.

Even if you cannot adopt her, please signal boost. This is life or death for her.

hi guys, your lovely blog moderator here. last night we found this very friendly cat in our neighborhood and decided to take him inside because it was below freezing out. i took him to the vet this morning and he has no microchip but he is neutered. i’m really hoping that someone comes forward but i want to start looking for a new home for him just in case. we will keep him for the next couple days so that he can have a nice Christmas but we can’t keep him beyond that because we already have two cats. i’m going to explore if we could get him registered through the city’s TNR program or take him to the humane society but i want to avoid taking him to the city shelter. 

we live on the northwest side of indianapolis and i’m willing to go meet you anywhere within the city limits if you’re willing to take him. i am asking for a $20 rehoming fee - this is for his protection, not to line my pockets. he appears healthy aside from the healing wound on his face, but we have no idea about how up to date on shots he may or may not be. he’s fully grown, but i’m not sure exactly how old. he still has his claws and is incredibly loving. 



Hey everyone!! I regret to inform that we won’t be able to keep either of our cats due to my boyfriends allergies, the upcoming arrival of my newborn son, and the move we are going to be making across the country. We need to find them a new home as soon as possible!! 

This is Mittens. We got her for free on Craigslist when she was only 9 weeks old. She’s been raised in a one bedroom one bathroom apartment as an indoor cat. Here are some other facts about her! 

  • She is 9 months old, shes in the junior age group aka she’s at that playful stage between kitten and young adult.
  • She is not fixed, but she hasn’t gone into heat yet. She hasn’t had her shots either. 
  • No past health issues or parasites. 
  • Mittens is crate trained and likes to sleep in her cage at night! This is incredibly helpful with making her feel safe at her new home as you build a bond.
  • She’s been taking baths since she was a small kitten so bath time isn’t an issue. She even likes to hang out with you as you bathe/shower. 
  • Here are more pictures and videos of her! 

Personality traits

  • She’s shy at first and will take a while to warm up.
  • Cuddly. She enjoys being pampered.
  • Believe it or not she actually plays fetch! 
  • Responds to her name
  • She’s been trained to go to her cage when she’s in trouble 
  • Calm cat that likes to lounge but still gets bursts of energy and likes to play! 

She comes with cool stuff! 

  • Mitten’s crate is the large one. (it folds down flat for traveling) When you take her home you get her crate and the blanket inside. 
  • Water and food dish
  • Her favorite toys, jingling toy balls! 

Things we can’t promise to you but that also need to go. These are more on a whoever needs them the most.

  • Large bag of dry cat food
  • Kitty litter box
  • 5 ft used cat scratching post

We live in Riverside CA and are hoping to find someone in the area. Please consider taking her home! We’ll be taking both her and her brother to our local rescue shelter where there will be a possibility of them being euthanized.


Adopt me please

Handmade typography can be expressing, motivating and inviting. Crystal Buckey graphic designer from St. Louis, USA show us this in her own handlettering way for furminator with a series of poster designs facing sweet dogs. The photography direction was to create beautiful, happy photos of each of the dogs. Allowing the viewer to see a glimps into their personality. The infographic style enabled her to place quite a bit of copy about each dog ranging from facts to fun. Enjoy it!

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ATTN: People living in and around Houston, Tx.

This little cutie followed my dad home last week while he was jogging. His name is Yayyo and he’s a white pitbull puppy about 4 months old.

I know I’ve already made a post about this, but I’m making a better one now.

We called his owner, who said he couldn’t afford to take care of the dog, and we can’t keep him with us because our dog doesn’t play well with others, so we brought him to the Houston BARC.

He’s a super sweet puppy. He’s really affectionate and loves to give kisses. He didn’t bark much in the few hours that he hung out at our place. Also, he looks like he’s an indoor dog. My diagnosis is he’s a puppy that needs lots of love (and some good chow because he looks a little skinny).

If you’re interested you can call BARC at (713) 229-7300. His ID no. is 1220804.

I just wanna see that he gets a good home, so spread the word if you could.


So, we’ve managed to find homes for two cats, but Hades still doesn’t have a place to go to and if we can’t find one, we’ll have to take him to the Humane Society or someplace else and hope he gets adopted from there. 

It’s really important to me that he ends up in a good home, I am really worried about this, so I’m making a post on tumblr on the off chance that someone in the area will see and want him. 

Like I said, his name is Hades, he’s a black long-haired, Turkish Angora (although we don’t have pedigree papers for him :/), with yellow eyes and weights 12.3 pounds. He’s very active, playful, super friendly, loves being touched and played with, loves being held, loves sitting in your lap and being pet, loves sleeping with you even. He’s also pretty talkative and will turn anything into a toy, even a piece of trash or a dust bunny. He’s an indoor cat, but loves hunting any bugs that might find their way into the house. 

He’s not neutered, but he has an appointment to be neutered at the St. Augustine Humane Society on December 12th. It is already paid for, all that’s left is to go in and adjust the paperwork with whoever Hades goes to. He’s also scheduled to get his rabies vaccination on the same day.

We’ve had problems with fleas, but we treat him monthly and for whatever reason, the fleas are just not in to him? As long as he is treated monthly with the Advantage we’ve been using, you shouldn’t have any problem at all.

He’s wonderful and so sweet and affectionate, and super cute. He gets used to strangers fairly quickly, so you shouldn’t have a problem with him adapting. 

We’re in St. Augustine, so if anyone in the area or in Jacksonville, Palm Coast, or anywhere else close is looking for a darling cat to love, Hades is definitely the one. We can provide the carrier, toys, a litter box, litter, his food bowl, and food to start you off. 

If you’re interested, please, please send me a message. He needs a place to go by the 17th at the latest, or else we’ll have to take him to the Humane Society. If you can’t take him, but know anyone who might, let them know! Thank you very much. 



Hey everyone!! I regret to inform that we won’t be able to keep either of our cats due to my boyfriends allergies, the upcoming arrival of my newborn son, and the move we are going to be making across the country. We need to find them a new home as soon as possible!! 

This is Princess. We got him for free on Craigslist when he was only 7 weeks old. He’s been raised in a one bedroom one bathroom apartment as an indoor cat. Here are some other facts about him!

  • Princess is a male cat. When we went to get him from the old couple that was selling him on Craigslist they had two peach kittens for sale, a boy and a girl. We went to get the girl but they gave us the boy by mistake. His voice and looks were so feminine that even when we realized the sex was wrong we kept the name Princess, he doesn’t seem to mind! 
  • He is 8 months old, he’s in the junior age group aka he’s at that playful stage between kitten and young adult.
  • Princess is neutered, he does have all his shots, and a microchip. When you take him home you will get all paperwork proving it. 
  • No past health issues or parasites.
  • He is crate trained and likes to sleep in his cage at night! This is incredibly helpful with making him feel safe at his new home as you build a bond. 
  • He’s been taking baths since he was a small kitten so he’s use to bathing. (It’s not his favorite but he has gotten better!) 
  • Here are more pictures and videos of him! 

Personality traits

  • Very lovey. He will perk up to meet your hand as you lean down to pet him
  • Has random burst of energy and loves to play
  • He is one of those cats who has facial expressions
  • Responds to name
  • Very vocal and will hold a conversation with you
  • Great with kids

He comes with cool stuff! 

  • We had a big cage we kept both him and his sister in, but after awhile he claimed our carrying crate his territory. He prefers it over the larger cage we have. You will be taking him home with that, its the one he’s so proudly sitting on in the picture above. 
  • Water and food dish
  • Some of his favorite toys, mostly small cat toy balls.

Things we can’t promise to you but that also need to go. These are more on a whoever needs them the most.

  • Large bag of dry cat food
  • Kitty litter box
  • 5 ft used cat scratching post

We live in Riverside CA and are hoping to find someone in the area. Please consider taking him home! We’ll be taking both him and his sister to our local rescue shelter where there will be a possibility of them being euthanized.




If you’re thinking of getting a pet, definitely look into your local animal shelter or rescue! They are great places that unfortunately fill up very quickly and are pressed for resources. The animals would appreciate your support!

On another note, thank you to everyone who has shown interest in the previous reason to get a pet :)

Pet Adoptions: Perry, male, 1yr old, 14lbs

I spent some time with PERRY today when I did my volunteer work at the Animal Shelter, just look at that face! Perry is extremely friendly and excited for any bit of attention, he’s so excited for walks, loves rubs and treats. He’s got 6 days to be adopted so I’m sending up a signal. He’s housed at the Orange County Animal Shelter in Florida and here is his profile

Please pass it on, he’d really love a family of of his own where he could get all the attention he deserves. 


Check out this cutie pie! He’s the latest animal some asshole dumped out on my road.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: please do not dump your pets out in the country. It is not some fun summer vacation-type outing for them. They will most likely be hit by a car (like the husky that showed up on my back porch with a broken pelvis), shot by a farmer or hunter (like my rescued coonhound with buckshot in her chest and back end), eaten by coyotes or other predators, or starve to death. It is VERY unlikely that they will encounter anyone who will be able to take them in and do what you should have done in the first place. Be a good steward and take responsibility for your pet.

Anyway, I would have loved to have kept such a cute cuddle monster but I’ve really got enough pets plus I didn’t want to put my seventeen year old cat through dealing with another addition. She still isn’t a very big fan of my other, younger cat, who was also dumped out on my road a few years ago. 

Thankfully my local shelter finally had some openings for cats today so I took him there. Keep your fingers crossed that they’ll find him a great forever home soon! Thanks for the cuddles, little dude! 

If you or anyone you know is in middle TN/southern KY and interested in adopting this guy here’s his Petfinder profile! 

Abandoned on a trash heap, husky close to death gets a second chance and develops a remarkable friendship with chihuahua
  • Eldad Hagar from Hope For Paws found a female husky he called Miley abandoned on a pile of trash
  • She was so weak when he found her that she didn’t have the energy to run away
  • She was found to be suffering mange, parasites, malnutrition and bacterial infections
  • She has made an amazing recovery and is using her new lease of life to help her new friend Frankie
  • Frankie the chihuahua was found in a sewer almost drowned and was terrified of everything
  • The pair are now inseparable and Frankie is much more outgoing after Miley took him under her wing

A dog who was discovered clinging to life on a pile of trash in a junk yard has been given a second chance by animal rescuers and made a stunning transformation.

The female husky was weak and covered in painful-looking mange when Eldad Hagar from Hope For Paws found her in a Los Angeles garbage dump.

In a moving video, Hagar shows the resilience of a dog who was abandoned and likely abused and left to die on a pile of garbage.

Hagar had received an urgent call about the dog, who he named Miley, and had been surviving on the trash-pile for months.

Miley looked so defeated and broken by the time Hagar finds her, almost camouflaged by the rubbish surrounding her.

Hagar told the Huffington Post that Miley was so lifeless that she ‘didn’t even have the energy’ to run away from him as he approached her.

She gently accepted food proffered and meekly allowed Hagar to put a leash around her neck.

He had to sit with her for an hour before she was finally ready to leave with him.

She creakily got to her feet and seemed reluctant to leave her pile of garbage, where she had been able to live for months without interference.

Eventually, she painfully hobbled away from the trash pile and Hagar got her into the car, where she curled up on the front seat, her red-raw paws under her head.

When she arrived at the veterinary clinic, Miley was found to be suffering malnutrition, mange, parasites and bacterial infections.

She needed medicated baths and treatments for her skin conditions, which slowly began to heal.

As her body recovered, Miley’s spirit seemed to rally as well.

She displayed affection for Hagar, but the biggest surprise comes when she made the acquaintance of a tiny black chihuahua called Frankie.

Frankie had been rescued from a drainpipe and was terrifed of everything - except blue-eyed Miley, who towered over him.

Hagar told the Huffington Post that Frankie had nearly drowned in the sewer tunnel after a spell of heavy rain.

The incongruous pair became inseparable.

Hagar says Miley should be 100 per cent in a few months time, when Hope For Paws hopes she and her best friend will find a loving forever home. 

Donate to Hope For Paws or the Fuzzy Foundation to help rescue Miley and other animals like her.

For the amazing video of Miley’s rescue & her & Frankie’s budding friendship click here

Meet Van Gogh, the puppy left to die by heartless dog fighters who cut off his ears

  • The Pennsylvania pit bull was reportedly being trained to be a fighting dog. He was abandoned in Upper Darby and taken to Stoney Creek Veterinarian Hospital, bleeding profusely from both ears.

This is little Van Gogh, an eight-week-old pit bull puppy whose story is both heartbreaking and heartwarming.

Van Gogh was found under a bridge in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday after dog fighters sliced off his ears then left him - bleeding profusely - to die.

The Delaware County Daily Times reports that police are now searching for the monsters who maimed the little puppy - but they have no leads.

He was hours from death when he was rescued and rushed to the Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital nearby.

'With him being so young, and getting cold and getting weaker, it would have been a matter of hours,' veterinarian Dr Kelly Slattery told KYW-TV in Philadelphia

Dr Slattery performed emergency surgery to sew up the wounds and stop the bleeding.

The wounds, she said, were incredibly painful for the little puppy. He would not stop yelping when he was first brought in.

'The ears are very vascular, lots of nerves in there, so it’s a very painful area,' she said.

'It looked like whoever did this to him had literally just cut the ears off with either scissors or a knife.'

Buzz Miller is the founder of humane group PACT for Animals said dog fighters cut off his ears so that they couldn’t be grabbed in the fighting ring. But the puppy’s fate might have been even more gruesome.

'A dog this small can be used as a bait dog.  It would be completely destroyed, horribly,' Mr Miller said.

But this story has a happy ending. Within two days of Dr Slattery completing the surgery, and after a few good meals, Van Gogh has regained is strength.

He’s now a bouncing ball of energy. 

His recovery was so heartening that Dr Slattery couldn’t help but make a joke.

Her name for him, Van Gogh, is of course, a reference to the one-eared Dutch painter.

Dr Slattery says Van Gogh should not have any hearing loss or permanent damage from his ears being cut off. 

After 10 days in the animal hospital for veterinary supervision, Van Gogh will be ready for adoption.

Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs need your help, people of Miami!

They were found by a friend and need to be adopted! I can only foster them for so long. I have a couple of people interested, but they’re not completely sure and I would like to find them homes ASAP.

I assume them all to be American Shorthair, although James has a much fluffier coat and a wiry undercoat so they could be mixed or something IDK I’m not very good at this??

In order:

Remus. Male. Black and white.

Peter. Male. Brown and black tabby.

Sirius. Female. Black.

James. Male. Brown and black tabby.

They’re about 3-4 weeks, I think? Still on formula. Should start weaning soon. House-training is in progress and they’ve caught onto using those diaper pads well enough, though litterbox training has just started. Unspayed and have no shots, unfortunately. But clean and flea/tick free, as well as very healthy. Remus had an issue with his eye but it’s healed. At most you have to clean away excess eye boogies.

Please contact me if you think you are seriously able to adopt one. I’ve had experiences before where there were too many maybes and people flaked out. 

If you live in Miami-Dade county or even Ft. Lauderdale (shit, even farther but we’d have to meet halfway) and you either think you can adopt and maintain a kitten or know someone who can then please reblog and signal boost this post!

Message me with your first and second choice of kitten. This is because I am waiting on answers from other people so I might not be able to confirm your choice until the weekend. And feel free to ask for more photos and more details!

EDIT: This post already has like 70 notes and I’m an idiot and wasn’t specific enough about the time constraints. I only have a week, maybe two, to foster these kittens. If no one can take them in a week, a friend of mine will take them to a trusted no-kill shelter near her. If someone is certain they can take them, I’m sure my parents will allow me to keep them for longer while I arrange to meet up with that person. Please, don’t see this as something alarmist. I would rather you take time to consider whether or not you can truly and without issue adopt and raise a kitten rather than rush to take one because you think they may be dead within a week. That won’t happen. Think carefully, but keep in mind that I’m running on limited time.