My boyfriend and I adopted our boys in November 2014. We were college seniors and both had agreed to wait to adopt. One day when I was torturing myself on petfinder, I saw a cute little kitten with a white dot on his nose, named Nosie. I fell in love instantly and after a few weeks of convincing and pleading, my boyfriend finally agreed to let us adopt him. After bringing him home, we realized that he seemed to be lonely so we called the rescue and found out that he had a biological brother that he was brought in with. Being in rural East Tennessee, I found out that they were found on the side of the road with their dead mother who was presumably hit by a car. We soon went and picked up our little orange and white tabby named Stewie. They have been inseparable ever since. They love to cause mischief and drive their parents insane everyday but I wouldn’t have it any other way. They have been there for me during my last (very stressful) semester and have brightened my day no matter what. They are about to turn a year on the 30th and my boyfriend and I can’t wait to take them where ever we end up. 

Free pet art?!

Hey guys. I’m down to draw some quick stuff of peoples’ animals over the next few weeks. If you have an animal you just love, love, love, send him or her my way! It doesn’t even have to be an animal you own - maybe there’s a hyena at your local zoo who’s really charismatic or it’s your friend’s ball python. By gosh, maybe it’s even a fictional character! I’ll take any animal - seriously. From millipedes to great apes, dogs to geckos, betta to cats - give me animals!

I do ask that you send me picture reference, because otherwise, it’s going to be pretty hard to know who I’m drawing! (Text descriptions are great, but they typically turn out pretty generic if unaccompanied by photos.) And please, don’t send me someone else’s pet unless you know they’d be cool with it! Let’s keep this civil!

The one caveat I give you is this: I might not necessarily be able to draw all of them, or in a timely fashion, and they will be in various degrees of completion. I’ve been sick as of late, and busy with work! But! It’s free art, and you have literally nothing to lose by posting here!