The iconic item that Seth Meyers should place on his new Late Night with Seth Meyers desk is a SMALL GLOBE.

I know what you’re most likely thinking, but no, I am not referring a human globe. The globe of which I am speaking is not that thing when a fat midget spins around on a “Sit n Spin” and whatever direction you stop him in, he has to tell you the names of all the countries he can think of in that general direction. If that was your first thought upon hearing the word “globe” then you’ve probably been spending too much time with Seth’s husband, Stefon, at New York’s popular night club [the noise Wookies make].

Instead, this non-human globe, measuring about 8-12 inches high, should look like a typical globe with a color map of the world, but the colors of land/oceans could be altered to match the color scheme of Late Night with Seth Meyers. This globe will serve to remind both Seth and America of where America first fell in love with Seth: in front of the classic world map that hangs behind the Weekend Update desk. Written on the stand of the globe could be either “Nightly Update” playing off of Weekend Update, or it could simply say “Late Night with Seth Meyers”.

A few of the other things on his desk that I included in the drawing are his laptop, mug, Sharpies, and mic.

On the corners of the desk I added a really neat feature denoting his favorite baseball team, the Boston Red Sox. At Fenway Park there is a famous pole called “Pesky’s Pole” in the seating area of the outfield. Fans from all over sign the pole with a permanent marker. I thought it would be really cool if this pole could be implemented in some way to the show, with Seth’s guests signing the pole. In the picture, I put the poles at each desk corner; however, if his desk has already been constructed, I think it would still be an awesome idea to have a “Pesky’s Pole” somewhere in the studio.

Thanks for your consideration! :) I cannot wait for this new Late Night to begin!

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