I always make lists of things I’m gonna do the next day that I don’t actually do but I’m gonna try and stick to this one

  • get up when my alarm goes off
  • go to the medical clinic and talk to the doctor about my sore throat (since last time i felt like this i had tonsillitis)
  • talk to the doctor about either getting a new pescription for doxycycline or for something else (bc my skin isn’t betting worse but it aint getting better)
  • call headspace and make an appointment

as well as do all the general stuff I need to do but thats the important things i need to do in the morning so

i see all yall wantin for four to leak but like im actually terrified. it could happen at any moment. im in school, i gotta focus on my work i need to get my sleep. what if it leaks in class????? i cant just leave (but i will) i need my 5 hours every night. these boys expect me to just stop my life for them?? to drop everything nd listen to these songs??? these next few months imma be on high alert and get a new pescription for my inhaler cuz this too much



The Michael Jackson autopsy results that were leaked detail that Michael Jackson was pretty much a skeleton. he barely ate and only had pills in his stomach at the time of his death.
(Did anyone ever think, maybe he died of starvation.)

Jackson’s hips, shoulders, and thighs were reportedly covered with needle wounds, which are presumed to be from his injections of narcotic prescription pain relievers.
(psh, pescription.)

His body was also covered with scars from his 13 plus cosmetic surgery operations.
Ya, i bet.

Jackson’s autopsy showed the 5 foot 10 ” pop icon was severely emaciated, and reportedly only consumed one small meal per day.
(Pills right?)

Michael was said to be almost bald, with only a bit of “peach fuzz” covering his head. Jackson was wearing a wig when he died.
(Wow, peach fuzz, I didnt know black guys had that.)

Jackson was totally bald above his left ear, probably from the 1984 accident when his hair caught on fire while filming the Pepsi commercial.
(I had hair once)

Michael Jackson also reportedly had several broken ribs that were from paramedics frantically pumping his chest while he was in cardiac arrest.
(He wouldn’t have had to break his ribs if he would just come to life!)

There were also four injection sites above and near Jackson’s heart. These injections were most likely medications to pump adrenaline into his heart to restart it. Three of those injections went through the wall of his heart and causing damage but the fourth completely missed and hit one of his ribs.

Jackson’s autopsy also described bruises on Jackson’s knees and on the fronts of both shins. There were also cuts on his back, which were believed to be from a recent fall.
(Rough sex, Macaulay Culkin really knows how to give it eh?)

A close Jackson family source had stated: “Michael’s family and fans will be horrified when they realized the appalling state he was in.”

“He was skin and bone, his hair had fallen out and had been eating nothing but pills when he died. Injection marks all over his body and the disfigurement caused by years of plastic surgery show he’d been in terminal decline for years.
“His doctors and the hangers-on stood by as he self-destructed. Somebody is going to have to pay.”

There was a second autopsy on Michael Jackson, which his family demanded. It took place at an undisclosed location on Saturday.

Michael Jackson had recently developed stage fright and was terrified at the thought of performing his upcoming shows.

Sources close to Jackson said he actually believed he would be killed if he pulled out of doing the concerts.
Hmmm yeah i think we would live longer if he quit the concerts.