Playing with Power

Dillon Markey, a stop-motion animator for Robot Chicken and PES, modifies a Nintendo Power Glove as the most awesome animation tool ever.


A fine sandwich isn’t just delicious, it’s a work of art. Stop-motion artist PES created this awesome stop-motion animated film which takes that sentiment to a whole new, whimsical level. Entitled Submarine Sandwich, this wonderfully creative video, chock full of delightful details, depicts the methodical crafting of, yes, a sub sandwich, using an old deli meat slicer and the ‘City’s Finest Products’ such as a boxing gloves (sliced into delicate doilies), footballs (sliced into letterman jacket patches), catcher’s mitts (sliced into leather gloves), and our personal favorite, a soccer ball that’s sliced into View-master slides.

But there’s still so much more. Watch the video to see how this most unusual, yet somehow still mouthwatering, submarine sandwich come together. And the next time you make a sandwich, don’t forget to sprinkle the googly eyes.

Then be sure to visit PES’ website to check out more of his fantastic films.

[via Twisted Sifter]