anonymous asked:

can you do that reaction gif thing also as what would be exo members reaction when having sex with you?

Chen: *shakes that chooty because he’s happy to get laid by you*

Kris: aww yis baby, you’re my style and doggy style is my style as well

Yixing: would actually be a beast in bed and not as innocent as you bitches think

Sehun: *clearly likes what he sees*

Chanyeol: *when getting touched in the right places*

Baek: *doesn’t pull out and cums into your mouth while he laughs like the bitch he is*

Luhan: the gif says it all and he’d probably make a derp face while cumming

Suho: *cries from happiness*

Kyungsoo: let oppa play roleplay rape with you because evilsoo oppa gustas

Kai: *enjoys while he pours his sexy hot sweat all over you*

Tao: *goes straight for your “cake”*

Xiumin: *squeezes your buns and titties like little baozis*