There are neurodivergent people that want a cure for their condition and I’m really not liking this inter-community mindset of “we don’t need cures” because that’s not right.

What is right is getting more neurodivergent people into science and psychology fields

not to mention creating guidelines of informed consent to cures, meaning a child cannot consent until 16+

Yeah not every mentally ill/disabled/disordered person wants to be cured and that’s great! Neurodivergency can be a huge part of someone’s identity, both positive and negative.

But stop throwing the people wanting a cure for their certain condition under the bus, we are just as valid as you are.

In the spirit of complete transparency with my Tumblr fam —

I’m working with LG to help promote their new #GWatchR Smart Watch. To that end, you’ll see about 5 or 6 posts/videos/etc pertaining to the product in the next couple of weeks.

One of the things I’ve asked them to do is allow the fandom to create fan art and fan fiction of me and the watch (basically shipping me with an inanimate object).

We’ll pick some of the best fan fic and art and do some exclusive give aways of the product with the art as a custom face for the watch. None of your content will be used in any way other than me reblogging/retweeting it on my TL.

Just wanted to give you a heads up and promise that I will not bombard you with a bunch of lame advertising because

(a) That’s not how I roll and
(b) the content I’m creating for them is Trollando certified aka utter foolishness.

Thanks for indulging me.

Happy holidays to you all.


How I stay organized for school - a few tips

1. Get a planner. Right now I’m using my school planner but I will be getting a new 2015 planner which will be more effective. In my school planner I write down any homework I get - do this right away, because otherwise you will forget, and anything I need to revise/prepare for, like tests/essays. 

2, Color coordinate your subjects. For example: history - red, science - blue, maths - green. That way, all of your work is organized within each subject and you won’t misplace anything. You can do this by keeping a folder that pertains to each individual subject colour, and just put all of your notes/handouts into that. 

3. Prepare in advance (and beat procrastination). For example, I have essay questions to do for a mock exam in January. My teacher has given us these questions in advance, so I can prepare for them, ensuring that I get high marks. Researching is the best way to gain a wider understanding of the topic/subject, which will gain you higher marks. When you have homework, do it the night you get it, because it’s harder to do you homework the night before you have to give it in as you won’t remember your previous lesson as clearly. 

4. Keep your notes organized and in chronological order - this will help when you come to revise, if your notes are unorganized then you can’t  remember all of the information clearly, and could get confused during the exam. again, I recommend colour coordinating each individual topic within each subject. You can do this by getting some folder dividers that are all different colours. I use a notebook to take notes during class, and then type them up when I get home, and then put them into my binder. This way, I’m revising all of the information at the same time, and putting them into a concise order ready to revise from them in the future. Always add the date, titles and subtitles on the notes so that they make sense wen you look back at them. 

5. Creating a study plan. I don’t like to create a study plan, because I find that my schdule often changes,and I don’t like the pressure of a study plan. And often, when you create a study plan, it jut says the subject, so it can be quite bewildering wen it comes to choosing what to actually study. I personally write a checklist when I revise. That way, I can create a detailed plan of what I need to revise, focusing on my weaknesses. You can also do this weeks in advance, for example, just writing down what chapters needs to be read for English. This will keep you organized and even ahead of schedule.  

Goodness I have like 486 messages and I really wanna answer them all but a lot are either the same thing (such as hugs, i love hugs but these are a lot of hugs) and either things that pertain to past events or required to be answered at that time and I missed my chance D:

I don’t wanna purge but at the same time i’m not sure what to do otherwise unless i shift through and collect the ones I can answer still and THEN purge.

Any advice?

Alright so I just saw a fairly disrespectful post pertaining to homeless people, specifically those who are veterans. Not to mention I’ve seen plenty of rude altercations throughout my life. I’d just like to share two quick stories about two men who I met a few a weeks ago. One is about a 21 year old who did 4 years in the army. He is now homeless and lives in an underpass with one eye opened in fear. He was a adopted but thrown out on his ass upon completing high school by his adopted father. Due to his time overseas adjustment back was hard for him and unfortunately he was once again thrown out on his ass after completing an honorable 4 years. This young man moves to Virginia to stay with his then girlfriend. They break up and he now on the street. Within days most of his clothing and property has been stolen leaving him with almost nothing. No family to turn to and no support system. Finding a job is now beyond difficult and he now struggles everyday to stay alive. Fast forward and now I’m walking him around swapping stories and laughing even though 30 minutes ago he was in 35 degree weather in only a long sleeve and worn out camies. He gets a much needed free haircut and shower so I compliment it and I’ve never seen a damn smile so big. We then head over for lunch, the first full one he’s had in a while and as we sit and talk you know what he does? He offers me half of his fucking sandwich. Half, not just a bite. Do you realize what that’s like? It’s basically me tossing the keys of my truck to someone and saying she’s all yours! After that we go to the HPRP station. Luckily for him he got approved, and will now have an address. This 21 year old man who lived in an underpass, who didn’t know if he’d be stabbed that night for what may or may not be in his backpack, who hadn’t eaten a full meal in weeks, who offered me half of his fucking sandwich is now being offered housing. That means a warm place, community, an address and life. All of that equates to a future he wasn’t sure he had. And when I say future he wasn’t sure he had I truly mean just that, I mean when he walked through those doors he wasn’t sure if he’d want to live another night in the condition he was in. Can you fathom that at 21 years old? Not many can. I’ve never been so humbled in my entire life. Now let me tell you a much different story that ends in a similar way. Here’s a 27 year old who had a wife and child and a Navy veteran. His wife cheated on him and left with that man bringing his daughter to the other side of the U.S. He was busy taking care of his father who died a few months later leaving him a good amount of debt. Having a good job working at Apple he paid off that debt not leaving himself much. Then out of the blue his ex calls begging him to give her a second shot but also dangling his daughter in front of him saying he can live with them and see his daughter as much as he wants. He accepts, but told her that it’s for his daughter and he is willing to try. He refuses to instantly jump back into things full force it’s her so she kicks him to the curb. Having no money or employment yet he’s now stranded and homeless. All he wanted to do was see his daughter that he carries around with him everywhere in his pocket. Lured into coming to a new place without any backup plan because his ex wife dangled the only thing he lived in front of him as bait. A good father and smart man also living on the street. Basically what I’m trying to get across is that there’s no need to be rude to the homeless. Help if you want and don’t if you prefer. People end up homeless for different periods of time for all sorts of different reasons and no one is immune. Friendship and conversation at times can also be just as uplifting. You don’t know what events happened in their life that got them to this point, so don’t be an asshole making comments or bullying the homeless. If you don’t have anything to offer please politely decline and be on your way.

End of rant..


i know this sounds stupid, but i picked up a copy of the december issue animage on wednesday and didn’t open it until i got home. i lost my job on wednesday for reasons pertaining to my anxiety disorder and depression, and it validated some long-standing insecurities about whether or not they’d continue to hinder me from achieving anything. i got home and i knew this clear file was included in the magazine but i didn’t know about the words on the back, and if you’d ever so much as taken a glance at my room you’d know how special free! is to me, so as pathetic as it seems, this dumb little magazine freebie made me really emotional and optimistic ( •́ u •̀ )

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Hey soooo idk if you've ever heard about this. There's this book on Wattpad that's 1D fanfic but mostly about Harry. And the books are being published and the movie rights have been bought. Now I know that this doesn't really pertain to you but they won't cast Harry as himself and I think you could be the next best thing because there is literally no other actor out there that can imitate Harry as great as you can. Sorry but I just needed to mention it cause my friend and I think your PERF

I would be down lol

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Disagree with you about shaming :/ nobody deserves to be shamed for their weight (am a health psychologist practising in England). Everything else you say I agree with.

Ok. Let’s get one thing straight. I am not an advocate of actual shaming. A lot of Anti Fatspo people do that here; reblogging selfies posted by fat women and saying cruel things about them and making mean fat jokes. You will not find that on my blog. I think that is abhorrent. 

I am just pissed that Tumblr seems to think any advice or sharing of information pertaining to health or weight is shaming. When it absolutely isn’t. 

Also, I draw back to when cigarettes and smokers were in the line of fire….all those health warnings…those were harsh and disgusting to look at. But it worked! And that wasn’t shaming either. That was informing people about the dire consequences of their decisions. 

So, if Tumblr princesses want to label warnings, advice and other beneficial information as ‘shaming’…then to that I say…SHAME AWAY! 

Hello, I doubt anyone will be awake by the time I post this, but I wanted to post something when the clock hit midnight. For those unaware, today is the day A Clockwork Orange originally premiered in cinemas in the USA 43 years ago. To celebrate this day, I’m planning on posting 43 blog posts pertaining to the droogs, the movie itself, or anything else about A Clockwork Orange throughout the day. They could be videos, pictures, articles, it doesn’t matter. Be on the lookout! Happy Anniversary Droogies! Here’s to many more! *drinks a glass of milk in high spirits*

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Think about it: In the vol 1 intro, one line is "In time, your heart will open minds." Ruby with her innocent "We're here to make it better," Blake as a faunus rep, and Weiss learning to accept faunus and maybe someday being a faunus ally. We need to know how Yang will open minds, tho. *GASP* What if Yang really is queer, and LGBT+ are discriminated in Remnant too???

(this got longer than I originally intended, oh my god I’m so sorry)

I would really like if LGBTA+ discrimination WASN’T a thing in Remnant, and that there’d be more focus on Faunus racism. Especially since the creators of RWBY have really dropped the ball on looking deeper into Faunus racism as is, I don’t think they’d do a good enough job of examining and portraying LGBTA+ discrimination. I think that in a world like Remnant, matters pertaining sexuality, and gender identity and expression shouldn’t be a problem in the first place.

A lot of the discrimination that exists in our world stems from religious belief (or the capability of producing children, but the religious thing is definitely more prominent) and with what we’ve been given of Remnant’s culture so far, there’s no source material for it to come from? Plus there’s a lot of cheap jokes and heteronormativity as is that the directors STILL need to fix. (Jaune’s “If you don’t have a date, I’ll wear a dress…” line reads as a cheap joke) and I think RWBY should be the type of series to push characters of diverse romantic and/or sexual orientations without linking real-world repercussions and tragedy associated with it.

IDK, I hope my explanations don’t sound really shallow and selfish, especially since I’m cis/straight(?) I just feel like LGBT+ people shouldn’t be portrayed as tragic in every media, you know what I mean? Like, give the viewers a break from it, they probably already see it enough in other shows (let alone, real life…) I think that if those characters should face hardship, it shouldn’t be because of their sexual/romantic orientation in this series, it just rubs me the wrong way?

TL;DR, I kind of don’t want to see LGBT+ discrimination portrayed in “RWBY”/Remnant, I just want to see LGBT+ characters kicking ass, killing Grimm, and dismantling Faunus racism

[watches an anime] the best anime I have ever seen. this pertains to every single one of my interests, its like it was made for me. [watches another anime] the best anime I have ever seen. this pertains to every single one of my interests, its like it was made for me. [watches another anime] the best anime I have ever seen. this pertains to every single one of my interests, its like it was made for me. [watches another anime] the b


At the moment it is just me running cm-daily. We opened on the 19th December 2014 and I am looking for a few people to help me out.

I am looking for people who:

  • Who love Criminal Minds
  • Have the ability and are confident making gifs and edits (one or both is acceptable)
  • Who are willing to post at least once a week (this includes updates from social media, press releases, etc
  • Who are willing to take requests
  • Who can work to build and maintain a drama free environment for Criminal Minds fans
  • Despite character/ship dislikes/biases, will be willing to make graphics and posts pertaining to those characters/ships

Please send me are a message if you’re interested in joining cm-daily. 

Just warning my non-Legend of Korra followers that the series finale is tonight at midnight and there will be a huge flood of posts reblogged pertaining to the entire finale, as well as my sadness of the series ending. So just a heads up to that

Prompts, relateables, and anything pertaining to writers across any platform and genre. Cover photo…

// Hey guys, I just made a blog dedicated to writers. It would mean a lot if you could check it out!

Note: Not a place where I put my personal writing, as I may make a separate blog for that. This is strictly prompts and essentially anything that pertains to writers across all media.


Despite the friends/enemies/something-else-it’s-complicated relationship between Chaos and Vincent after their separation and resulting freedom, the demonic entity still has very strong protective instincts in regards to his former Host. These instincts originated due to the previous tie to life he had through Vincent and his frail body (in comparison to that of a WEAPON) and manifest in different ways. One of which pertains to his former Host’s choice in clothing. While he does not shadow Vincent’s every move, nor intervene on his behalf whenever Reeve sends him on missions, Chaos has taken to the care of Vincent’s cloak, the item of clothing so often used to maintain privacy even in the company of friends.

Though given how often Vincent avoids him, some damage cannot be repaired, and over time the edges of his cloak have become tattered and torn where the WEAPON has not had the same material to carefully stitch together.

Second option: The cloak is the last gift Vincent ever received from his father before his accidental death at Chaos’ hand. The WEAPON patiently repairs the material whenever he and Vincent cross paths, as it is one of the few remaining items a son has to remind him of his father. Having lost his own family reminders (aside from the scars on his face), Chaos would sooner perish in pure Lifestream than have Vincent suffer the loss of such a treasured item.