Isabela: info from World of Thedas Vol 2


(Page 166)

Isabela, a notorious radier and selfproclaimed ‘Queen of the Eastern Seas’ began her life in Rivain in the shadow of her mother, herself a noted thief and a charlatan. Isabela never knew her father, though her mother once, while drunk, is said to have described him as large, hairy and good with his hands. […] Early in on her so-called “career”, Isabela’s mother infamously posed as a Rivaini seer to help a village in the Rivaini interior with their troubles - in exchange for coin, of course. It was there she took the name Madam Hari, after what the locals called elf-root. […] And then Hari simply stopped trying to persuade her daughter. Isabela thought she won, that she had finally convinced her mother to stop allowing the Qun to train her into accepting slavery. She was wrong. Not two days later, a man came to the door of their little shack with a small entourage. He wore brocade and perfumed silk […] His nails were clean and smooth. “Just take her”, Hari told the man, without looking at her daughter. The man, who was called Luis, was to be Isabela’s new husband. It would be the last time the mother and daughter would ever see each other. Isabela often says that her mother sold her for a handful of gold and a goat. Occasionally the goat is a cow, or twelve chickens.[…] Luis took Isabela to Antiva City, where he had made his fortune as a merchant. There, in Ltaisls grand manor, Isabela was groomed for high society. Gowns and jewelry were comminissioned specially for her. Only the best was good enough for Luis’s new prize, and he made sure Isabela was paraded in front of him for his approval every time her maids dressed her.

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[…] said a woM directly to her, but everyone looked her up and down, nodding, and praised Luis for the acquisition of his exotic plaything. We kept her goblet filled with spiced wine. I assume it made the ordeal easier to bear. Isabela couldn’t help enjoying the first months of her life with Luis. Servants attented to her needs. Her every desire was met, even exceeded […] Boredom came first. It was quickly replaced by irritation, then anger. When she had been in Rivain, she could do as she wished, go where she wished. Now, maids and guards followed her everywhere, “for her protection”, they said. She could do anything she liked, as long as it befitted the lady oldie house. […] He began to lose interest in her. At first Isabela was pleased, thinking that he would soon let her go, but Luis continued to keep her in his manor. Isabela’s anger grew. It was around this time that Isabela met the young Antivan Crow Zevran Arainai while on an excursion in the town. […] They got along well and started up an affair, based more on physical attraction and Isabela’s desire to test her boundaries with Luis than actual love. It was Zevran who taught Isabela the basics of knife combat. Later on, in her raiding days, she would expand upon his teachings to create a style all her own. While carrying on her relationship with Zevran, Isabela cone tinned her campaign of defiance against her husband. […] What is known is that before Zevran killed Luis, the assassin spoke to Isabela and told her of the plan. It was she who gave him the location of the key to Luis’s room, allowing Zevran to enter undetected. When Luis’s death was discovered in the morning, Isabela was already gone. Buzzards often cede the poores gthlitletS Ot Wong, […]

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[…] The Siren’s Call. Some weeks prior to Luis’s death, he and Isabela attended the launch of his new ship, the Siren’s Call, which was to be the fastest in his merchant fleet. Isabela was enchanted by the vessel and its billowing white sails. […] When Zevran told her that Luis was to die, her first thought was of the ship and how she could ride it to freedom. As Zevran was killing her husband, Isabela left the manor, crawling out a window, with nothing but the clothes on her back, two daggers that Zevran gave her (out of the seven he carried), and a sack full of her jewelry. She used the jewerly to bribe some sailors into helping her command the Siren’s Call and sail it to Rivain. The ship docked in Llomerryn, a notorious den of raiders and thieves. […] A day later, Isabela found herself using her untested knife skills in a duel with a man she has only referred to as the Jackdaw, someone with contacts in the Felicissima Armada. She made a bet: if she could best the Jackdaw in single combat, he would help her find a crew and a job. […] Isabela won the bet, and to this day she is unsure if the Jackdaw lost to her intentionally, out of pity. Whatever the case, Isabela soon found herself with a new crew and a new captain for the Siren’s Call. She knew she would be unable to captain her own ship and wanted to learn under someone who could. […] And so she began her life as a raider on her own ship with another man at the helm. Isabela later killed the captain over an insult and took back control of the Siren’s Call. As for the Jackdaw, there are rumors that he and Isabela began a passionate love affair after that first duel. 


I will tell you something that most people do not know about the situation in Syria.

90% of the brothers and sisters who have travelled to ISIS from Europe and America deeply regret their decision. They have travelled with pure hearts and pure intentions, but have seen the unfortunate reality for themselves.

Those who request to leave are not allowed. If they are caught leaving, they are executed and their wives are married off against their will. In sharia this is rape. If they manage to leave, they still face life in prison in the UK. Because of this dilemma, they suppress their thoughts and keep quiet. This is why you have never heard of this reality.

The middle management are “ex” baathists from Saddam Hussein’s regime. The state operates in a gang system; you prove your loyalty by committing certain acts, and you are promoted, regardless of religiosity. The low ranking people are those who have travelled from the West, after being persuaded on twitter, and are now stuck.

If you express your desire to leave, you are monitored. And if you are caught leaving, you are imprisoned, questioning (read: tortured), and then killed. These are not stories, these are first hand accounts of people who travelled half way across the world for Jihad. What does that tell you? Even people who are willing to risk their lives for the cause, after seeing the reality, are desperate to leave. What kind of state kills their own members for wanting to leave?

The only reason I am writing this is for the brothers and sisters, who due to their lack of knowledge of the situation, have intention to leave, thinking there is an Islamic safe haven. I am saying this with all my heart: people went before you with your intention, and are now really stuck. Please dont make the same mistake. The most oppressed people there are their own members.

The women are treated especially bad; they have no rights. I’m not talking about random women, I’m talking about the wives of the fighters themselves. They are treated very badly by the guards at checkpoints even though their husbands are fighting.

Please send this to people you know on twitter/kik/ and any other social media where young brothers and sisters are being duped. Their love for Islam and their lack of sharia blinds them from the reality. Young people actually think that they will travel and will be received by religious Muslims.

All the religious westerners in Syria who joined ISIS are stuck and cannot get out. If they speak out they face death, and if they escape they face prison in the West. Please warn your brothers and especially sisters

—  Salah Sharief
Personally, it’s Paradise

Personally, it’s Paradise

~~~~2009 sleepy dan during the week they spent together, cuddles and nose kisses!xxx~~~~

It was after much persuading from his mother that Dan was allowed to go and visit his long-time internet friend, youtube idol, and newfound boyfriend- Phil.

Dan adored Phil, fangirled over him all the time, because who wouldn’t?

Dan’s mother allowed him to go spend a week at Phil’s house, despite having not met him in person. She was quite hesitant in letting him go, and finding out that Phil’s parents were not going to be home did not make her decision any easier, but in the end, after loads of whining and begging on Dan’s part, his bags were packed and he was sent on his way.

At the end of the first day together, Dan was exhausted. Between playing video games, (beating Phil at all of them) watching movies together and exploring Manchester with wide eyes, to say Dan was tired- understatement.

It was now around 11 at night, Dan would say. He was not about to open his eyes to check for the exact time.

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150412 - Yoochun, with persuading brilliant acting ability in whichever character he is

Park Yoochun, brilliant acting ability that shall persuade you of which character he is, the taste of acting like this!

2. Park Yoochun – the sense-less detective who goes between his sense of loss and gag[/humor]

The thing that persuades us of the absurd gags and the investigations’ meetings in ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’, is actor Park Yoochun’s acting. As the youngest sailor who seized the Rookie of the Year awards for throwing himself into saving a girl he loves on an old fishing vessel in a surrounding sea fog last year, he cannot be found anywhere currently in the Choi Mugak who he is acting as. It’s clearly the same actor Park Yoochun, yet of all the characters he’s played, Park Yoochun sways people to see him become a different character.

Source: Media US
Translation: rilanna of JYJ3
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Today is my 24th birthday.
I’m home. I love being home. I thought I’d share some of the artwork from the region with you guys, it’s all over the train station, and it really shows our industrial roots :)
I’m the proud owner of some summer running gear, a new Walkman (I’m sweating my iPod to death on runs so I wanted a back up, but now I may continue to kill my iPod and use the walkman for normal stuff…).
My birthday cake was a triple chocolate brownie layer cake, so basically I’m in food heaven.
Gluten free living starts on Monday. I’m dreading it.
I am a fan of both DC and Marvel, but I’ll be honest with you, I’m probably going to download Batman v Superman. Trailers, for me, determine whether I’m going to put money towards a film, and the only thing that persuades me to watch it so far is Henry Cavills biceps, which, believe It or not, is not quite enough.
Anyway, I’ve had a lovely day, and I managed to sneak in a bit of work too, I hope yours was equally as nice :)
18th April 2015

April 18, 2014. The day her parents passed. April 18, 2015. Today. She had flirted with countless guards until finding one that was easily persuaded. She pushed him against a wall and whispered dirty things into his ear and, when she felt that he was fragile enough, she struck. “I can give you a room of a sex addict that could easily fulfill your desires, Sir. All you have to give me is a joint, a drink, and a lighter. Think you can do that for me?” He nodded and rushed off to get her requested contraband. Upon coming back Leah supplied him with an empty room number and strutted off to go make herself feel better.

The flask had been emptied halfway and her joint was in the process of being smoked as she lay in a pile of her own giggles on the floor of a hallway. She tried to make circles with the smoke she exhaled and her lame attempts only managed to further amuse her. Every now and then Leah’s mouth would start to feel dry again and she would take another swig from the silver bottle next to her. 

I’m truly not money or power hungry which will probably be my downfall. I just want to make enough to live on and do me. I don’t have it in me to be ruthless, cutthroat, shady, or even the slightest bit competitive at a job. If someone else wants it then shit, let ‘em have it. I don’t fucking care. It’s all I can do to function day to day and keep going; I truly don’t have enough energy to expend on anything else. It’s why I was shitty at sales too because if someone didn’t want something, I wouldn’t fight to persuade them like talking about it. I’d ask one more time then take them for their word and be done.

The only thing I’m fighting for is fighting to keep myself alive. When I had a job, being able to even get out of bed and go to work when I had a shift was a victory in and of itself. Remembering to eat and actually committing to food was a prize. I barely function in my daily life so why should I have to deal with anyone else’s scorn that I don’t want to advance up and out? That one job is just fine for me so long as it doesn’t hurt me mentally and physically…

Not everyone is ambitious. Why isn’t that ok? Why do I have to be made to feel even shittier for it? Just leave me the fuck alone.

tbh it’s really transparent to me when someone on here gets called out and they or their friends start making / reblogging posts like

  • don’t try to persuade me not to like someone
  • don’t tell me who to be friends with
  • if you don’t like who i associate with, unfollow me
  • if you have a problem with me unfollow and block me, it’s that easy
  • that callout culture photoset made by an abuser
  • don’t call someone out without receipts *refuses to read receipts on their friend, calls them fake, or accepts an explanation the receipts disprove*

it’s blatantly obvious that yall try to portray someone holding you / your friend accountable for yalls actions as a manipulative, abusive attack against you or petty drama that could’ve been avoided had they just, you know, not tried to hold you accountable for anything lmao

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18 plz

18:Most traumatic experience

I already told one, but I’ll tell another I guess… I got betrayed by the person I trusted more than anything and loved They started to ignore me out of the blue and treat me like trash, so one day I asked them what was the matter, and they answered “you didn’t call me enough during summer”, which was not a good excuse at all, since we stayed together for like, all school time and I went to their place 5 days a week, every week. This for 2 years. I guessed they got persuaded by other “cool” kids that I was crazy and insignificant, and I assume they preferred having a bunch of cool kids with them than having someone like me around. I got really hurt, but mostly I felt rage. I was used and thrown away like garbage, like it was nothing. They threw away the person that kept their secrets, that loved them, that conforted them when they were sad, that sacrificed everything to stay with them. After that, I got extremely selective about choosing friends, I got more and more introvert. But I have to thank them for leaving me, too. They made me realize that even the people you love the most can backstab you. Now I have just a few friends, but those few are true friends, I trust them and I know they won’t betray me. I am happier than before. So I have to give them that.

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I have a teeny tiny continuation of the earlier headcanon I sent you about Eddie working as a stripper to put himself through college: if you get him drunk enough, he can be persuaded to re-create some of his signature routines/moves, complete with actual stripping of whatever he happens to be wearing at that point in time and tone-deaf singing along to whatever music happens to be playing. [Iris loves it and actually takes out a dollar bill or two to tuck into his pants.]


i don;t even have words besides like. please?


 Sim Makeovers and cast presentations, part 2

The Burb family, at 190 Main Street

John - 33 years old and spent the years since college working as a High school Biology teacher in Sim City. He has now found work in Pleasantview Public School instead. John married a woman very much like his mother when he was 24, and yet has the audacity to expect her to change. He wants more children, so did his father, and neither his mother Tiffany or his wife Jennifer would agree. John still hopes he’ll be able to persuade her in time.

On his free time John likes spending time with his daughter, and cooking. He would like to travel more than he has so far, and wishes the family would have more money, so thay could afford it.

Jennifer - 30 years old, born and raised in Pleasantview along side her older brother. She and John married while she was still in college studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Business marketing, studies which she was forced to interrupt when she became pregnant far too soon to her own liking. When Lucy became older Jennifer eventually went back to school to get her degree, and graduated last year. While it is not quite the job she imagines herself having, Jennifer recently found a job as a copy writer with Goth Industries in Pleasantview, but intends to run the place some day.

When she’s not working her butt off, Jennifer likes working out at the gym and shopping, and worries sometimes about passing on an obsession with looks to her young daughter. She also enjoys wine a little too much.

Lucy is eight years old, and likes reading books and making up stories about her stuffed animals. She hasn’t made a lot of friends in Pleasantview yet, and spends a lot of time trying to get her older cousins to pay attention to her. It’s not really working.