Shawols! Let's get together and celebrate SHINee's Full Korean Album Comeback!

This means so much to us, since it’s been two years since their last full album with Lucifer!

We have to keep supporting SHINee because they will have busy, back-to-back promotions with Dream Girl and Fire.

So let’s band together and become one big Shawol family <3

If you guys have twitter, please tweet => #WorldWideAct EXO <= because it counts as a vote for the EMAs! Spread the word and let's show what real fans and dedication is all about!

Got my “Be the Light” tattoo done today ^^;; The first picture is the stencil and the second picture is the finished one. It’s still dark and bruised from the blood, but once that heals, then you’d be able to see the white ink clearly :) Will have another updated picture very soon!

“Be the Light”

Once I heard that song from Block B’s comeback, I knew that that song was meant to be quoted for my life. I’ve gone through many struggles in life, especially battling against bipolar disorder. Just like how Bradley Cooper’s character in Silver Linings Playbook has his own motto “Excelsior” to live by, I have my own motto to live by. I have to be my own light - my own strength to get through the most difficult times of my life. I know that I have my boyfriend, friends and family to help me, but I know that in the end, I have to help myself. That’s why I’ve chosen this phrase to be tattooed. I want to live a part of this motto for the rest of my life.

Be the Light ~ Shine your light on me, baby.

Let's Move You ~ Coming Soon to Tumblr

In this busy, complicated world, many of us face life’s challenges with little support. Sometimes, we feel alone and unmotivated to move on, thinking that life is too difficult to bear. There are plenty of times that we wouldn’t want to get out of bed - feeling lost to our life’s purposes.

Well that’s where this project comes in. We are here to help encourage you, inspire you, and most of all, move you through life’s challenges. It starts off with a sharpie and a notecard - just a simple phrase that will stir your mind and get you moving again. Pass the thought along to a friend and make his or her day. Share your words of encouragement and help better someone’s life. Spread the movement of hopefulness and happiness.

It may be a small gesture, but the simplest action can save a person’s life. We can try to better our society with positive messages - one notecard at a time.

Coming soon~

Join us on twitter & tumblr <3

SHINee's Misconception of Me Album Giveaway [Version 2]

This giveaway is dedicated to my loyal followers only, so following me is a definite.

So how well do you guys know me? This giveaway will test that knowledge~

You are to answer the following questions:

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