Give your guests a lesson in creativity with these beautifully personalised chalk ideas - starting with a fabulous backdrop at your reception!

Paint a surface, such as a wall, wood or MDF, to use for a backdrop with any matt black paint.

Measure and scale it down to a manageable size on a piece of A4 paper. Draw a grid on the paper sand write out the names you want on your backdrop, plus all the pretty details. Take a metre ruler and draw the grid onto your wall in pencil. Using the paper as a guide, draw the letters in each square on the wall with coloured chalks.

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"Peter Krige who is currently studying Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London with Alexander du Preez and Hannes Harms have developed a conceptual ecosystem for electronics called O.update. O.update uses printable electronics and rapid manufacturing processes to get electronics new capabilities that allows consumers to make their own electronic goods.” ~

Sony develops power outlet that can recognize devices and users

Sony has developed a power outlet that can identify devices plugged into it, as well as individuals using the plug. The company says such technology could allow the electricity usage of individual devices to be monitored so non-essential devices could be switched off remotely in the event of limited electricity supply, or for the billing of customers charging their electric vehicles or mobile devices in public places.

Full Story: Gizmag


I am now accepting custom orders for Gallifreyan and Elvish (Tengwar) items via my Redbubble shop! To take a look at my shop, click here

I am currently taking requests for the following items: 

  • Cases for Apple products (iPhone, iPad, iPod). 
  • Cases for Samsung Galaxy phones. 
  • T-shirts and hoodies. 
  • Greeting/ birthday cards and postcards. 
  • Photographic prints.
  • STICKERS! (buy 6, get 50% off)

Above are some samples of the products already available on my shop. Send your requests here, all orders will be completed within 1-3 days! 

Requests can consists of phrases, names etc. in either Gallifreyan or Elvish and FULLY CUSTOMISABLE! You can choose the colour and layout to suit your specifications.For any questions about your translations prior to purchasing, don’t hesitate to ask. 

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