Hi everyone,

To help pay for my psychiatrist I’ve decided to open up paid writing requests. I’d hate to ask for things for free so I figured this would be a good way to give people who are nice enough to help support me something in return.

My prices are:

Personalised Haikus on any topic - $5

Personalised other poetry on any topic - $10

Short stories of your choice (characters and themes) - $20

These could be great as a gift for loved ones or just as something nice for yourself. Please message me for details if you are interested or even if you could signal boost this post that would be great!

Thank you!

we had guest lecturers from the uk yesterday and one of them told us that her daughter loves indian culture and owns lots of bindis and loves ‘personalising them’ according to her style and i was so repulsed just

i feel like writing personalised urls based on your blog content

kinda like this one with mine

reblog this post to get one

(i’ll try my best to do every single one, but if it hits way too high of a number then i’ll stop)

(which is pretty much impossible because i doubt anyone’ll reblog this anyway)

Sony develops power outlet that can recognize devices and users

Sony has developed a power outlet that can identify devices plugged into it, as well as individuals using the plug. The company says such technology could allow the electricity usage of individual devices to be monitored so non-essential devices could be switched off remotely in the event of limited electricity supply, or for the billing of customers charging their electric vehicles or mobile devices in public places.

Full Story: Gizmag

as having met him while dressed as arthur pendragon, and seeing how much his face lit up, i think i’m gonna cry