This checked me HARD! If the bible doesn’t say it’s a sin, but you’re convicted about a certain thing, pay attention to that uncertainty. Don’t ignore it and do what may not be a sin while you’re unsure if it is. Pay attention to your personal convictions. When you act on them, they demonstrate faith and self discipline. You’re also keeping from being turned over to yourself, or having a calloused heart. Personal convictions don’t have to be explained to NO ONE. That’s just between you and GOD!!!! Faith isn’t just about getting ahead, it’s also about taking heed. #PersonalConvictions #GodsWord #relationship #iAMalive HE’ll give you answers if you ask.


Elyse was such a low-key character when I began writing Personal Convictions that I gave little thought to her appearance. As time went on, her character sort of revealed herself to me and I imagined a likeness she shared with Kate Beckinsale.

When personal convictions are sidestepped

Since it’s still vacation and i’m just staying home, it has been my morning routine to bring my sister to the jeepney stop with our motorcycle. Gigisingin niya ko tapos papahatid (tapos tutulog ulit! haha)

A while back, medyo matagal na din, nagdecide ako na everytime na magddrive ako ng motor, hindi ako sisingit sa gilid-gilid. Bukod sa yun yata ung no.1 reason kung bakit naiinis ung ibang car drivers sa motorcycle drivers (nakakainis naman kasi talaga), delikado din at mali, in someway. So naging conviction ko na yun!

But.. last friday. Hayzz.. We were peacefully driving and then nagtraffic. Nagddrive na ko dun sa road na yun since high school pa yata, so I can say na confident nako sa road na yun. I saw ung space sa right side nung car sa unahan ko na medyo malaki pa naman.

Kasya naman ‘tong motor dyan”, naisip ko.

At medyo late na rin ung kapatid ko so, dodging that conviction I made, I went on. And BOOM. The next second natumba kami. Buti na lang walang nangyari sa sister ko. But I had injuries and naipit ung paa ko dun sa side na natumbahan (Okay, i’ll stop with the details! haha!)

Ung front wheel pala ay nasagi? or nasomething dun somewhere sa hindi na sementado na part (medyo blurry na) so I lost control and wala na kong nagawa. As in biglaan!

And yun, lesson learned. Stick with your convictions! Kasi at the end of the day, it’s always for our protection. Kaya nga kailangan it’s decided even before it happens eh. It’s sad na I had to go through this bad experience muna before I get to realize this, before ma-reinforce ulit sakin ‘to. (By the way, this is just my 2nd accident in my almost 8 years of driving). Pero I believe God taught me a really important lesson here. Buti nga driving convictions lang ‘to, how about in my own personal choices na, ‘di ba? So let’s decide now and stick with them!

HUMAN BODIES FOR SALE. “When our grandchildren ask us where we were when the voiceless and vulnerable of our era needed leaders of compassion and purpose, I hope we can say that we showed up..and we showed up on time.” Human trafficking is beyond prostitution , it’s debt bondage and a commodity for temporary selfish pleasure and power of money…human beings bound, stripped of their dignity, their family, their rights, thier life, to be used like mere objects. Shockingfact: children are sold for sex as young as 9 years old. It may be ok to turn a blind eye if it happens on foreign ground..but it’s here in our own backyard. in our city. #geteducated #raiseawareness #nationalhumantraffickingawarenessmonth #personalconvictions #passion

I am indecisive.

I have commitment issues.

Or a fear of commitment.

This is because of my convictions, I do not believe in wrong decisions (for the most part). I believe that when I am presented with a choice all the options have different consequences and benefits, however for the most part they are all good options or equal. I cannot say one is better than the other in most instances because they are all simply different. They all will reap consequences and/or benefits. They just lead me down different journey’s which will in turn bring me to more choices. It is cyclical.

I love it and I do not love it.


These images capture the facial features I envisioned when I began writing Bree’s character. The gentle smile and soft eyes were definitely key features I tried to focus on. Much of Bree’s temperament and personality, however, were derived from the lovely Misses Pseudo Writer.

PC Ch.04 Update

No news is good news, but I want to assure you guys that I’m still chipping away at chapter four. I’ve recovered most of the corrupted file from a few weeks ago. On the downside, I’ve been on an oral antibiotic regimen for the past two weeks that’s had me in a fog most the time. I’ve got a week left on it before I can coherently write again. 

On top of that, I’ve got personal goals for this next chapter. I’m trying desperately to achieve a natural progression to this story. Maybe I buried myself too deep in Josh’s complications with Bree, Chloe, and Ashton, but I’m working his way out of the woods. The first three chapters were an extrapolation of my first draft I penned last August, but chapter four is entirely uncharted territory for me. As a novice writer, I implore you to bear with me.

Let’s hope I can have something for you all to devour soon.

Just a reminder: questions are welcome and I’ll try my best not to issue cagey responses. :)

I woke up this morning to find my Ch.04 file corrupted. An attempted recovery of the file rendered me with something resembling a polar bear in a blizzard. Miraculously, I printed a proof of it two days ago, so not that much work was lost. Still chaps my ass that I’ll have to retype what was lost.

Starting a new incentives regimen - sort of

Me and a friend from work are each tackling a thirty day challenge of sorts (Don’t worry, mine is related to completing Personal Convictions). Even though his challenge is not writing related, our accountability has spurred us to complete our respective challenges. I was discussing with him the value of incentives and how lack thereof will often result in failure of a personal goal. Incentives can work two ways: some people are better motivated by rewards, and others by punishment. Punishment incentives have rarely worked for me, so I doubted their effectiveness toward completing my story. On the flip side, reward incentives aren’t enticing enough for me; my extent of splurging involves treating myself to a decent cigar and snifter of scotch.

Against my better judgement, I’ve called upon Mrs. PseudoWriter for some assistance in what I think will be a more effective form of consequence: sex deprivation. Three nights a week I will devote at least two hours to writing a minimum of 750 words. No nookie if I fail to meet the quota. Simple as that. Last night I wasn’t working toward the prospect of sex, but I wrote just under 1,000 words. The quota may not sound like much and I’m a greater proponent of story-line benchmarks rather than word counts, but this is about discipline and forming a habit. There is a great deal already in place for chapter four, and my hope is that in two weeks I’ll have a completed first draft ready for editing. Let me reiterate: that is my hope

Seize the Night

I have talked with people about the downsides of perfectionism. Desiring to create a high-quality product isn’t the issue, it’s when perfectionism hinders production that issues arise. Last week a friend proposed to me that, in its simplest form, perfectionism is procrastination. My knee-jerk response was chocked full of objections:

What if what I’m working on isn’t complete? Well then, what’s stopping you from completing it?

The plot lines aren’t to my satisfaction. So change them so you DO like them.

There was that threat of the rapture. Seriously! is that your best excuse?

After stewing on his sentiment for a few days, I realized he was absolutely right—Damn him. So, with that in mind it’s time to cut the shit. Enough making excuses. How does that relate to Personal Convictions, you might ask? As implied, I’ve been making excuses for why the story doesn’t meet my level of perfection. Here’s the problem: perfection is a moving target. I re-read earlier chapters of my story, and I’m not happy with them. When I wrote them I thought they were great, but six months has passed and I’m thinking, ‘God, did I seriously write that shit?’

Writing is progressive. If someone’s writing with the same skill they possessed twelve months earlier, they’re doing something wrong. For me to expect something I write today to be equally profound a year from now is ludicrous. So, it’s wise to lower my expectations. Writing is supposed to capture a feeling, a mood. Living with regret or trying to hone something to perfection is, I’d dare say, impossible.

The title of this entry is “Seize the Night” for a reason, though I’ve not yet correlated why. The past has proven that I do my best writing in the evening, between the hours of ten and one. Like many other areas of my life, I’ve made excuses why I haven’t written: the mood isn’t right, I’m tired, I’d rather scroll through my tumblr dash, etc. Again, it’s time to cut the shit and get some writing done. I’m making it a goal to sit down and write this week. I know I don’t do well without structure, so I’m setting some word count quotas. This is disciplinary, this is for you guys, this is ultimately for meCarpe Noctem! To completion of Personal Convictions, and the start of more literary works in the near future.

PC status for May

I’m pushing my way through some hell of a writer’s block that’s incapacitated me for a few weeks now. I’ve got about 50 pages of unedited material churned out, which would certainly be enough for chapter four, but I’m not happy with the overall feel. I’m doing my best to sharpen my writing skills by other sources, but I’m wondering if some serious time away from this thing is necessary. In some recent posts I’ve alluded to the struggle with moving ahead. I really want to finish this thing for you guys, but at the same time I’m not about to lower my standards and release a half-assed conclusion to this story arc. This kind of shit is disappointing news for you readers, and myself. I feel like my story-telling creativity is broken, or has gone lost. Now, I’m just trying to get it back. 


The past week has been rather … unproductive, unfortunately. Since my update a couple weeks ago I’ve finished one of the more important scenes, but nothing wants to flourish beyond that. Stupid writer’s block is a bitch, and I’m hitting some impasses in my outline. Misses PW and I will double our efforts in moving forward.