If you’re saying you don’t ship NaruHina because you think it’s “disgusting” that Neji was sacrificed for the sake of the pairing, you’re disgusting. Neji chose to protect Naruto and Hinata for his own reasons and because he cared about them.

No one forced him to do anything, and Kishimoto had his reasons for choosing Neji. 

Neji isn’t a NaruHina tool. 

He wasn’t killed off just for them.

He became the martyr of the war. 

Not the fucking martyr of NaruHina. 

Get your heads out of your asses and take off your shipping goggles guys, come on. 

Don’t ever disgrace Neji’s character as a shipping tool. He might’ve shipped NaruHina, but he didn’t sacrifice himself for the sake of them getting together. He sacrificed himself to protect them.

-Pissed off NaruHina shipper.

Ok, I keep seeing these posts eiter lamenting or laughing at the fact Naruto (or Hinata) let go of each other’s hands. And that he proceeded to “hold” everyone else’s hands. Get a grip on yourselves guys. Naruto and Hinata had an intimate moment last chapter. A very romantic one, and no one can take that away. I mean Kishimoto is the one who made it anyways. They had to let go of each other’s hands sometime, and while most of us (me too I’m not gonna lie) expected some kind of combo with the two, I’m glad Naruto used his brain to share some of his chakra by SLAPPING, yes SLAPPING, hands with the other shinobi. Yes, without a doubt he shared chakra, but he only grasped hands with Hinata, and did a motherfuckin’ bro hand-grab with Shikamaru. If you haven’t noticed, Naruto gives tons of bro-handshakes. But Hinata is a girl. And as far as I can think back, the only girl he’s held hands with. I can’t say that I wasn’t didappointed in a shipper’s point of view at first. But my first impressions of these chapters are always different in the beginning until I dissect every piece of it. So after I thought about it, taking my shipper goggles off, I realized how nice the chapter was. I mean we FINALLY get a glimpse of Sasuke, find out what the hell Shikaku and Inoichi said their babies, Team Gai (well Lee’s) reaction to Neji’s death, AND since Naruto re-charged everyone’s chakra, we get to see the war move forward since everyone can kick ass again. All in all, the NaruSaku (and NaruHina) shippers who feel the need to tag in the NH tag about how Kishi is a troll or how upset they are about the lack of NH, need to go take a chill pill and really think about the chapter again. Not to mention read 615 again, because that is without a doubt the most NaruHina we’ve had ever and we’ve waited years for that. And like I said before NO ONE can take that away or overlook that. -Hardcore NaruHina shipper thinking clearly.

EDIT: Ok, now that a few days have passed I’ve realized a few things.

1. Naruto had no clue he was about to share chakra. That was Kurama’s idea and his plan. He only told Naruto about it, who had no clue. So he was holding Hinata’s hand for support, not to share his chakra. 

2. Naruto used clones to slap people’s hands. And not everybody’s hands. Just the Nara, Yamanaka, and Akimichi clans. For the big-ass, awesome combo. Either way, he used clones, he didn’t “hold” everyone’s hands, just Hinata’s. 

3. He was right beside Hinata again after the chakra-sharing episode was over, ready to beat some ass.