I refuse to kill another dragon for as long as I play Skyrim

I was fighting this Blood Dragon when, in the middle of the fight, he just lands and stops fighting back. No matter how many times I shot him he wouldn’t move, he’d only watch me - it was the cutest thing.

I could run around him and jump on his tail and he’d just keep looking at me and tilting his head, it was so precious… he even let me run under his belly and he’d crane his neck to look at me upside-down… we are friends now…

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what did jontron do?

he used the word “retarded” (which is no longer an acceptable term to describe anyone with intellectual disabilities) as a negative word to describe a game console and a fan asked him politely over twitter not to do that, which, you know, is a reasonable request, seeing as it’s incredibly fucking offensive:

but jontron, being the empathetically stunted and ethically bankrupt gamer beardo we all knew in our heart of hearts that he was, blew up the entire thing, tried cracking jokes that were shitty even if you didn’t care about the slur, and generally acted like a huge asshat about it. Neil Cicierga called Jon out on twitter, telling him he was being a huge douchecanoe, and in response Jon just gushed at Neil, telling him he loved his work etc. completely ignoring the point at hand.

and then, just when you thought that you could pick up the shambles that remain of your loving devotion to Jontron’s quirky chubby gamer antics and reassemble some form of acceptance and tolerance for him as a person, he went on to call out Tim Schafer, who linked a video about violence against female gamers, and started attacking Tim about how men are depicted just as poorly as women are, exposing his final form to his fans: a whiny, self-important holier-than-thou MRA fucktruck whose only purpose in life is to prove everyone wrong about everything that isn’t about white male neckbeards.

and lo, built on nothing but piggybacking on Egoraptor’s success and cheetos dust, Jontron’s sprawling empire begins to crumble and collapse beneath him. former fans look on, horrified. i sit back and sip on a big mug of “i told you so.”

if that “officer and mr. truffles” animation gets funded I’m going to pee in someone’s hair. the “creator” of the idea has used homophobic slurs in the past and the bear cub itself was killed by the police force shortly after the original photograph was taken, so the cartoon is like some sort of sugar-coated bastardization of a real-life event that wants to pretend an innocent animal didn’t get killed

not to mention the animation is incredibly sub-par like for 80k you’d think they could have hired decent animators OH WAIT that’s right because more of their budget is being spent on merchandising than it is actually paying their animators :)))

don’t even get me started on the actual content of the short like it totally falls flat and is bland and uninteresting even for a kid’s show, like if I wanted to watch the same rehashed Abbott and Costello bit I’d just turn on some old Bob Clampett or Yogi Bear cartoons jesus christ


To open this box of teddy grahams you have to decapitate the bear. This teaches children decision-making skills as well as the concept of sacrifice

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To all my followers who haven’t yet watched Cat Soup (“Nekojiru Sou”), I highly recommend you do. It’s a half-hour animated film about a brother cat who seeks out the other half of his big sister’s missing soul. The artist nicknamed Nekojiru made many comics starring these cats, and committed suicide in 1998, whereupon her husband commissioned an animation studio to make this film, which debuted in 2001.

Cat Soup looks innocent, but is bizarrely surreal and beautiful, and touches upon very profound subjects like the naivety of youth, animal abuse, racism, the abuse of women, parental neglect, and God. All without dialogue. I’ve watched this film dozens of times and it only gets deeper each time I watch it. It only takes 30 minutes to see, and it’s worth every minute - and the ending credits sequence is by far the most simple yet heart-wrenching thing I’ve ever seen.

If you’ve seen it, I’d love to discuss it with you!


here are the newest addition to my family, two guinea pigs!! They were rehomed from a family who couldn’t keep them anymore, and were in a very tiny cage for 2 years, but I built them a new modest home and am trying to get them to eat fresh veggies!!

Their names are SLAG and SWAMP LORD!!