Some Accomplishments From Today:

-I had two job interviews today


-I got my math grade back up to an A, so I don’t have to stress over the final exam anymore.

-I bought the Man Candle.

one thing that always sucks about being “the smart kid” is that you’re just “expected” to do well, so if you get good grades then fucking who cares you’re a genius you always get good grades. like no one is ever fucking happy for you because you just naturally get good grades, you don’t work for them, you don’t fucking study your ass off or anything, you’re just naturally good so your accomplishments don’t mean shit.

……and now she made a career out of bullying people—such as when they make a huge personal accomplishment in being able to come out as trans and she had nothing but shit to say about it?

I Just Realized

   I just looked over at my posts and it  just hit me that i’m near 2,000 posts.
Which may not seem like much,  but about 96% of my blog is my writings: poems, creative writings, quotes and one liners etc. So in the scope of that, I’m damn proud to have written so freakin much! All for you guys! Stay following–&keep tumblin’!



by the way, I talked about a zine i was working on a while back. no one remembers, but alas! I made them. Unfortunately most of them were destroyed through varying entropies on tour, and only one remains. Once I get paid a time or two more, there will be more of this one (‘Poor Traits of the Artist as Other People’ w/ 15 illustrations ) and one other (’ Moving Strangely Beneath the Bridge’ w/ 12 LSD illustrations). I also have another yet unnamed one in the works. I will post more about them. I am a walking calamity of staying focused and above the poverty level, so I’m amazed these got done and hopefully I can keep the momentum up with some help. I’ll have an online store up soon under the title of 'Intangible Material’ So If you like any of the art I put up on here, maybe you’ll like these, and maybe you’ll buy one. They will all be $5