Also, I’ve volunteered so much and reliably, even on days I wasn’t scheduled to show up, I got offered a job at my university’s student union office thing as a secretary/assistant type person. I’m actually not sure what my position is exactly; all I know is that I received, like, Canadian tax forms and papers for when you get a job and signed and all that BEFORE my actual interview, which was off-putting at first, that everyone in the office wants me there/recognizes me as the girl who’s always helping out with the ‘funky’ sense of style, and the general consensus is ‘she’s used to volunteer for us a lot, so we’re deciding to pay her now’. SO, the lesson here, kids, is ‘hard work’ pays off (I don’t consider anything I’ve ever done in regards to ‘hard work’ tbh tho). Like, legit. Which absolutely BAFFLES me. ‘Hard work’ to get what one wants is something I never believed in because my motto and general mindset is ‘skill over effort’ or some variation of it because I’ve never worked hard in my life, especially to get what I want because the horrible thing is I’m that bitch you hate that always get what she wants and never learns, so this was relatively eye-opening experience. Like, I went in for an ‘interview’ (I was expecting ‘competition’ and didn’t really anticipate getting hired because they made me come in for an interview, but it was more for formalities because it was more like ‘here are tax forms, you’re starting ASAP’), and they scheduled me in for training (which I didn’t expect to be—) 3 hours later that day after the ‘interview’.

I guess the lesson isn’t that ‘hard work’ pays off because I honestly don’t think I worked hard since I genuinely liked what I was doing during my shift and being around to lend a hand where it was needed (and I’m friends with two of the people in the office, who put in really good words for me along with the other staff), but, rather, I actually don’t know lmao is there even a lesson here because I didn’t actually learn anything and I got what I want doing nothing substantial because I’m a terrible human being??? OTL

Also if any of you see me on campus please don’t bring it up on tumblr or send me messages like ‘I saw you here at this exact time wearing this doing this in this building on this floor’ like that’s really creepy ok ;____; My first day is tomorrow please don’t make it hard on me oAo



Hey everyone! Jae here again. First off don’t panic, the contest is not cancelled! We’re just changing how we’re doing things. 

The change comes for two reasons: The first is that I didn’t realize at the time of the contest’s creation that contests relying on the like/reblog function were against tumblr’s ToS. I was modeling the contest off of those I’d seen circulating before, and I should have done more research. 

The second thing is that I didn’t realize just how many new followers this would bring in. Hi everyone! We’re glad to have you. 

Since there’s no getting this post back now that it’s in the ether, I can only hope folks see this change to how things are being done. As before, we’ll reblog this periodically for the duration of the contest, to help let people know how it’s going to go.

Most of the below rules still apply - no contest-only blogs, et cetera. However, rather than five winners, we’re going to have one winner every two days until March 25th. Likes and reblogs no longer matter.As long as you’re following Tammy, you have the same odds of winning as everyone else. We’ll be picking at random from her followers, rather than from those listed on this post. I must be able to reach you via ask or fanmail. If I can’t, I’ll pick a new name. All winners must respond within 24 hours, or I’ll choose a new name. We’ll reblog this post each time we pick a winner, to remind people to have their ask boxes open. The rest remains the same! You can pick from any of Tammy’s currently-published novels and will receive that book signed. The books pictured above are not the only ones you get to choose from, since that seemed to be a point of confusion for some. 

I’ll message the first winner today, so watch your inbox!

Hello, everyone! This is Tammy’s assistant, Jae, here to announce something the two of us started kicking around as an idea when we saw how many followers Tammy was getting.


3,000 Follower Giveaway Celebration!

To celebrate passing this tumblr landmark, we’re going to be giving away 5 signed copies of her books (one for each winner). Here’s how it’s going to work.

1. There will be 5 winners total. Each will get to pick ONE of Tammy’s currently-published novels for signature. 

2. You MUST be following her blog in order to participate. After all, this is a thank-you to all of those who pushed us over the 3,000 mark.

3. Each individual is allowed TWO entries, NO MORE. That’s a reblog and a like. 

4. Entries will be allowed until March 25th, and this post will be periodically  reblogged on Tammy’s tumblr until then to give everyone a fair shake. 

5. Contest-only blogs will not be named winners.

On the 26th, I’ll pick 5 usernames at random and message the winners. This means you have to have your ask boxes open at that time. Winners will need to get back to me within a week with the book that they want signed and where I should send it. If I don’t receive a message from a winner within that week, or I can’t reach them via ask, I’ll pick someone new. Once I’ve heard from everyone, we’ll post a public congratulation to let everyone know that the contest is over.

Good luck, and thank you all for being here!

The Life of a KPop Fangirl #13
  • Ideal jobs for me...
  • Staff/Crew of a KPop Company:I can be in the same room as Oppa
  • Personal Assistant:I can follow Oppa everywhere
  • Back-Up Dancer:I can see Oppa dancing LIVE and close-up
  • Translator:I can have a conversation with Oppa
  • Make-Up Stylist:I can touch Oppa's face
  • Coordi Noona:I can touch Oppa's body
  • Manager:I can order Oppa around
  • Airport security:All of the above because I have the authority

I just witnessed first hand one of the things that pisses me off more than anything.

I was at the grocery store and a woman who had her hair & nails done, fake eyelashes on, and name brand clothing, had her young son with her, who also had on name brand shoes & jacket, paid for her purchase with foodstamps and wic.

seriously? you can afford to look a certain way and have certain material things, but you’re getting food stamps and receiving help from wic? you’ve got to be kidding me. people need help, I get that. sometimes you go through a shitty time and need assistance, I get that too. but what I don’t get is how you have all this nice, name brand shit, hair done, nails & eyelashes on point, baby decked out in name brands…and you’re getting government assistance for basic ass needs such as food.

that’s bullshit.



Will Sandry become Duchess when Vedris dies?

 No. The line of inheritance would pass to his sons. His middle son, Gospard, has no interest in leaving his position with the Navy. The youngest, Franzen, plans to inherit. Vedris doesn’t plan to let him. 

His eldest son Colederran was disowned a long time ago. Vedris recently learned Cole has been working in the far north, guarding merchant caravans. He plans to send someone to go find Cole and bring him back to Emelan, which is a bit of a problem, since it needs to be someone he trusts. Briar is sick to death of traveling. Tris is going to be busy. So it will probably be Sandry and Daja. No matter what Sandry says, he’s not letting her go on her own.

Why did [SPOILER] end up with [SPOILER]?

Because it was who they fit with. They find each other intellectually interesting, emotionally satisfying, funny. All kinds of factors happen to make two people say “you know what, you’re the one for me.” I try to listen to the characters and make sure they’re going to go along with it before I put it on paper. I started out with one pairing that really didn’t work and was smart enough to catch it before it was published, and I’ve listened a lot closer ever since. 

People have to have friendship. You have to know you can depend on the other person. They’re not going to be perfect, but neither are you. Forgiveness is also a good thing to have in a partnership.

Is Kel ever going to get married/is she going to end up with [SPOILER]?

Not any time soon, she’s not! In her mind, she’s far too busy for things like marriage.

Will you write more books about Kel/Daine/Alanna/Tris/Sandry/Briar/Daja/Their Students……

I would love to write more books about all of them. It depends on what my publishers want, what my editors want, and what I’m contracted to write.

What’s Zahir’s story? Will he ever become the Voice of the Tribes?

Nooooo. Zahir doesn’t have the temperament to become the Voice. Jon is looking for someone to take the job, since he thinks he’s figured out a way to pass on the responsibility without killing its current holder. He’ll be making a trip south soon to search for candidates. But Zahir is not even in contention.

Zahir’s family lives on the fiefdom of Alhaz between the hill country and Bazhir lands. His great-grandfather saved the life of King Jasson. His line was gifted with land and title as a result. Jasson required that the lands remain in the control of Zahir’s bloodline, regardless of the gender of the heir, for as long as the family ibn Alhaz lives (A good thing, since Jasson’s savior only had daughters). Zahir is the first son born to the family who felt ready to try for knighthood. He’s also the one responsible for helping enact a law that allows any Bazhir tribesman to try for knighthood, as long as their family can handle the financial burden. 

As for why he left Joren and his cronies, Zahir has a mind of his own. He did some thinking and decided that acting that way was a waste of a warrior’s time. Bullying and hazing are children’s games, and he wasn’t a child any more.

Why is the Mother Goddess not named when most of the other gods are? Why is the Badger just Badger?

Because the Mother Goddess is threefold. You can’t name her aspects differently, but neither are they the same. Each place where she’s worshipped names her a little differently, but most people simply refer to her as Mother. 

We just call the Badger the Badger. Or Mr. Badger. What the badgers call him is really between him and them. There are oodles and poodles of animal gods I haven’t named, because I know when to keep my hands to myself.

Why does Duke Roger’s gift change color?

He started draining Thom’s magic. The more he took, the more the combined Gifts warped. Two Gifts aren’t meant to mix in that way. 

What breed is Achoo?

Grade A, licensed, pedigree mutt. She’s based on a friend’s teacup poodle, blown up to working-dog size. The closest equivalent is probably a labradoodle.

What did Jonathan see in his Ordeal?

I can’t tell that! I can’t tell anybody what people see in their Ordeals, no more than they can. It’s iffy enough that I tell what my main characters see. 

I will say that Joren saw a world run by women.

(Not really.)

Will the two realms ever cross over? Are Emelan and Tortall in the same universe or different ones?

They are in two completely different universes. There is no intersection.


I’ve read the advice on your website for beginning writers. What about the newly published?

Join the social networks. I know Facebook is supposed to be on the way out, but it’s still a way to reach an audience. Goodreads is getting more and more important. Find the social networks that serve your genre and join those. If you’re comfortable with it, join writers’ groups and offer to read. Being a published writer will bring you instant cache. In joining writers groups, you can do good and people will naturally want to see what you do. 

People who meet you online and have an agreeable relationship with you will naturally want to go check out your work. If I’ve read it once I’ve read it a million times. “I never heard of you before, but I’m going to go check out your books.”

Go to the writing associations of your genre. Go to the Romance Writers of America. Go to the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. I would not send anyone to SFWA at this point in the game. They seem to be getting worse rather than better. You can find the same cool scifi writers mixed in with the romance writers, and also through John Scalzi and Jim Hines. For writers of color, there’s the VONA workshop, about which I’ve heard good things.

Find sites where you can contribute. People are more impressed by what you do than by a thumbnail photo with your name next to it. If you build up good will, good will returns to you.

Go to bookstores. If they have your book, sign it. They can’t send it back that way! And it builds a relationship with the bookstore. Meet the manager, see if you can do an event. You won’t get paid to do bookstore events, but it’s good will built up, and that inclines booksellers to get your material and keep it in stock. 

Also, if you write YA or YR, go to schools in your neighborhood. Get in touch with the librarian. Write or call and see if they would like to have an author event. Do they have a writing or reading club? Find out. This also goes for local libraries. Librarians are you best friends. They like to bring people in as much as anybody, and they’ll appreciate a writer who goes out of their way to make it happen. The only place this doesn’t really work is the big cities.

Any advice for aspiring editors?

In every major dictionary, if you look up proofreader’s marks, there is a page of squiggles. Every editor needs to know those squiggles. Those are the marks you use when you suggest a change to a writer - a deletion, an addition, a semicolon instead of a comma. If you want to get any kind of editing work at all, you need to know those marks and know them well. I got work as an editor with no more knowledge than proofreader’s marks and some practice.

Read work aloud. See how you would change it strengthen the writer’s voice. 

The main key to being an editor is that you are not there to put your voice in the work. You’re there to help the writer make their voice clearer or sharper. If the writer got bogged down in the middle of a mass of description the way I so often do, it’s your job to say “you don’t really need this, you can cut this, you could show this before.”  If the writer is unclear, you’re there to say “I think you need to clarify this.” If they’re still not getting it, “the thing you need to clarify is this relationship,” or “why do they have this dynamic?” 

The relationship between an editor and a writer is always a dialogue, unless it’s magazine work. In that case, you’re also having to deal with very limited spaces, and the voice of the publication. But you have to think about what the writer is trying to say, what the writer’s strengths are, how they can best say what they want in the space they have, and how you can help that writer to achieve it without putting their back up.

I get this question from young writers all the time: “What do you do when they want to make you change this? When they make you change that?” I tell them it doesn’t work like that. It’s a conversation. It’s saying “What about this?” instead of “You have to change this.” 

Get work on student newspapers, on student magazines. Try writing for student papers and magazines. See how their editors work. If you get work in publishing, with local newspapers, small presses, watch how their editors work. Listen to how they talk to their writers. Read the letters they send to their writers. 

When I moved to New York City to get a job in publishing, I went to work for a literary agency. I got to read the letters that editors wrote to their writers. I got to see, up close, that this was not a bullying relationship. 

Write your own material, because you’ll understand what it’s like when someone tells you what you need to fix. You won’t learn this stuff from most academic teachers. Teachers aren’t editors. It isn’t their job to edit you. Most of them aren’t trained to it. 

Read your writer’s work aloud if you can. Listen to what they’re putting on the page. A lot of people ignore how writing sounds. You pick up more flaws that way, but you also pick up the really good stuff that way. Since so many writers are called upon to read when they do appearances, it’s a really good way to discover a work’s strengths and weaknesses before that point. 


Will you ever come to X?

It could happen! Travel gets harder year by year, between deadlines, health issues, and other commitments. I would love to get overseas again. I would love to get back to the middle states. I would love for my next tour to swing up to Canada. It all depends on event invitations and where my publishers feel like sending me. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t have a great deal of control over some of these things. 

I am not rich. I make enough to live on, but that doesn’t include excessive travel. For me to get to places, I need for someone to pay my travel and expenses. If you can find someone who can pay me to come out and speak, I will see what I can work out. My honorarium requirements are listed on my website. Keep in mind that I have to work around other events in my schedule. And I have to write books!

Will there ever be collectors editions of your books available?

I dunno. I know that if you have a mint condition, first printing of Alanna, it sells for a whole lot of money. But that would be cool. I would love it.

Is there a glossary of terms used in your books available online?

No idea! There are glossaries in the backs of the books themselves, and I assume in the backs of the ebooks as well. My website has an out-of-date pronunciation guide for many of the names and places. ( It needs to be made current, but that’s not exactly on the top of my hit parade.

Can you please sell books through X site? In X format? When will X series be published as an omnibus? Will you ever reissue X covers?

I don’t control who sells my books, where, or in what format. The best thing you can do if you want to see a book or series in a specific format or sold in a specific store is to talk to the publisher who distributes the book, or the store you want to buy from. If you’re not sure which books belong to which publishers, check the information at the front of the book, or on the jacket of the audio material. And ask, ask, ask! The more you ask, the more likely they will make books available in the format you want.

Can I preorder X

If the option isn’t available on either the publisher’s website or your online bookstore of choice, then not yet.

Are there any recipes available for the foods described in your books? Can I make some up?

I get most of the foods I describe from historical cookbooks like The Medeival Kitchen, culture-specific cookbooks, or resources like Unmentionable Cuisine. So the recipes are out there. But absolutely make some up!

[She starts naming cookbooks]

Jae is telling me she will just make a list of my cookbooks to post on here, rather than having me list them now.

Why can’t I find any Tortall or Emelan merchandise? What about board games or video games?

Like I said: ask, ask, ask. Ask your bookstore managers. Email your favorite publishers. Get in touch with the geek stores you like the best. If they know people want to buy it, they’re more likely to try and provide it. Ask, ask, ask!


I hope you guys found these helpful. Any misspellings are mine, since I asked Tammy the questions and recorded her responses. I’m continuing to work my way backward in time through Tammy’s inbox. Any fan emails sent after June 15th have not yet been read, and will probably not be opened until I’ve gotten at least to June of 2013. Eventually these will be organized in masterposts according to topic. Until then, they will all be tagged “tamora pierce FAQ newsletter.” Wish me luck, and I’ll let you guys know when the next installment of the FAQ goes up!

ETA: Already one glaring error I had to correct. Vedris’s eldest son is named COLEDERRAN, not Colderran, though it’s pronounced more like the latter.

wow. this is excellent. and huge credit should go to the thousands of domestic and home-health laborers who have been organizing for years in an effort to push the Obama administration in this direction.


Overturning a decades-old exemption, the U.S. Department of Labor has extended minimum wage and overtime benefits to the mostly female and minority workforce of nearly 2 million home health-care workers.

The Fair Labor Standards Act will be extended to direct care workers, U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez said Tuesday on a conference call with reporters. Those affected by the rule will receive the same protections as people providing similar services in hospitals and nursing homes, effective Jan. 1, 2015.

“Home-care workers are no longer treated like teenage babysitters providing casual services under this rule,” Perez said. “A fair wage will further stabilize and professionalize this critical line of work.”

The move was opposed by the Washington-based U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which said it would make home-health care too expensive for some. The cost of the rule will average $6.8 million a year over a 10-year period, the department said. It was backed by a broad coalition of groups that advocate for low-wage workers, according to Sarah Leberstein, a staff attorney with National Employment Law Project in New York.

Congress extended benefits to domestic workers when it amended the Fair Labor Standards Act in 1974. The measure included a narrow exemption for babysitters and workers who provide “companionship” services that the Labor Department later interpreted to include direct-care workers, Leberstein said.

Personal Assistance (Larry) -Chapter Seven

Personal Assistance (Larry) -Chapter 7

Summary: Louis Tomlinson is a successful personal assistant and his next client turns out to be the wildly successful Harry Styles from the boy band One Direction. What happens when Harry Styles is nothing like Louis expects?

A/N: Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated! I was on a short vacation and then got a bout of writer’s block. Not sure how I feel about this chapter. Thanks to you all for reading!!

Read previous chapters here

Read More

some of you know my personal situation, and many I’m sure do not. For those who dont I will give you the quickest explanation: my husband of 4 years abused me verbally/emotionally and physically. I left him at the end of April and moved into the loft of my parents’ house, along with my 2 year old son. i am in the middle of college and looking for work.

as of yesterday the protection of CPS is gone. the police cannot and will not help me. and now that my ex has been notified that the restrictions of his visitation are dropped, he’s calling my mother to get to me and my son, telling her he wants to see him since CPS is out of the way.

there is nothing i can do but get a lawyer and have them help me file for a temporary, emergency custody to keep my 2 year old safe. it’s $311 just for the filing of divorce (I dont know how much the custody fee is), and $2,000 to get a lawyer (not to mention a $200 tuition fee which is due in september)… i have no job and zero income right now, other than the occasional commission. with a bill of over $2500 staring me down, I’m beginning to panic.

i am not one to beg, and i am certainly not one to lay down and wait for someone to do the work for me… but I am asking you all (with a great deal of shame) for donations.

i am so sorry to plead this way; publicly announcing my dire need for money is humilitating, but i am in desperate need of charity. there is an innocent 2 year old boy at stake and i have no way of protecting him other than hiding in this house behind locked doors.

if any of you can spare a dollar (even $1 would help), then i am indebted to you and i promise with all of my heart that i will do whatever i can to make it up to you in the future.

please please do not write this off as a scam or someone abusing a networking platform. i will draw or write for you if you wish to have something in return, i just need help to begin paying these fees before something happens.

there is a “donate” button in my description box.

thank you for reading this, thank you for any encouragement and prayers you might send, thank you for those who are able to donate, thank you to everyone


I love my new job.
  • 10 y.o:I hate my name.
  • Me:Why what is it?
  • 10 y.o:Liberty.
  • Me:I love that name. At least it's original.
  • 10 y.o:Why what's your name?
  • Me:Miss Grieve.
  • 10 y.o:Yeah but what's your REAL name?
  • Me:That is my real name?
  • 10 y.o:Yeah but what's the name your friends call you by?
  • Me:I don't have any friends.
  • 10 y.o:Oh yeah, teachers don't have friends.