Oh my gosh.

So I wake up and I’ve gained like 300 followers since this whole debacle began, and there are 200+ messages in my inbox, not to mention the many I got before I had to get off tumblr for a bit. You guys are AMAZING, it’s like I had this tiny little army come and sweep me off my feet and pat me on the head and give me giant hugs and I can’t even fully express how grateful I am. 

Just a little update on my situation, since lots of you guys asked. 

I decided to leave anon on. I know it could have been really stupid, but honestly I didn’t feel like I was strong enough to give up the nice anons. I did get a few more awful messages from the anon, who I have blocked again. Any more I get are just going to be deleted. 

For those of you who asked about the way I was typing, no, I promise I didn’t take anything, and no, I also didn’t do anything stupid. I was just kind of shaking really hard and crying so my hands were jittery and I couldn’t see very well, but I promise I kept myself safe. After I logged off I did some stress singing,which really helped, and continued talking to the amazing (and so adorable I swear) sabrielunderthemistletoe, one of my besties sunshine-skies-and-cherry-pies, and gracestealingcastiel. I made sure to make some future plans with people that I didn’t want to miss out on, and thanks to my fiends and all of you guys I’m definitely feeling ok now. I feel safe, I feel loved, and I think I can handle things if the anon comes back. 

So thank you thank you thank you for all the asks, but I’m doing ok now. But I’m sure that there are lots of other people who were getting the asks who aren’t as ok, so it would mean a lot to me if you’d join me in sending THEM nice asks instead of me. Thanks a million, all of you!

This is probably the only time I’ll talk about this because the last thing I want to do is poke the wasps nest and end up on some shit list (that’s right; these people are such horrible bullies that myself and other people I talk to are afraid to even mention them because we’re all afraid of their harassment). But I just don’t understand why WHY t$df feels the need to constantly insult and harass Beth fans and especially Team Delusional. So what if some people want to believe Beth is still alive? So what???? If you know better, then just do what your page is supposed to be for: report your spoilers and the slither back into your carol circle jerk on your personal blogs. This page is well known amongst the fandom and you know what their behavior causes? More harassment against people that are literally doing nothing wrong by staying in their own blog and even creating their own tag to post and discuss their theories. There’s a lot of people that see t$df’s page and by watching them behave like assholes to a certain part of the fandom, it creates this mentality that amongst the walking dead fandom, Beth fans are fair game to harass and bully and that’s what we get. I get nasty anons daily telling me that Beth is super super dead and I’ve not made a single post about me thinking she’s alive (because I don’t think so) and yet T$DF feeds the herd mentality that it’s ok to humiliate and send hate to Beth fans and that’s just a fucking disgusting way to behave. It’s problematic and irresponsible not to mention borderline illegal if the bullying gets out of hand and someone does real physical harm to themselves because of it. Come on. T$DF; take responsibility for the shit you do and say because it is NOT ok to harass people and make posts about them on your page that has a far bigger platform than any of our blogs. It is not ok to publicly give out people’s personal blogs on your forums so your users can come on here and send hate to a group of people that just want to be hopeful that their favorite character lives until proven otherwise. This hatred these people have against a group of people that are not doing them any direct harm is ridiculous, childish and harmful to our fandom’s mental and emotional health and that’s where I won’t stand for any of it. Let people grieve however they want to grieve, the sick kick t$df get out rubbing salt on a wound is seriously border-line sociopathic and if anyone is feeling harassed by this group of people, if it’s taking a serious toll on your mental health and it makes you relapse into any form of depression or self harm, please do take this to the real fucking authorities because this kind of cyber bullying is not ok.

That moment when a friend calls you crying because she just “found out” (even though I told her months ago but whatever) that her celebrity crush, model Jon Kortajarena, is dating Luke Evans (apparently he even brought him to Spain recently to introduce him to his parents) and you see a glimpse of what ‘non-Larries’ will be going through soon enough. If a 30 year-old who has a ton of LGTBQIA+ friends and has no issues with the topic reacts like that, I’m expecting a whole lot of tears in this fandom when it happens.


Aw, aren’t they cute?

Funny story


Okay so today I was walking around in the mall and there was this store called shoe market but there was a pillar in front of the “s” so I thought it said hoe market, and when I saw it I joked to myself about how I bought barah there and laughed like a crazy person in the middle of the mall.

Das it. 😂😂

Glad to say I’m home from the hospital, all I have to do now is take antibiotics for a week. I’m not complaining though.

I would like to thank all the lovely people who supported me and wished me well. I really, really appreciate it! Meant a lot ♥ Whether you liked my post, sent me messages in my inbox or replied to the post (sorry I couldn’t reply, I was on mobile :/) Nevertheless you guys are truly wonderful people and I love you all ♥