Daily reminder.

You do not have to have a diagnosis to be entitled to support. If you don’t fit a diagnosis or you simply don’t want one, it doesn’t mean you are any less deserving of support. You deserve support irregardless of a label. Remember that.

I would like to say just one thing about Dan and Phil’s relations. I noticed it a while ago when my dad had to leave for a month, during that time my mum was really stressed because she didn’t have him around. it wasn’t just about job and housework but also about watching movies at evening just by herself. My parents are not just lovers but best friends, everything they do they do together, they are not tired of themselves even if they literally spend a whole day together and after that at 10 pm I still hear them talking and laughing at something. What I’m trying to say is that whatever happens to Dan and Phil I cannot imagine them not standing side by side. I cannot imagine them having such relations with anyone else. As my parents, they may have other friends but at the end of a day they feel the best around each other. Relations like that are strong, because they are based on a friendship, not a desire, and they will last long, whether they kiss for goodnight or not. I’m just happy they are able to experience relationship like this.