who you should fight: Persona 3

Minato Arisato: you are him, why would you fight yourself


Yukari Takeba: did u play the answer? no? then dont fight her

Mitsuru Kirijo: this girl can kill you in 7 different ways hoe don’t do it

Akihiko Sanada: FIGHT HIM though you may lose

Shinjiro Aragaki: why would you fight him. i’ll fight you, don’t fight him dick

Ken Amada: punch ken, no more

Aigis: do you want to die

Koromaru: why the FUCK 

Various Animal Crossing: New Leaf Outfits

I finally got the QR sewing machine so I’ll upload the ones I’ve made so far(and ones I’ll make in the future) to this blog.


  • Persona
  • Vocaloid
  • Steven Universe
  • Misc

Links go to Imgur, links with a * have skin showing. All * designs can be requested in a different skin color(please let me know the specific color that I should use if you do do this).

[open for requests]

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I do sketches, line art (With or without color. Just say so.), and flat colored drawings.

Things I won’t draw :

NSFW, Animals, Muscular people, Mechs, or Furry Things. I’m just not very good at drawing those sort of things, and I don’t want to give you a bad drawing! I don’t do backgrounds either because I’m not very good at them. I can give you flat colors with simple designs or transparent backgrounds. This doesn’t apply to the sketch commissions because they are typically semi transparent. Please let me know if you want something a certain way!

Things I’m Best At Drawing :

Touhou. I love touhou and I love fluffy dresses, ribbons and frills. I draw feminine people better than non feminine people.

Check out more of my art here!

Payment :

I use paypal for my commissions! And I will not draw until I am paid due to previous events. Please contact me through my askbox or fanmail for my paypal address. 

If you can’t buy something, I would appreciate if you spread the word!