megidola-dancing asked:

Do you know of the Japanese version of P4D is regioned locked? and to someone who's considering getting P4D what version do you reccomend getting? like either just the game or that crazy value pack thing? im not very interested in the one with the special vita, even if I admit I would like it if I had a lot of cash to burn... but sadly not that much at the moment.

Vita games aren’t region locked (in fact my entire Vita collection save for Persona 4 Golden and Tokyo Jungle Mobile are Japanese games!), which is why I’m going to import the Japanese version of P4D on launch day, but here are a few things to consider in this instance specifically:

  • DLC codes are only redeemable on Japanese PSN accounts. Unlike the PS3 and PS4, for whatever reason, you can’t maintain multiple accounts on the same unit that are attached to different PSN regions, meaning if you set yours up with a US or EU account, any DLC codes you get with the special editions of the game won’t be redeemable unless you go to the trouble of reformatting your system and setting it up with a Japanese PSN account. This means that unless you have multiple memory cards dedicated to each region like I intend to do, you’re going to have to wipe your existing memory card. Thankfully, there are ways to back that content up using official Sony programs. Check this Kotaku article for the whole process of switching Vita regions here. (That being said, if all you want to do is play the game and earn trophies, any region for your PSN account is fine; Japanese and English trophies can mingle on the same account no problem, even for Vita games.)
  • To my knowledge, song DLC isn’t guaranteed to actually come with new dance routines, especially since schedule-wise they’re mainly being worked on after the main game is completed. (So probably right about now, really.) I could be wrong on this point, but to my knowledge, screenshots and footage of that song DLC that’s set to come with the special editions show only a still background. Obviously not a big deal if you’re mainly in it for the gameplay, but it’s worth noting. This could well change and they simply haven’t had preview assets for it ready yet; one can hope.

For once, I think the special edition/Crazy Value Superlative Adjective Pack is actually a decent value proposition, since not only does it get you that extra costume DLC and an extra song, you also get a physical copy of the soundtrack, which I believe they’re already gone on record saying will cost more than the different between vanilla P4D and that edition once it’s sold separately. Right now I just have the standard game preordered, but now that my money situation is honestly much better than it has been in months, I might well switch to that edition instead. We’ll see! If I get that version, I’ll be sure to show off that extra content on my translation stream. :D!


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