Guys, PLEASE vote for Jared in the Zap2It social media showdown. He’s losing right now by over 10% of the votes while Misha is far, far ahead of his opponent. Jared has NEVER won an award like this before and he does amazing things for his fans through social media. Getting him this award would be one small way to thank him, and with the incredible things this fandom has pulled off in the past, I know it’s possible. We have until Friday, March 13 which is in five days. VOTE FOR JARED HERE


Today we were able to talk to Jared for a bit and I talked to his sister about her book for a little before him while my friends talked to him. I figured I had missed the opportunity but when I turned my attention that way he immediately started making eye contact and gestures and including me in the conversation and this man is just so easy to talk to; it was amazing


Find out ‪#‎googledoodle‬ animal I am + support World Wildlife Fund just in time for ‪#‎EarthDay‬:

My son has been having trouble being good at school. I told him if he was good, I’d tell anyone he wanted. The only person he wanted to tell was Sam Winchester. I keep my promises, so…