Jared + Facebook —-holy moly! i’m brain-dumb sometimes (don’t say it!).
i was so humbled by the outcome of our represent t-shirt campaign that i forgot to mention our final two winners!
so, Joseph Wong, i’m gonna write you a good ol’ school letter (and i’m gonna include something pretty cool that i just found today while i was looking for my Swan Song script).
and, Jessica Sharpe, buy an extra hanger so you can hang up your new red sweater smile emoticon
thanks y’all!
here’s a pic of me to prove that i am a little brainless sometimes…

Spn bloopers...
  • ... if they ever tried to film a Destiel sex scene
  • Take 1:
  • Jensen and Misha:*are on bed*
  • Jensen:*in a bad accent* gonna show you the magic
  • Misha:
  • Jensen:
  • Misha:*pushes Jensen's face away*
  • Takes 2-5:
  • Jensen and Misha:*stare into each other's eyes*
  • Jensen and Misha:*start giggling*
  • Take 6:
  • Jensen:who the hell let Jared in here???
  • Take 7:
  • Jensen and Misha:*encounter problems taking each other's clothes off*
  • Take 8:
  • Jared:*from behind camera* can I join?
  • Jensen:no. go away.
  • Jared:but I love you!
  • Jensen:
  • Jared:
  • Jensen:
  • Jared:baby come back
  • Jared:you can blame it all on me
  • Jensen:get him out of here
  • Take 9:
  • Misha:*hooded eyes, bedroom voice* dean...
  • Jensen:yeah, cas?
  • Misha:dean... i always come when you call...
  • Jensen:... goddammit misha

Guys, PLEASE vote for Jared in the Zap2It social media showdown. He’s losing right now by over 10% of the votes while Misha is far, far ahead of his opponent. Jared has NEVER won an award like this before and he does amazing things for his fans through social media. Getting him this award would be one small way to thank him, and with the incredible things this fandom has pulled off in the past, I know it’s possible. We have until Friday, March 13 which is in five days. VOTE FOR JARED HERE