Superjail: Vacation

There are some things in the Season 2 finale “Vacation” that you might have missed.

The Warden has fake grey hair in one scene, then in the exact next scene, while he’s still talking, it turns into his normal hair.

The Warden doesn’t actually wear normal dress shoes. He wears boots.

"Hi, Charise"

The Warden is wearing his usual limited clothing after the mutiny, but in the very next scene, much like the one in the beginning, his normal clothes come back out of nowhere.

This scene is sentimental and adorable.


I didn’t know you well but we had conversations. We smiled at each other in the halls and I saw how happy you made other people. I hope you didn’t go thinking no one cared about you. I hope you know how much I hurt. Even though I didn’t know you well I hope you know how much I miss you.
R.I.P Jared
You were a wonderful person.