Hi everyone. I’m in a bit of a bad mood, so I apologize if this ficlet reflects that.

This takes place in the middle of chapter eighteen, Jumping Hurdles, after Logan talks to Kurt’s parents and somehow escapes the wrath of the Tweedles.


At Dalton, they have Alice.

At Seigerson manor, however, they have Dorothy.

After Derek braids her hair, and she puts on her favorite blue dress and her newly polished shoes, Amanda turns to the trio sitting comfortably on her large bed, and grins brightly at them. “Today, we’re playing pretend,” she explains carefully. “We’ll all be characters from the Wizard of Oz!” she continues, as she remembers the movie she and her brother watched the night before. “Got it?”

“Got it,” Derek replies, smiling warmly at her. He pointedly looks at his friends before they too, mumble their affirmation.

“Great!” the little girl replies excitedly, clasping her hands together. “I’ll be Dorothy,” she continues, with a quick twirl. “And you guys get to be my friends! Now hold on, I’ll go get your costumes!”

She gives them two thumbs up before she excitedly runs off.

Once Amanda’s out of the room, Logan glares at Derek. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“What?” the brunette asks him, innocently.

“When Jules said that we should all hang out,” Logan explains, exasperated. “I don’t think he meant that we’d have to baby sit your little sister with you!” He groans then rubs his temples, while Julian laughs from his place beside Derek.

“No need to sound so sour, Lo,” he says, smirking. “I’m sure you’ll look lovely in whatever dress Amanda has for you.”

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With the help of Amanda.

A Jogan and Seigerson Sibling ficlet.

“Bear, I’m bored” Amanda declared as she entered the room and climbed up the bed. “Panda” Derek sighed and put down the book. “What were you doing before you got bored?” Derek asked as he helped her climb the bed.

“Cindy got married’ she said lifting up her Barbie doll “And now I don’t know what to do.” Amanda continued as she settled down the doll, she had brought along with her.

“Well you could always marry Yoyo and Juju Bear “Derek grinned wickedly

This caught the concern of the two other people in the room.

“Any guy would be lucky to have me as his husband” Julian said absently as he checked his twitter while Logan read.

This statement was followed by the most awkward – in case of Julian and Hilarious –in case of Derek, pause ever.

“What?!” Logan asked as Julian tried to school his features. Julian’s actions in the past few weeks had been perplexing Logan. While he didn’t have a clear idea what exactly was worrying Julian, this statement sort off made it known, and for some reason this gave him hope. Maybe - just maybe-.

 “Girl.I mean Girl.” shouted Julian as Derek tried and failed to control his laughter and Logan looked at the two of them, suspicious. So Derek knew too.

“But there are no girls here” cried Amanda “Yoyo, You have to marry Juju.” she declared and climbed down and walked towards them.

“Absolutely “Logan said and put down the book. It was now or never, he realised. When it was just the three of them, when their guards were down, he would not get an opportunity like this again. He stood up and walked towards Julian and raised out his hand.

Julian was stunned; He couldn’t believe what was happening. Oh my god his inner monologue started I cant believe I said it out loud but he doesn’t seem surprised, he thought as he chanced a look at Logan and saw smiling him for some reason.

His eyes met Derek. Derek too was surprised at the recent turn of events even more so when Logan replied to Amanda.

Julian started to panic after he heard Logan. Oh my god and he doesn’t mind and he- His monologue stopped as he realised that Logan was standing in front of him with his hand stretched out.

He glanced up at Logan, afraid of what he would find.

Instead he found happiness, friendship, understanding and something which even looked like love and he stretched out his hand and allowed Logan to pull him up.

“I do” he whispered as he met Logan’s understanding loving eyes. “I do too” Logan replied as he lifted Julian fingers up to his lips.

“Very good “Amanda declared, as she stood between them. “ But Yoyo, Juju, the wedding has not yet started”.

“Believe me Amanda” Derek said as he reached his sister. “For them it has.”

Drabble || Amanda vs Paparazzi

(Stuart Trio & Amanda) - Little spitfire Amanda takes on the paps.

His date for afternoon tea kneels in her chair, slurping her tepid tea from the pretty china. Her star shaped sunnies also perched on her head. She toys with the menagerie of little plastic animals spread out on the table before them. Julian watches as she pours some tea into a saucer and arranges her animals around it. 

"Amanda, what are you doing?" 

"They’re thirsty." She dips the camel’s muzzle into the tea. 

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"Sonic meet Panda" said Julian taking Amanda’s hand and bringing it to the Hedgehog

"Dont worry Sweetie, he wont do any thing to you" said Julian to the frightened little girl

"Yeah but be careful he bites" quipped Logan as he stood next to them watching

"That’s only because you’re a dick—-"

"Language" called out Derek as Amanda looked up and asked "Whats a -"

"Nothin ..nothing "Julian replied hastily before Derek could scream again, "Now do you want meet Sonic or not?"

Fix (You)

Part One

When they break up, it’s messy.

The last couple months of their relationship were composed of nothing but snide remarks, arguments that went on for days, and pieces of furniture that were thrown across the room.

By the end of it all, both parties can’t stand even the thought of being in the same city together, much less the same apartment. So Logan quickly packs up his things and hops on the next flight to New York, without as much as a goodbye. Julian, on the other hand, decides to stay in Los Angeles to continue shooting for his new movie.

“I’m really sorry, J,” Clark says over the phone, one afternoon. He just finished wrapping up a movie of his own, and was vacationing in Hawaii. “You know I could always fly back there and see you.”

“Don’t you dare,” Julian replies threateningly. He’s lying lazily on his couch, dressed in khaki shorts and an old t-shirt, and he stifles a yawn before he continues. “You’ve wanted to go to Hawaii for ages. You deserve some time off.”

“But you shouldn’t be alone,” the pop star continues, his voice drowning in concern.

Julian almost rolls his eyes. “Why the hell not? I’m twenty two, Clark. I can take care of myself.”

“You know that’s not what I mean,” Clark replies firmly. Fact is, the pop star’s one of the few people that Julian confided in about his history with Logan. And that unfortunately includes those three miserable years Julian spent pining after him, before the blonde finally opened his eyes and stopped being such an ignorant little prick.

But Julian’s in no mood to bring that up now—or ever again—so he shrugs it off. “Whatever, man.”

“You can’t possibly enjoy having an apartment to yourself after you’ve been with someone for almost five years,” Clark insists.

And the truth is, he doesn’t. Julian thinks that his new apartment is too big, too empty, the walls are too bare, and if he has to spend one more night there alone, he’s pretty sure that he’s going to pull all his hair out.

But he’s not going to tell Clark that. “It’s quite refreshing, actually.”

“Julian!” Clark cries desperately.

“You have to stop worrying, Clark,” the brunette says, exasperated. “Go have a piña colada or something. I’ll talk to you soon.”


Julian ends the call, then thoughtlessly tosses his phone behind him.

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Drabble || Amanda spills the proverbial beans...

Julian! Julian! Larson! -

Fans scream from behind the barricades. Camera’s flash incessantly. Media correspondents scramble for his attention. 

Julian smiles his usual Hollywood smile and waves to the fans. A little brunette walks next to him holding this hand. It’s the New York premier to his latest movie. Granted, its an animated movie that he lent his voice and anthropomorphological likeness to. The critics have billed it as the next Nemo in writing and cinematography. 

He doesn’t stop to sign autographs tonight, walking straight towards the entrance. Amanda eyes the crowd a little warily, especially after the incident a few weeks ago. She’s in a purple satin dress with a gold sash that she picked out herself. Her hair is half up, the rest of it falls in ringlets down her back. She’s the perfect little girl, except for the plastic elephant that she’s carrying with her. 

Julian does make one concession to the media though as he stops by the E! correspondent section. Questions about the movie, what it was like playing the character, blah, blah, the usual. Julian replies with his usual witty charm. 

Inevitably the line of questions shifts to his date. Amanda decides the towering pretty lady is OK, and is amicable to answering her questions. 

"Who’s this little princess? Are you Julian’s date?" The lady asks. Amanda smiles. Silly lady. Amanda mentally scoffs. You have to kiss your dates. On the mouth; like Derek does. So she can’t possibly be Julian’s date. 

"No I’m not! You have to kiss your dates!" Amanda corrects her. "Is that so? So Julian won’t be getting a kiss tonight?" The lady teases. 

"Of course he will. Logan will kiss him." Duh! Amanda’s starting think this lady is pretty dumb. There’s two seconds of dumbfounded interjection from the woman. Something along the lines of “Uuuhh…”. Though she recovers relatively smoothly. 

"Who’s Logan??" The lady all but blurts out. 

Amanda turns around to the tall blond boy standing behind her and Julian. She tugs him forward and shows him off proudly. “This is Logan!” He’s dressed impeccably as usual. Smart casual in dark jeans, striped button down shirt and a white jacket over it. Logan who wasn’t paying attention just nods and smiles politely to the cameras, a little confused as to why all the attention was suddenly on him. 

Microphones and cameras get shoved in his face. Logan scratches his right ear with his left hand. His discomfort showing. “How long have you been going out??!” the correspondent probes excitedly, though the tone is teasing (in case she’s wrong, so she doesn’t look like a fool).   

Logan’s eyes go as wide as saucers. But before he can say anything, Julian laughs casually; playing it cool even though technically he’s just been inadvertently outed by a six year old. “Kids say the darnest things!” He laughs into the camera.

"Really?! Cos she sounds pretty sure there." She teases back. 

Suddenly another pretty brunette jumps into the picture, hanging on to Julian flirtatiously. “Of course! I’m his date!” She obnoxiously declares to everyone. 

"No way! He said -I- was his date!” Another brunette appears, this one much more masculine.  

Logan finally catches on. “Hang on. I asked him out first!” Logan adds his voice to the group. 

"Get in line!" Derek reprimands. Casey swats him on the arm," YOU get in line!" "As if! He told me I was first!" comes Logan’s rebuttal. And on it went; the three of them fighting over Julian in front of the camera’s. 

The E! correspondent doesn’t know what to make of it. Perhaps it’s not the scoop she was hoping for, but at least it makes for a good clip later on. 

Julian just shrugs, looking into the camera and raising his eyebrows conspiratorially. He picks up Amanda and stage creeps away from the bickering trio as if to escape while they are occupied; and blows a kiss to the camera before sauntering away. 

As they enter the doors to the theater, a very confused and incredulous Amanda asks, “You never kiss Derek and Casey on the lips. Do you??” Oh boy did her head hurt. She’ll never understand teenagers. 

"No. No I most definitely do NOT." Julian replies, kissing her on the cheek. 



Four times Logan and Julian kiss, and one time they don’t.

Because I am deluded and I want to believe that those two have kissed more often than they let on.



Rather embarrassingly, Logan trips on his feet on the way back from the bathroom. He scrapes his elbow, and manages to get a little blood on his crisp white shirt.

"Stupid shoes," he grumbles, blaming his fall on the leather-old-man-shoes that his Mommy made him wear.

"You need some help?" someone asks worriedly.

When Logan looks up, he sees the dark-haired boy he was painting with earlier. The one who almost got paint on his paper, and who couldn’t draw hearts until he showed him.

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Are We There Yet?

(Stuart Trio & Amanda, Jogan) 

Julian and Amanda bonding. Derek’s responsible. Logan finds out something. 

He’s rooted to the spot thankful for the shopping cart he’s leaning on. Then it hits him like a ton of bricks and all he can do is stare stupidly ahead, not really seeing. Minutes later, when he finally gets over the shock, …. he’s left with one. single. epiphany. 

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I found this on weebly when I was scrolling around Amanda Seigersons little page and read through the facts:

Amanda brought lollipops to the hospital in hopes she could share them with Julian. She ended up sharing with Derek and Logan.

And I had to write it.

Senator Wright and Ernest Seigerson shuffle Logan and Derek into one room the moment the doctors allow it, it eases their worry and makes it easier to keep an eye on them, both boys don`t complain about it, on the contrary, their terrible worry about each others well being lessens a bit, when they see each other for the first time since the ambulances arrived at Dalton.

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we're happy tonight

listentotherush answered: putting up the christmas tree, derian?

Julian can’t remember the last time he decorated a Christmas tree.

A huge tree would be delivered to his mother’s house every year, sure, but he’s never around to catch more than a glimpse of it, let alone decorate it. Even when his parents were together, his father had been busy with his films, and his mother focused on getting him one movie role after another.  The most Christmas-spirited event Julian can remember is probably when his mother booked him a Christmas-themed photo shoot, complete with a new fake family with just as fake smiles, and a real turkey that Dolce Larson didn’t let him eat afterwards.

Derek knows all this, after years of friendship, so one year he forces, ah, persuades Julian to come home with him during the holidays. 

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