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Interested in having us play a show in your living room? Let’s talk!

Rusty and I had SO much fun this December doing our first ever House Show run! Now we’re gearing up for round 2, but this time we’re headed West! I’m looking for anyone who’d be interested in hosting a house show in their living room this July! Could you be a house show host? Read on!

What does a house show look like?

6pm, we’ll arrive to set up. 7pm “doors open”, guests start arriving, mingle, eat food or snacks if you wish to provide them. 7:30pm music starts. Our show is just under an hour 30. Rusty does 30 minutes, I do 30, then at the end we do 30 minutes of duets! This tour Rusty and I will both be sining our old music, and be bringing some brand new song! New Eps???? (You’ll have to wait and see!) After the show everyone hangs out for a bit! It’s all very laid back and comfortable! There’s a lot of hanging out and floor sitting!

Who can come to my show?

That’s up to you! We have two options:

option A: Public show! We promote your show in our tour! We do this by listing the city so people can RSVP where they’d like to come! Once they’ve RSVPed, we email them your address(this way your address is not out there for everyone). Public shows are a great way to meet new people in your community who are interested in some things you are! If you would like to do a public show, you will need a living room big enough for twenty people. Floor seating is okay!

Option B: Private show! if you’d like you can host a private show (we call them secret shows) for you and your family! We don’t promote these shows so if you’re interested in this email me and we can discuss our rate! You’re also welcome to sell tickets to your friends to cover costs, or just invite them for an evening of music on you! Please note if you live in a smaller town we may only be able to come if it’s a private show because of it’s remote location! Don’t be afraid to ask either way though!

What do I need to be considered?

1] If you’re interested in a public show, you’ll need a living area that can seat at least twenty people (or a den, or a backyard!) (it’s okay to seat people on the floor, but your guests will probably appreciate some seating!).

2] you need to live in the united states. This time we’re looking to start in Nashville, TN and head west to California, up to Seattle, and over to Chicago. This is a HUGE chunk of the US. This is everywhere west of Tennesse. Please reach out to us! We’re open to coming almost anywhere!

3] You need to be available for a show in the month of July.

4] You need to be 18, or if you’re parents are interested have them email us!

What about money?

Public shows are $10 at the door. We will split the money 90/10 artist/host to help cover any snacks you may have purchased! If you are wanting to do a private show please email us and we can discuss our rate!

I’m interested! Now what?

With your city, state and private or public show preference in the subject line, send me an email at tessaviolethouseshow (at) with:

1] your name

2] your address

3] your living room capacity

4] if you’re interested in a promoted show, or a private show.

5] What days in July you’re available. Please give us a couple options! The more you are available, the more likely we will make it to you!

6] optional: photos of the house and any other prevalent information

I’ll hit you back with a confirmation I’ve seen it and any more questions or information i have. If you’d like to have us email us soon! Last tour our entire routing was determined by the first couple houses who reached out!

Can’t wait to hear from you!



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Coming to a living room near you!

  • PLAINSFIELD, IN 12/02 
  • COLUMBUS, OH 12/04*
  • CANTON, OH 12/05
  • STAFFORD, VA 12/08
  • CHARLOTTE, NC 12/10
  • ORLANDO, FL 12/13
  • MABLETON, GA 12/15

Hey! This winter Rusty and I are doing a living room tour! We’ll both be playing our originals, then at the end of the night we’ll be singing Christmas carols under our new duet band People You Know! All shows are pay-what-you-can (recommended $10 donation). Shows start at 7:30pm unless indicated by an (*) which denotes the shows which start at 7:00pm. Since this is a living room tour you must RSVP to get the top secret location!

If you would like to come to our show, email with the show location you wish to attend and the subject lineand how many people you are RSVPing for in the email. (So subject line “Plainsfield, IN” email: “RSVPing for 3 people” or “Just me!”) Most of these shows have a very small capacity so if you’d like to come be quick and let us know!

We are SO excited for this tour! Can’t wait to jam out with each of you!