Chillin out side looking at the beautiful stars still lingering out this morning. Cant sleep ….. I think I have a problem. ….

Awww thank you ^^

But I tend to regret it when It’s too late and then I just want to be so silent because stupid things might come out again.

I’ve made a conscious effort to replace girl/lady/chick/etc with woman and man/dude/guy/etc with boy. And the results are - people do act unsettled when women are referred to as a higher title than boys.

5 Things About Me :)

I got a message from book-nerds-place saying I have to write 5 things I like about myself and pass it on to ten of my favorite followers.

So here we go: :)

1. I like my shortness. People used to make fun of me in school for it but since I graduated it doesn’t bother me much anymore and I rather like it.

2. I like my (longish) curly brown hair.

3. I like that I feel things. Sometimes I’m emotional and thats good because its reminds me I’m human and its ok to get mad and sad now and again.

4. I like that I’m good at drawing. I think I’ve improve my art ability a little over the years.

5. I like that I’m smart and learn quickly (with the exception of math; me and math don’t go together)


1. Very shy and reserved. Not outgoing.
2. That i am standoffish or unfriendly. Apparently i give this impression.
3. Never.
4. Someone was crossing the road in the middle of traffic. Not even at a crosswalk. I swore a blue streak.
5. Not at the game. What is a cheer captain?
6. The last one i was in. He was emotionally abusive. I think he had orderline persomality disorder.
7. Two i guess. Idk.
8. A few weeks ago. Was watching that new show Gracepoint. One scene broight up some particularly painful memories.
9. At a halloween party. Woot! He was steampunk Nick Fury and i was Finn the Human.

It’s strange to see sadness be romanticized and not relating to it. The truth is, I haven’t felt much sadness in a long time and I can honestly say I’m content with everything around me. I’m not saying sadness is bad, but what’s wrong about being happy? Of course I have spurts of sorrow, but its usually sympathy, I feel deep gut wrenching sadness for the conditions of others. Yet, it all just makes me even more grateful.

anonymous asked:

What persom would be the perfect type of soulmate for Sasuke? Sakura is just too much of an ass kisser. Honestly, I feel like Naruto would be perfect for Sasuke and that makes me so mad that if Naruto was a girl, they would definitely end up together and Sasuke would just be more happier with her than Sakura.

i’ve already kinda replied in the last ask ^^”.

but surely … i think everyone could make Sasuke happier than Sakura DX