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Phan for the otp meme

»Which one sexts like a straight white boy?
Dan omfg are u kidding
»Which one cried during a fucking Disney movie?
Prob Dan too because he’s fragile and emotional
»Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?
»Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?
phil aw imagine him coming up behind Dan like gUESS WHO and dans like omf u Twat ur the only other persom here
»Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?
Dan because he’s a little shit
»Who had that embarrassing Reality TV marathon?
»Who laughs more during sex?
I can see it being Dan with little giggles or just poking fun at phil and laughing or mAKING JOKES WHILE HIS ASS GETS POUNDED
»Who is little spoon?
Phil 100%.

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Mi sento fuori luogo, fuori tempo, fuori tutto. Ho diciotto anni e non ho mai avuto un ragazzo e di conseguenza non ho mai dato il primo bacio. Non arriva nessuno, non c'è nessuno. Non ho amici, passo le mie giornate a studiare, non esco mai, e con chi dovrei se non ho nessuno? Mi faccio pena da sola!

non dare la colpa a te, credimi, ognuno ha i suoi momenti i suoi spazi. ancora a te non è avvenuta questa ‘svolta’, ancora non hai amato e va bene così. non c’è nessuno che ha stabilito a che età fare determinate cose. arriverà anche per te il momento in cui ti innamorerai, in cui farai amicizie bellissime, in cui riderai insieme ad altre persome, piangerai, ci litigherai.
non farti pena, stai solo tardando un po’, ma anche per te arriverà.

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Hey dear, I don't know when that first kiss thing was, but when I kept thinking about my dad, who's first kiss was with my mom he was 47. So don't worry. You're not strange. Wait for the roght moment and persom. (Just like my dad...)

this is so cute haha and thank you (:

All I want in my god damn life is for all the mugshots to b in the same format but some time s beautiful ppl come in to my laifu whem I least expect them and steal away my heartu literally. If I even begam to explaim why I loveu this fucking persom the entire universe would cave in and then my lov and acceptance and dreams for us to be totgethre forevrer would create a gigantic and enormous black hole that sucks all matter in to itself endlessly bc my lov and longing to be his is too ,great. Also if I could literally touch his pointy dick I would fucking die and be in purgatory forever