taylorswift I personally am not a religious persom but every night before i go to bed i always say a little prayer, the thing I say is ” I pray that someday I will be able to tell the woman I look up to how much she has helped me and how much I love her and that I will be able to talk to her, take pictures with her and have the best day with her ” , I come on to tu!blr everyday with anticipation, hoping that Taylor will have like a post, reblogged a post, commented or followed. I will never stop hoping or wishing or praying for these things as these keep me going these give me joy. And maybe one day… I love you so much Taylor taylorswift

I think ima start having a minimum of 1 banana a day. Bananas are amazing. And now I have my blender back - one big banana plus soya milk plus a lil agave nectar is one tasty smoothie. I’ve ordered some frozen mango and frozen berries too so my smoothies are gonna be epic!

I mean yeah steve is my fave and I love thor (no comment abt Tony) but like
What if in AOU, twenty minutes in, all the stuff in the trailer happens and everyone has been murdered except for Natasha Bruce and Clint and like maybe Hill
And the rest of the movie is just them

My eight year old just watched "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" and when I asked her if she liked it, she saiid yes and then added:

"I like how they had that Ramona dated a girl. They must’ve said, ‘girls can date girls, let’s put a girl evil x in.’ I liked that."

(Yes, I know the scene is problematic, but I still think her reaction is important.)

scatter—the—nuns replied to your post:Wow. Three anonymous hate messages in 72 hours….

Stupid anons. You are a wonderful persom, Becs. Don’t let the douche-nozzles get you down. (And if they continue, I will fly across the country and kick them all in their stupid faces.)

cosmologistmermaid replied to your post“Wow. Three anonymous hate messages in 72 hours. Turning off anon for…”

Fuck these people. I stg the internet has gone full stormfront lately and ain’t nowhere safe. Solidarity.

the-imperial-potato-office replied to your post“Wow. Three anonymous hate messages in 72 hours. Turning off anon for…”

:((( fuck those shitbags

hotbritishguyspluscats replied to your post“Wow. Three anonymous hate messages in 72 hours. Turning off anon for…”

They know if they don’t hide behind anon I will hunt them down and beat the shit out of them.

You guys are wonderful, thank you. 

It’s just…It’s the fucking slur I can’t deal with.  Call me fat and ugly and stupid all you want. I know you’re wrong. Call me a bitch and I’ll say thank you.  Call me a k*ke? And I just don’t fucking know. What am I supposed to say? No I’m not? Because I am. I’m Jewish. That will never ever change. It’s in my marrow. I don’t ever want to convert and I never would, but even if I did the people who use that fucking word wouldn’t care.  Born a Jew, always a Jew.

And that’s what slurs do. They shut you down, they make you feel small and defenseless. I’m shaken. I really am.