My sister is literally sobbing right now because her school principal told her she looked like a “slut.” She wore leggings and a big sweater. Im honestly fuming right now like… Not only are dress codes restricting and objectifying women, but school leaders feel entitled to call a 13 year old girl a “slut” for wearing leggings. Like?? What kind of fucked up world

also in health class we started a gender/sexual identity unit. one of the terminology we need to learn is a slur… also she showed us a video of some homophobic straight christian dude who lived with a gay guy for thirty days and she called him brave and courageous for doing it like???? oh my god. i was like dying the whole time the video was 10+ years old and refered to mogai as “the gays” and of course called heteros “straight people” BUT ANYWAY the dude went to dinner with twelve gay guys and was like “….. anyway i dont believe in gay marriage it doesnt make sense” and then also he went to a gay bar and started a fight because he was being flirted with like…. what did he expect honestly

it’s scary how far kids these days will go to seem unhappy. you can’t even think a dress is fucking black and blue without people justifying it with something about how depressed people only see dark colors. and people believe it, too. like “oh i think something is black, i must be discontent with my life and there must be some trauma I do’t know about”. it’s almost like it’s a contest to see who can be the most fucked up all the time. 

my brain with bipolar disorder

Since a lot of people don’t know what it’s like living with bipolar disorder, I made a list of how a day of mine might go in either the manic or depression phases of bipolar.

manic phase:

  • don’t need sleep
  • clean ALL OF THE THIngs
  • start 10 new projects, finish probably 2 of them
  • insane intensity with exercise (IM GONNA BE SO RIPPED)
  • paranoid while driving (I swear a cop is following me right now and I’m only going 5 miles over the speed limit I PROMISE I DONT HAVE DRUGS)
  • anxious as fuck (seriously who even needs coffee when u can be this jittery from brain chemicals)
  • panic attacks
  • irritable and impatient- everyone else sucks and that’s all u need to know
  • accomplish 90% of what’s on the list
  • falls asleep and probably never completes the other 10% of what’s on the list

depression phase: 

  • sleep too much yet not enough
  • no exercise
  • no accomplishing anything
  • depressed (duh)
  • nope
  • nope
  • the whole world is nope