I was into things before I knew what a fandom was. Advance Wars, however, was the first thing I personally called a fandom, and I definitely participated in it heavily. Forums, fanart, fanfiction, I did it all. Now, five years later, I’m not raving mad about it anymore but it’s still a game series I absolutely adore. Definitely gotta draw it more again.

Also, Hawke, I tip my hat to you for being my first fictional crush back when. How time flies!


My art from the charity stream! Thanks to all of you, we made 800 dollars, and that’s ridiculously amazing.


- Music Meister from Batman and THE GOOSE from Ashens’ Easter Special 2013 put Johnny Test into a music themed death trap

- Sweetie Belle and Catbug hang out

- Discord as leader of the Third Street Saints

I wasn’t able to produce much work, sadly - Wasn’t feeling as stable as I had hoped. Drawing the Music Meister in a Mötley Crüe outfit was fun though :D Also glad to see that the requesters in the stream loathe Johnny Test as much as I do.

I had a good time, and everyone who helped was wonderful. Lots of love to you all!

When even the Mad Hatter considers it disgusting how you brainwash women into loving you, you know you are a psychopath.

Bling Bling Boy: Officially worse than the crazy creepers from the Batman franchise.

A little speedpaint I did in 20 minutes. Just some experimentation with effects and colors. A ponified Undertaker.

I was inspired by my visit to London this week. Seeing the Undertaker in person was absolutely amazing, and my inner child exploded with joy! I kinda dread watching the recording of Smackdown though, because I kinda screamed really loudly and fangirly - Oops.