In april 9 2014 photo if Zayn with Perrie at a funeral surfaced the web. The same day Little Mix promoted ticket sales to an event they were going to perform at. The fact so many photos at that funeral came online was a bit strange. I have never been to a funeral where people take photos let alone take photos looking happy as hell despite someone just died. It looked like a party honestly. Its not that its disrespectful its just a bit strange they all looked completely fine at a FUNERAL. And the fact that their PR team used that as an advantage to make some money is honestly sickening. Perrie imo actually does look like shes forcing a smile so its just sick how they cant let her grieve in peace over her loss. They had to turn it into a circus to make some more money. Opinions? #zerrie #zerrieisfake #onedirection #perrieedwards #littlemix

Perrie Edwards roleplayable gif hunt

Under the cut you’ll find 832 (Update 857) small/medium, roleplayable, gifs of the wonder that is Perrie Edwards. None of these gifs are mine so credit goes to all the amazing owners. Please like/reblog if this helped you!

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