I’m a One Direction fan who enjoys 5 Seconds of Summer 😌

I’m a Little Mix fan who enjoys Fifth Harmony 😌

I’m not a fan of people who put down other people because of their taste in music 😤

You don’t have to be a One Direction fan who likes 5 Seconds of Summer or a 5 Seconds of Summer fan who likes One Direction. You don’t have to be a Little Mix fan who likes Fifth Harmony or a Fifth Harmony fan who likes Little Mix. Heck you don’t have to like any of these bands/groups! But you do have to be a decent human being, and calling someone a name or telling them they should kill themselves because they don’t agree with your music taste isn’t being one.

Just a friendly reminder not to be a jerk!



*REQUESTED* LM Inspired with Ellen Tracy Boots by littlemix-styleblog featuring Topshop

Topshop top / Topshop sweater, $62 / Topshop black shirt, $58 / Topshop crop top, $42 /Topshop blue jeans / River Island high waisted jeans, $65 / Topshop black pants / Topshop over the knee socks / Ellen Tracy leather boots / H M ring, $11

Perrie on Sunday Night at the Palladium - September 14, 2014

Claires Gold Metal Leaf Headwrap: $9

Topshop Leaf Drape Body Chain: sold out

American Apparel Leopard Crop Top: $26

Missguided Granada Lace Hem Shorts: $29 (stylist customized)

Doc Marten Shoreditch Boots: $80

*credit to perrieedwardsfashion for first 3 items x

Watch on harryfml.tumblr.com

may be the best thing ive ever made