Please fire me. I got a counseling at work because a secret shopper said that the only thing I did wrong was that my smile “wasn’t sincere enough.” I asked what WAS sincere enough, and I was told “just smile bigger and stop making excuses.”

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Taylor Swift- Ain’t Nothing ‘Bout You (Brooks and Dunn)

Love this song!!

Day 71 (Sunday 17 Aug 2014) Day of Rest

Well, all that needs to happen to my bike is application of heat to get the Loctite on the magnetic rotor, I take out a few more sprockets and bolts, and the case is apart and I’m in the gear box. Too easy, right?
Yeah, not so much. Sam and I applied way more heat and pressure that is logical, and everything I’ve looked at in online guidance says adding too much heat can damage your magnets and seals and all kinds of stuff. Wait, didn’t I apply too much heat when the engine started smoking? Probably, but I don’t want to make it worse, and I don’t even know if me getting the right amount of heat on it will help. The gear pullers I got from Napa started scoring the top of the shaft, and while a few scratches on the end of a bolt are probably not going effect engine perrformance, I really don’t want to apply that amount of force that may be necessary to get this thing apart, if it has a strong possibility of not working and just completely ruining a wonderfully functional engine. Oh, and there is also a special flywheel removal tool that is common between Japanese and BMW bikes that makes removal easier as well. (It’s a combined magnetic rotor and flywheel) I tried to obtain one, but the shop that would have had it was out of stock, and couldn’t get one in until Wednesday. Since South Sound opens Tuesday, that wasn’t helpful so much. Or at all.
I figured I’ve gotten about as far as I can get with my limited expertise, and may have to take it and see how the pros do this one. Also, while I did see where the cams sat on the valves when I pulled it off, I didn’t mark them, and there is a distinct possibility that when I reassemble it, I may end up setting them on wrong. I may want pros to handle that part of my reassembly. The good part is, I’ve done the vast majority of the labor on this, and it shouldn’t take much more time than an oil change. I hope. That, I can afford. That, I am willing to do.
So, instead of monkeying around with the bike, I took a break for a day. My morning was spent watching some TV, texting and talking with some friends, and editing video. I discovered that Tumblr limits you to 5:00 of video a day, and 100MB per clip. I got my footage of Anchorage to Whittier down to 4:48, but after converting it, it was over 200MB. I’ll get it. Honestly, I’m least concerned with the video, so maybe I’ll get it this week, maybe next month. Maybe at the end of the trip.
I sat down to a balancing game with Gearen, and got a text from my ex. It launched a discouraging conversation, and I finished playing, though quite distracted, and decided it was time to jump in the pool and swim until I wasn’t so frustrated. It took a while, and Gearen came out and started swimming with me before I was completely unfrustrated. I did a few more laps, and then showed him how to do a racing turn. We then hopped out and did some flips into the pool, and high jumps. It didn’t erase anything from my mind, but I started to smile and enjoy myself again.
Soon, it was dinner time, and the family settled into the living room to watch Rio 2. We did a little work on putting a 1000 piece puzzle, and that was my day.