The Syndicate - Saints Row 3

This wasn’t even a photo that was planned. None of us knew it was being done! And yet… it’s one of my favourite cosplay photos to date.

Featuring a whole bunch of Parlé Productions, plus Alex who joined us as an extra Morningstar gang member! Kudos to Aquaassassin for the photography!

See it bigger here

permanentchaos’s askbox:

If I owned you for twentyfour hours then I would carefully draw up a grand list of all your favourite foods and then devote the remaining time to cooking those foods with you. And before our time runs out I’d have you chained up and forced to watch as I EAT ALL THE FOODS. THIS FATE BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE CAPFACE HATRED SOCIETY HAVE A GOOD DAY.





thedancingeyebrows answered you:

Mia has not got a gun. She is not forcing me to come and say BITS in your ask. Don’t send help. Don’t send help right now.


phew thats a relief would hate to have to worry about a follower :P

She is not angry I failed to antagonise you. She is certainly not going to shoot me. I have not been shot. She has not just killed me. Still send no help.