Hey peeps!

Here is a still life study of my Funko POP!  Hookfang from How to Train your Dragon. I had to get him and Stormfly when they came out back in May. Anyways, I have been busy studying stuff for the last few weeks, and I really don’t have much to show for it here since most of it is rough and kind of sucks.

If you do want to see it though, you can see it over at http://forums.permanoobs.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1056&start=30

I did paint this still life over the weekend, about 5 hours, and it turned out pretty good. I say that because I hardly do still lifes and I find myself struggling with them a lot, but this one was a fun one though.

And now I am just rambling… Well that is it for now, thank you all for looking!


she’s -beautiful!- Can’t wait to see this on permanoobs!

Omg, my sketchbook is the worst sketchbook someone would wish to watch. I barely do studies—I sneak them in pieces instead—, I let personal WIPs sit in my folder for months and I keep forgetting to post stuff on permanoobs/CA.org anyway.

I’ll post now its updated version on permanoobs. Thank you for liking it!