Apparently today is #CosplayAppreciationDay and I’ve been stuck on bed rest all day. Wish I didn’t feel and look like crap so I am happy I have some amazing pics of myself I can look at to feel a little better. I love having Cosplay in my life and such awesome support from all of you.

It means everything to me when you guys do fan art, send me messages about my cosplays or about how I may have inspired you to Cosplay. I have only been cosplaying for a little over a year and I love it and the community. Never change, stay awesome.

Now I am going to go back to my Netflix marathon and Perkasets while I wait for this recovery to be done so I can get back out there and Cosplay with all my amazing friends.

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Photography by @angelalauphotography 📷


I’ve been laying in moms bed all day since I got home

I found out today even with perkaset, two Valium, and two Tylenol pm, I will not knock the fuck out

So I was not having fun in the surgery and afterwards when my adrenaline finally stopped I was super high. The doctor, his assistant, and mom had to create a makeshift wheelchair to get me to the car because I couldn’t walk lol

And my stepdad had to come over and help mom get me in the house. Once I got to moms bed I basically knocked the fuck out

And I’ve Ben awake only a few hours at a time since then. I just are some apple sauce and now I’m eating a little bit of turkey and mashed potatoes. There’s a splint on my face and I have some gauze taped under my nostrils but no black eyes apparently. So that’s good

I’m super sleepy again so after I go to the bathroom I’ll probably be out until the AM. Haha

So there’s my surgery and I am on a ton of meds right now so I’m gonna get some rest

Queue is on c: thank you everyone who wished me good luck. It was really scary and I’ll admit tears were shed like wildfire but thankfully it’s all over

Demons screaming
Playing hide and seek
Drowning, im drowning
Deeper into methamphetamine.
My brain is pacing
But my eyes won’t close
Deeper into this addiction I go
Drowning, I’m drowning but you can’t see
Lay the crystal on the glass and I’m free
An illusion as I am only free of my innocence and good will.
I’m no longer forced to deal with what I feel, methamphetamine is a distraction to mask what is real .
Drowning, I’m drowning
My eyes wide but I’m below the rip tide
A face of innocence but I’m broken inside
Feening feening feening
Screaming screaming screaming
My heart is numb but my body is strung
Spiraling out of control
These demons have taken their toll
But I haven’t learned my lesson yet.
Maybe this is the reason my mother couldn’t stop popping Perkaset,
There is a thin line between sick and well
I wish I’d known this before I fell under crystals heavenly spell.
Drowning, I’m drowning
Help, I need your help addiction is the card I’ve been dealt
The other cards including my education, future and goals have been thrown away,
Now crystals demons are ready to play
A victim to its prey, a huge price to pay. My sanity an expensive cost,
Help me find myself for I have been lost.
These demons stay mounted on my back, watching each move plotting each attack.
Always pulling me in different directions demanding long sessions to free me of my stress,
I was once the girl who always tried her best.
Crystal always pleading “believe me, don’t leave me, you need Me”
I shout “how deceiving, misleading”
Crystal only laughs at my pain
Even the strongest go insane
Some go crazy enough to shoot her in their veins.
How will i conquer this insanity
Break a shard of glass off of the vanity
Lay her down and snort her up
Your thoughts are confused and your words are stuck