a request from my dear friend mari, of her character, periwinkle, who i’ve sort of been meaning to try and draw anyway

i actually don’t know if she uses wands or not and i didn’t bother to ask or look to find out until i was half done already whoops

Periwinkle for Twyll! I love her design so much, wowow

As an apology for sending your package so late! I finally got the cardboard for everything and should be able to mail everything, including the giveaway stuff, out tomorrow (or I’ll cut my hands off.) There’s one other person who ordered from Storenvy, I think, so if you see this message you can send me an ask on tumblr and I’ll try to sketch somethin’ for ya. uvu

ok coloured it. gonna copy paste the longass description and then im done

I lined the thing and i dont usually do long captions on pictures but since nobody cares about this shit anyway here’s a brief lesson in made-up fantasy history

The Doveshire Dynasty is the third and current Algenport Dynasty and it begins after Algenport separates from Shorr, an island a few miles east of it. Algenport monarchs are not limited to men and the firstborn, regardless of gender is always the one to succeed to the throne. 

The doveshire dynasty begins with queen Winnie II, the Silent. Her reign was fairly peaceful and she tried and succeeded in keeping relations with Shorr as civil as possible given the circumstances. Her cogname is exactly what it sounds like. she was mute and she did all her ruling by writing everything down and having her adviser read it aloud. She became mute after an unfortunate encounter with a royal cook (of Shorr provenience) who fed her poison soup which burned her vocal chords. She married one of her generals and had a daughter and two sons. 

Her daughter, queen Rombley I succeeded her after she died. Her rule was very peaceful, but because of what happened to her mother, she gained a terribly paranoid personality, insisting on cooking her own food, having people open letters and packages for her and whatnot. She was named The Wise because of this, which is actually pretty silly, come on, algenportens. She married a duke out of convenience and had a single daughter. In the second half of her rule there was also the discovery of a redgold mine in the middle of the kingdom (that bit nobody went to because there was no sea or water of any kind), which leads us to

Queen Winnie III, easily the most luxurious, festive and ostentatious monarch. Her kigdom was suddenly rich, why shouldn’t she spoil it a bit? Her cogname is fairly obvious, “gay” in the sense of “happy”. She married her adviser and had a son and three daughters. 

King Blaze IV, cogname “The Gilded” was also often called “The Unfortunate”. He was always very ill and died very early in his life. He did benefit from Algenport’s riches far too much, though, and nearly ruined the economy (thus, “Gilded”) so there’s that

He was succeeded by his sister, Queen Winnie IV, easily the strictest queen. In Algenport, the monarchs are usually fairly lax and nobody really takes them seriously, but Win ruled with an iron fist over everything and anything, trying desperately to clean up after her deceased brother and his monetary mess. She didn’t marry, didn’t bear any children, but she did adopt a girl and insisted she were to succeed her. And really, who was going to disagree with the Harsh Queen of the Fishing Kingdom?

Blaze V, named after her uncle wasn’t really fond of all the peace and quiet Algenport had benefited from thanks to her “ancestors”, so she challenged one kingdom after the other for “friendly battles”. They actually were quite fun in the beginning but then everyone got super tired of her shit so she retired from it. She got married to a peasant who was really fond of her battle skills and had a son and a daughter.

King Telemachus I was always a very easygoing, fun-loving guy, ever since he was a boy. He liked to go on adventures with his wizard bff and play music and have one hell of a time, so his mother left him a little character-building gift in her wake.

She left him a war.

So Telemachus freaked the fuck until he decided he should probably just settle things his own way, fuck you, mother, so he went to the rival kingdom completely alone and serenaded them until they called it off. Which is probably why he’s called the reckless. He married one of the palace cooks after falling in “love at first sight” and had two sons. 

Then when he hit his midlife crisis he took his wife and wizard friend and ollie’d out the kigdom leaving everything to Hershel III, the prudent. Nobody needs to know about Hershel tho he’s one of the main characters

Perito assicurativo Ramo RCA

Perito assicurativo Ramo RCA

Studio peritale Pace


  • Sede di lavoroTreviso
  • SettoreDirezione – Consulenza
  • OrarioFull time
  • ContrattoStage
  • Titolo di StudioDiploma di Maturita’
  • Partita IVA02308290267

Studio peritale della provincia di Treviso cerca giovane ragazzo diplomato interessato a
svolgere il tirocinio professionale (retribuito) di 2 anni, propedeutico
per l’esame per l’ammissione al ruolo dei periti…

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to be completely honest, periwinkle doesn’t even like blue that much it’s just that fairies tend to wear whatever colour matches their hair and not doing so or dying one’s hair is pretty damn sacrilegious and peri is a walking heresy as is so she’d rather not push it